2/28 wXw Drive of Champions Tour: Hamburg Results

Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament Semi Final Match Michael Dante defeats Robert Kaiser

Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament Semi Final Match Ivan Kiev defeats Kim Ray

Singles Match Sasa Keel (w/Michael Isotov) defeats Michael Schenkenberg

ROH World Television Title Match Tommaso Ciampa (c) defeats Freddy Stahl

Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament Final Match Ivan Kiev defeats Michael Dante

Road To 16 Carat Gold Tournament Spot On The Line Match Axel Tischer (w/Svetlana Kalashnikova) defeats Ivan Kiev

wXw Unified World Wrestling Title Match Tommy End (c) defeats John Klinger

wXw World Tag Team Title Match Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) (c) defeat The Piledrivers (Karsten Beck & Sha Samuels)

2/28 PCW: UK Road to Glory 2014 Night 1 Results


Credit: @BritWresChat

Kris Travis beat Martin Kirby in the opener to advance in the tournament

Dave Rayne defeated GRADO to advance

Joey Hayes beat Rob Bell to advance

Dave Mastiff defeated Jonathan Gresham to advance

Bubblegum beat The Godfather w/help from Team Single to advance

Chris Masters defeated Alex Cyanide with the Masterlock to advance

Chris Hero defeated Noam Dar by submission to advance

Mike Bennett beat Danny Hope by submission w/The Anaconda Vice

Team Single defeats AJ Styles & Lionheart when Lionheart refuses to tag AJ

2/26 Rockstar Pro “Amped” Results

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1) Michael defeated Alan Wasylychyn

2) Benjamin Kimera defeated Matt Brannigan

3) Jeremy Madrox defeated Kyle Maverick in karaoke

4) Dale Patricks/Josh Crane vs. Bruce Grey/Jon Murray no contest.

5) Jarrod Harris vs. CW Scott vs. Draven vs. Ron Mathis no contest

6) Gerome Phillips/Chris Hall defeated Lil C/Trice/Pompano Joe

7) Soul Shooters defeated Mason Price/Beast

8) Alex Colon defeated Dave Crist

9) Nate Wings defeated Jake Crist

10) Austin Bradley defeated Tom McClane

11) Aaron Williams defeated Ganger

2/26 OVW TV Taping Results

Dark Match Ryan Howe defeated Randy Royal

Dark Match Shiloh Jonze defeated Aaron Sky

Dark Match Raul LaMotta defeated Robbie Walker

1 Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna defeated Deonta Davis and Leon Shelly

2 Lei-D Tapa defeated Ray Lyn

3 OVW Television Title Match Melvin Maximus (c) defeated Eddie Diamond

4 Jamin Olivencia defeated Adam Revolver

Dark Match Marcus Anthony defeated Fabiano Rolento

Matthew’s Ramblings for the Week of February 24th, 2014

Along with Travis & the others who choose to do it, I’m going to give my thoughts on the Top 10 & Tag Team Top 5 every week. Props to Travis for the great idea & I look forward to seeing more into why everyone chose who they did. If you’d like to trash me for my opinions or talk wrestling with me, you can @m4tthewgrant on Twitter or you can communicate with the OFFICIAL podcast of the #IndyPowerRankings, by tweeting @WeeklyWPodcast on Twitter or messaging facebook.com/WeeklyWrestlingPodcast on Facebook.

What a week as usual for indy wrestling, as we had ROH, DGUSA, SMASH & others providing fantastic cards. ROH had the dream match of Michael Elgin v. AJ Styles (which personally I’m very disappointed with; I’ll get more into it later), DGUSA had Johnny Gargano continuing his awesome reign as Open the Freedom Gate Champion (over 800 days; this is basically unheard of in wrestling), SMASH had ROH star Jay Lethal in to take on “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea (which was amazing; go OUT OF YOUR WAY to catch SMASH Wrestling shows) & so much more. Without further a due, let’s get into MY Top 10 bracket for the week of February 24th, 2014.

1. JT Dunn – I felt like JT did everything he could to finally claim the #1 spot he’s never had, but unfortunately, the voters didn’t feel the same way I did. JT has been absolutely killing the singles AND tag team scene (w/ tag partner, David Starr) as of late. I think it’s just a matter of time before we see “The Juice” earn that #1 that he’s been working his ass off for.

