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8/31 IPW: UK Super Future 3 Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-25v

Date: 31/8/2014
Promotion: International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
Event: Super Future 3
Venue: White Oaks Leisure Centre, Swanley

Match Results

“Earl” Jonathan Windsor def. Mike Broly

Sammy Smooth & Tennessee Honey def. The Superstars (Scott Star & Addy Starr)

Eight Man Tag Team match
Team Allen (Darrell Allen, “Pastor” William Eaver, IPW:UK Tag Team Champion, James Davis & Snare) def. Team Collins (Danny Collins, Mark Hendry, Luke Feenan & Davey Russell)

Open Challenge match
Jimmy Havoc def. Cieran Donnelly

IPW:UK World Championship match Bad Bones (c) def Daniel Duggan

Battle Rumble match
Won by: Cieran Donnelly

Source: BritWres Chat

8/31 PPW “Golden Chance” Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-25t

Date: 31/8/2014
Promotion: P.A.I.D. Promotions
Event: Golden Chance
Venue: Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe

Match Results

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. Bubblegum

RJM was attacked by Shaun Vasey throughout the match

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Cyanide def. Martin Kirby

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Danny Hope def. Ryan Grayson

Following the match, Grayson fired his valet, Serenity

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
C.J. Banks def. Kris Travis

Travis was knocked out during the match (reports following the match say Travis was shaken but ok)

Joey Hayes def. Chris Ridgeway

Following the match, Greg Lambert announced that Joey Hayes would never get another shot at Craig Kollins or the PPW Championship

Golden Chance Tournament Semi-Final
C.J. Banks def. Danny Hope by count out

Danny Hope didn’t appear and Banks had the referee count out Hope so that he could advance to the final

A video announces that The Lion Kid is coming to PAID on September 28th

Golden Chance Tournament Semi-Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. Cyanide by count out

McKenzie wasn’t coming out so Cyanide had the referee begin the 10 count, McKenzie appeared at 8 with his ribs taped up

Grag Lambert and PPW Champion, Craig Kollins demanded that Cyanide splash McKenzie’s bad ribs and that the Final was to begin immediatly

Golden Chance Tournament Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. C.J. Banks

Craig Kollins attacked McKenzie, leading to Joey Hayes making the save taking out Shaun Vasey and Kollins. Followjng the match Hayes present McKenzie with the Golden Chance Trophy

Source: P.A.I.D. Promotions

8/31 Fierce Females Results

Singles Match
Rhia O’Reilly defeats Leah Owens

Singles Match
Layla Rose defeats Miss Lucy Cole

Singles Match
Viper defeats Lana Austin

Singles Match
Sammii Jayne defeats Nixon Newell

Tag Team Match
Glamour Gym (Carmel Jacob & Sara-Marie Taylor) defeat Nikki Storm & Viper

Singles Match
Kasey Owens defeats Bete Noire by DQ

Singles Match
Courtney vs. Fiona Fraser – Double Count Out

Singles Match
Kay Lee Ray defeats April Davids

8/30 ICWF Universal Results

Credit: Tom Floyd

ICWF Universal 8-30-14 results Danville, Pa
1. Awesome Aaron Scott w/ Tom Floyd Super Manager defeated Rockin Rebel
2. Big Gun & El Orreo defeated Sean Silence and Frankie The Pizza Guy
3. Ox Hogg Defeated Rick Ryder
4. Flawless Clay Drasher w/ Tom Floyd defeated Sonjay Dutt in a No DQ Match
5. Ed House defeated Sean Carr
6. Mark Maverick w/ Tom Floyd defeated Justin Credible to capture his second ICWF Northeast Championship

8/30 LCW Elevation “Ignition Point” Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-24M

Date: 30/8/2014
Promotion: LCW Elevation
Event: Ignition Point
Venue: Brockington College, Leicester

Match Results

Chris Tyler def. Matt Hopkins

Barricade def. Blake

Zak Northern & Gabriel Kidd def. “Ultra” Mark Massa & Anthony Mafia

White Tiger def. Money Benjamin

Six Man Tag Team match
Bam Bam Barton & Team Dynamic def. LCW Elevation Champion, Brett Ryans & The Alpha Brothers (Jonny & Ricky Alpha)

Source: LCW Elevation

8/30 TAW Summer Showdown Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-24Q