2. Ricochet – The man who ended up winning the voters over for #1 this week & there’s NO argument from me. 10-0 in Japan is absolutely insane. Ricochet is someone who I’m very shocked isn’t signed by the machine yet. After the match I saw with him & Uhaa vs. Elgin & Page from AAW, I’m dreadfully regretting not seeing more of his work a lot sooner. With a BIG weekend coming up in April, let’s see if he continues his momentum towards that.

3. Christian Rose – Despite being ranked the week prior, I felt that Rose didn’t have the strength of competition necessary to be above JT & Ricochet. Don’t get me wrong, 7-0 in 3 weeks time is an awesome record, but Mason Beck isn’t really someone I’m too familiar with & I think everyone else would agree. The “Bitter Lunatic” will be back though, I don’t doubt that.

4. Caleb Konley – What a weekend for Caleb! Happy to see him working more promotions lately, and a 2-0 week defeating who he did (beat Yosuke Santa Maria & Tim Donst at DGUSA) deserved my high vote for him in the rankings this week. With him being WrestleForce & PWX Champion, it’s just a matter of time before we see Caleb’s name back in the Top 10.

5. Johnny Gargano – As mentioned earlier, “The Whole Shebang” continued his dominant reign as Open the Freedom Gate Champion defeating Trent? & Roderick Strong last weekend at DGUSA. Even though he wasn’t ranked last week, Gargano picked up 2 HUGE wins that earned him a higher rank than I gave him this week at #3. Props to Johnny & DGUSA for doing something that isn’t ever seen today in wrestling with that title reign. Also, Gargano is the “next guy” IMO. Dude’s awesome! Definitely won’t be the last time we see him in the Top 10.

6. Michael Elgin – Whether it’s ROH building towards a Elgin/Styles II or AJ just flat out being a douche and not wanting to job to a younger talent, I’m quite tired of seeing shitty finishes in AJ matches. Elgin SHOULD HAVE beat AJ, continuing his quest for the ROH World Title, but instead goes to a time limit draw giving him a 1-0-1 record on the week. Pinning former #1 Ray Rowe was impressive (despite Elgin himself not being happy with it), but I expect more the “Unbreakable” one. He ended up exactly where I placed him & with him ALWAYS being consistent, this for sure won’t be the last time we see him in the Top 10.

7. Tommaso Ciampa – I am LOVING Tommaso as ROH TV Champion. We knew he wasn’t dropping that TV Title, due to the UK title defenses (set for this weekend I believe) but the “Sicilian Psychopath” tore the house down with his student Hanson at the 12th Anniversary show successfully defending the title, then the next day defeating Jay Lethal at the TV Taping going 2-0 with successful defenses. Like I mentioned before, with him having defenses in the UK coming up, I see the ROH TV Champ sticking around in our Top 10 for quite a bit.

8. Jake Dirden – I don’t know too much about the current Dynamo Pro Champ, but going 2-0 over a week & being ranked the week before definitely helps you earn votes. I expect to see him back in the Top 10 if he continues being as consistent as he’s been.

9. Marcus Anthony – The OVW Champion has been unbeatable in the past couple months and when you don’t lose, how can there be an argument against you getting votes? OVW runs every week & winning all the time is going to pretty much guarantee that you get votes. 2-0 over the week for the big man, and with the dominance he’s had lately, he’ll be sure in no time.

10. Scotty O’Shea – The “Hacker” possibly picked up one of the biggest wins of his career defeating Jay Lethal at SMASH Wrestling’s Danger Zone on 2/23. He also defeated former WWE star Robbie McAllister a few weeks ago, so the resume of Scotty O’Shea has been great as of late. I was hoping this big win would convince the voters to show some Canadian love, but it didn’t happen. I don’t doubt us seeing Scotty in the Top 10 in the future, he’s one of the Canadian talents I’d love to see in the US. Check him out if you get the chance!

As Travis mentioned, obviously I didn’t have Hercules Gomez in my Top 10 either, but I felt like he did come out of nowhere and despite definitely making his presence known, it’s not someone I felt deserved my Top 10 vote. Props to the fans vote though for getting him in! Makes it very interesting for them to have that HUGE role to decide a possible rankings. With that said, here’s my Tag Team Top 5 rankings for this week as well.

1. The Decade (Roderick Strong, Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer) – Despite all the hate towards the reason of the teams formation, you can’t deny dominance. The Decade is YET to lose in tag team/6 man action as they’re 4-0. With the strength of competition they have in ROH, there was no doubt in my mind but to give them my #1 this week & that’s exactly what happened. We’ll see them back in the Tag Team Top 5 with their track record for sure.

2. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) – With them only losing 3 tag team related matches since forming (to Forever Hooligans, American Wolves & Adrenaline RUSH), it was hard to not vote for them when they got that win back on ACH & TD Thomas by defeating them at the 12th Anniversary show to retain their ROH Tag Titles. They also beat Bob Evans & Cheeseburger the next day at the TV Tapings as well so in my opinion, they deserved #2 this week & again, that’s exactly what happened. If they hadn’t lost to Adrenaline RUSH a few weeks ago, it would have been a lot harder of a decision voting for them at #2. I’m sure they’ll give you a reason to vote for them in the Tag Team Top 5 in the future.

3. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) – The fan favourite Hooligans ended up a little lower then I ranked them this week, but I felt with a #5 ranking last week & a win to retain their PGP Tag Titles, they deserved to be a little higher then they ended up. I guess their record this year doesn’t really help, but with the 2013 they had, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more drunken flips in our Tag Team Top 5.

4. Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David DeLorean) – The current Dynamo Pro Tag Team champs picked up a win this week to get the #3 spot this week. Magnuson & DeLorean pretty much came out of nowhere in 2014 & are making a HUGE impact on our Tag Team Top 5. I expect to see more of them in the near future.

5. Overdogs (Sebastian Suave & John Greed) -Some more Canadian love! This awesome team went on to defeat the very popular Super Smash Bros by DQ at SMASH Wrestling’s Danger Zone on 2/23. Despite the DQ victory, these 2 are undefeated as a team and continue to dominate the SMASH Wrestling tag team division. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get ranked in the future as long as a certain “Walking Weapon” doesn’t make his return to get his revenge on former tag partner Suave. I’d once again suggest to check out SMASH Wrestling as they continue to provide awesome cards!

A little disappointed the Overdogs didn’t get more love then they did, but we’ll see them in the future. Baffles my mind that ROH didn’t help promote reDRagon to get higher in the Tag Team Top 5. It also pisses me off that ROH considers themselves “above” the independent community, but regardless, 2 ROH teams top off the Tag Team Top 5 this week. I expect the Hooligans to be ranked as they go to St. Louis Anarchy this weekend for 2 HUGE shows. Hopefully we see more of what we saw in 2013 from them, as so far, this hasn’t been their year. And as Travis said, holy shit is Team IOU SUPER over with the IWC. Great to see these guys getting some love, as you the fans helped them get the #5 spot this week. Keep getting your votes in & help your guys get ranked! It may not seem like much to cast 1 vote, but sometimes that ONE vote makes a HUGE difference.

Thanks for reading folks, enjoy the week & I’ll be back with my thoughts next Wednesday!

TLD’s Ramblings for the Week of February 24th , 2014

Thoughts from an Indy Power Rankings Voter

Every week I’m going to try to give my thoughts on how the Indy Power Rankings and the Tag Team Top 5 turn out. I’m 1 of 9 voters with the unique distinction of being able to break any ties (I created the Indy Power Rankings…at least give me that power!). The other 8 voters are listed on the Indy Power Rankings Greetings Page. One of the voters are “The Fans” which is a reference to the online poll, so if you see me reference “The Fans”, I’m talking about the voters who turned out, clicked a name on our online poll, and made their choice for #1. This is your chance to shoot one of the messengers! Don’t like my votes? Tell me why! I am @PhenomenalTLD on Twitter and you can also email me at PhenomenalTLD@Gmail.com.

Coming into this weekend, we had Christian Rose at #1 for the first time in 2014 and quite honestly, with only one show, I figured it might very well be possible that he could end up with that one win and stick around, sort of like Matt Cage and Shane Hollister had done previously. Little did I know, Ricochet was going to find a way to sweep the weekend and go 10-0 on this Dragon Gate tour so far. Not an easy task.

Anyway, here’s what my singles ballot looked like this week:

1. Ricochet-He was 10-0…that to me was enough to jump him up 2 spots AND the fact that I had him at #2 on my ballot last week.