Date: 30/8/2014
Promotion: Total Action Wrestling
Event: Summer Showdown
Venue: Dunstable Leisure Centre, Dunstable

Match Results

Academy Pre-Show

Steven John Quinlan def. Caiius Payne

Main Card

#1 Contenders match
Winners to face TAW Tag Team Champions at “WrestleStock”
Loose Connection (“Livewire” Lewis Cooper & “Shortfuse” Matt Walker) def. The Legion (Jay West & “Showcase” Paul Barnett)

TAW Women’s Championship match
Mia (c) def. Astronomica

Following the match, Mia vacated the TAW Women’s Championship

Paul McSherry def. Mr Cash In the Bank, Steve “Ace” Andrews by disqualification

#1 Contenders match
Winners to face TAW Tag Team Champions at “WrestleStock”
Picture Perfect (Chris Tyler & Eric Phillips) def. The Asylum (HEadcase & Jigsaw)

Nightshade def. Nina Sparkles

Samson & King Darkstar [Mystery Partner] def. TAW Champion, Andy Reign & Taylor Made by disqualification

Finish saw, Darkstar pull the referee out of the ring causing the disqualification, Reign, Made & Darkstar delivered a post match beat down to Samson, until Paul McSherry made the save

Source: Steve Biggs

8/30 Kamikaze Pro “Lethal Weapon” Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-255

Date: 30/8/2014
Promotion: Kamikaze Pro
Event: Lethal Weapon
Venue: The Collingwood Centre, Birmingham

Match Results

Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship match
Miracle Violence Connection (Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney) def. Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) to win the held-up Tag Team titles *New Champions

Following the match there was some tension between Maloney and Bate with Maloney attempting to leave with both belts.

Nixon Newell def. Violet Vendetta

Following the match Marshall X attempted to ambush Nixon with a steel chair, Chris Brookes made the save.

Joel Redman def. Dick Riley

Marshall X def. Chris Brookes

Following the match, Marshall attempted to handcuff Brookes to the ropes, before trapping Nixon’s arm in a Steel Chair and delivering a double stomp.

Kamikaze Pro & Kamikaze Pro Relentless Championship match
Ryan Smile (c) def. Damian Dunne

The match originally ended with a finger poke of doom, but was restarted by acting GM Lawrie Elliot, if Dunne had refused he would never receive another title shot, if Smile refused he would be stripped of the titles

Three-Way match for the ROH World Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) def. Robbie X & Pete Dunne

Source: Kamikaze Pro

8/30 IHWE Showdown Results


Singles Match
Li Fang defeats Kyle Hawk (7:54)

Singles Match
Kevin Cross defeats Major Mark (7:59)

Singles Match
Jiggle-O James Johnson defeats Bryan Ryder (9:05)

Singles Match
Thomas Shire defeats JT LaMotta (9:29)

Singles Match
Seth Shai defeats Mike Foxx by DQ (3:30)

IHWE DFW Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Triple Threat Match (Special Guest Referee: David Fuller)
Americos (c) defeats Ashton Jacobs & Gregory James (13:00)

8/30 ECTA Results

Europe Catch Tour Association Results from 30/08 in Loon-Plage.

– The UK Hooligans (Roy & Zak Knight) and Team ICW ( Emilio Eccellente & Charlie Kid) wrestled to a draw. Each team gets 1 point.

– Team ECTA (The Bull & Tristan Archer) beat The Sex Bombs (Antonio the Gigolo & Zack Bury with Sirius). Team ECTA scores 2 points.

– “Rowdy” Ricky Knight with Sweet Saraya pinned Mickey D.

– The UK Hooligans defeated The Sex Bombs. The UK Hooligans now have 3 points.

– Team ECTA beats Team ICW. Team ECTA now has 4 points.

– Sweet Saraya defeated Lady Lory in a Hardcore match to become the new ECTA Women’s Champion.

– The Sex Bombs defeated Team ICW when Emilio Eccellente turned on Charlie Kid. The Sex Bombs get 2 points.

– The UK Hooligans (3points) defeated Team ECTA (4points).

With a total of 5 points, The UK Hooligans win the first-ever European Tag Team Grand Prix and the ECTA Tag Team Championship!

– The UK Hooligans: 5
– Team ECTA: 4
– The Sex Bombs: 2
– Team ICW: 1