2. Christian Rose-I only had him dropping one spot. He is 7-0 over the last 3 weeks and USUALLY, I wouldn’t drop someone without a loss, but this was an exception due to Ricochet’s ridiculous 3 weeks.

3. JT Dunn-I had him at #3 last week and had him there again this week. Went 2-0 and the NEFW 4 Way win was big but the RWA Tag Team win wasn’t the most memorable. 5-0 over 2 weeks is still fantastic though.

4. Caleb Konley-A 2-0 weekend at DGUSA for a Double Champion who was #7 last week? Yeah, to me that’s plenty to move him up 3 spots.

5. Michael Elgin-1-0-1 on the weekend. That AJ Styles Time Limit Draw did nothing to help Elgin’s chances in the Top 10. While he had a big win vs. a former #1 in Raymond Rowe, he couldn’t capitalize with a monumental victory that would have moved up much further. The fans saw fit to drop him a spot.

6. Jake Dirden-2-0 week. While he may not be beating the big name guys that everyone looks for, he was #8 last week and the guy never loses. Our first criteria for voting is win-loss record and he passes that test with an A. The fans didn’t help his case and he stayed at #8 this week.

7. Johnny Gargano-Why so low? The DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champ went 2-0 and had maybe the best weekend of anyone with wins vs. Trent ? and Roderick Strong, BUT look a little closer. He hasn’t had the most dominant 2014 and that, to me, affected how I voted this week. He was unranked last week and I put him on my ballot, just not as high as other people did.

8. Jay Briscoe-He went 2-0 this week and for the second time over the last few weeks he scored a pinfall victory over PWG/ROH World Champion Adam Cole. I pretty much stood alone in voting for him as no one else really supported him this week.

9. Kevin Steen-Again, why so low? As far as I could tell, he was off last week and though he was ranked before, for me, that week off hurt. He got a win over Cliff Compton, but Cliff isn’t ranked often, so was it a big win? Not to me. He also got a DQ win over Homicide, but again, not as big of a win as it once would have been. The fans, predictably, disagreed.

10. Tommaso Ciampa-The ROH TV Champion is dominant at ROH but every time he stops over at Chaotic Wrestling, he loses. This week he got 2 wins so that was enough to sneak him into my ballot. He was another that the fans (and other voters) strongly disagreed with me about in our ballots.

The biggest thing to take away from my ballot vs. how it ultimately ended up is that I didn’t have Hercules Gomez in my Top 10. I recognized what he did and hell, I give him props on taking over the state of Florida, but for me, what had he done previously and really, who could I have taken out of my Top 10? He came out of nowhere this week and made a big impact and got more votes from the fans than anyone… EVER. It was insane. THAT is what got him the #10 spot this week. I think the other official voters pretty much agreed with me. Yes, it was a fantastic weekend for him, but let’s see him build on that and then I’ll be more willing to put him in my Top 10.

One last thought on the singles Top 10. I try to vote like I’m an Associated Press voter in basketball or football since our goal is for wrestling to be thought of as a sport when it comes to the Indy Power Rankings. The wins for Hector Gomez were fantastic, but if let’s say Niagara has a couple of HUGE wins in college basketball and they’re nowhere near the Top 10 (or Top 25) originally, would that really be enough to jump them into the Top 10? They’d need to do a little more over the span of more than just 2 games. That was my thought on Gomez. He needs to prove it to me in more than just 2 matches. I really hope he does, personally.

Here’s my Tag Team Top 5 ballot:

1. The Decade (Roderick Strong, Jimmy Jacobs, & BJ Whitmer)-I ranked them at #1 as a unit. They are 4-0 together (2-0 in tags and 2-0 in 6 man tags) and to me, an undefeated tag team in a big indy promotion like ROH, was enough to make them my #1. Fans disagreed. Other voters agreed for the most part.

2. Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean)-They are double champions, honorable mention last week, #3 a few weeks ago, and haven’t lost since that time. What’s to explain? They retained their Dynamo Pro Tag Titles again this week and that was plenty for a #2 vote from me. They ended up #3 in the fan voting at the deadline (and after the deadline they passed the Hooligans for #1).

3. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter)-Another team with multiple tag team titles. Their record hasn’t been GREAT in 2014 but they’re wrestling more than almost any tag team. 5-3 over the last 3 weeks wasn’t terrible and they were #5 last week. A big win over Zero Gravity at PGP in a Double Dog Collar Match was enough to get them a #3 from me. Their fans love them. They ended up #1 in the fan vote. They seemed satisfied with that for now.

4. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)-You’re probably asking yourself why they’re so low on my ballot. The loss to Adrenaline RUSH in Texas and their inactivity in 2014 put them low for me. Yes, they beat two teams this week in Adrenaline RUSH and Brutal Burgers, but are those really the type of tag teams that are going to push them to a top spot in the Top 5? I know how great they are and I love them, but they haven’t built themselves up in 2014 enough for me just yet.

5. Arrogant Basterds (Ric Ellis & Devin Sparks)-I’ll be honest. This was a crap shoot at #5. I could have selected any of 5-7 teams. I picked them because they beat an established tag team to win the SCP Tag Team Titles when they defeated Anchors Away. Again, this was a flat out crap shoot. The fans didn’t help them out much and they ended up being an Honorable Mention this week.

ROH fans were baffled as to why anyone wouldn’t have reDRagon at #1. Just remember, this isn’t a list of who the best “workers” are. This is a list based on win-loss records, strength of competition, and overall prestige of the wrestlers. THIS week they covered all 3 of those criteria, but before this week (and I like to vote cumulative and not just one week in a vacuum) they weren’t as dominant as they were in 2013. Keep in mind as well, we reset everything after 2013 so aside from overall prestige, everyone was working their way up from the bottom again. Their 2013 was irrelevant to how we rank them in 2014 aside from how big of a name they are. Either way, I’m sure reDRagon don’t care about what I think, but hey, they ended up at #2 thanks in part to the fans, so hopefully the fans don’t feel like they got snubbed too bad. A #2 spot over all these teams is definitely respectable.

Last thought on the Tag Team Top 5. Team IOU are popular! The last 3 weeks they have been #1, #1, and #2 in the online poll. It got them in at #5, #2, and then this week at #5. A 1-1 weekend record usually wouldn’t be enough to get a tag team into the Top 5, but this week, everyone outside of the top 4 were, as I said earlier, a crap shoot. You could have thrown a dart and I’d be fine with your selection at #5. As it stands, Team IOU (a team I really like by the way) get in COMPLETELY thanks to the fans because the voters were completely divided on who #5 should be. So…if you ever question whether or not the fan vote makes a difference, IT DOES.

Until next week…


Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of February 24th, 2014


Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of February 24 th , 2014

1. The Decade (Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer, and Jimmy Jacobs)-Since forming in ROH,they have been flawless in all forms of tag team matches. BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs are 2-0 as a team since reforming as a tag team and now,with Roderick Strong thrown into the equation,they are 2-0 in 6 man tag team competition,meaning they are 4-0 as a team,overall. This weekend they defeated Adam Page, Cedric Alexander,& Mark Briscoe, before moving on the next day to beat Adrenaline RUSH & Andrew Everett. Certainly some gold might be in this group’s near future. Unranked in the online poll.

2. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)-It’s crazy to think about the fact that this is the first ranking of 2014 for the ROH World Tag Team Champions, but it’s true. They were not very successful this year until this past weekend at ROH where they defeated both Adrenaline RUSH and the team of Brutal Burgers to go 2-0 on the weekend. They were favored to be in the Top 5 of the Tag Team Top 50 going into 2014. They’ve finally got some momentum to make that a reality. #4 in the online poll.

3. Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean)-This week the Dynamo Pro Tag Team Champions defeated Jack Gamble & Jon Webb to retain their titles. They also hold the WLW Tag Team Titles,making them one of the very few teams in the U.S. to hold multiple promotions’tag team titles. They have been as dominant as any team in the last couple of months. It will be interesting if they can continue this success throughout 2014. #3 in the online poll.

4. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter)-Another team that was favored to be in the Top 5 of the Tag Team Top 50 going into 2014 stumbled out of the gate when the year began,but now they’re starting to find their footing. Over the weekend they retained their PGP Tag Team Titles in a brutal war vs. Zero Gravity in a double dog collar match. With yet another battle coming up vs. Team IOU,time will tell if they can continue their climb up the rankings. #1 in the online poll.

5. Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy)-The NWA SAW Tag Team Champions retained their titles in their first defense vs. Shock N’Awe on 2/21. They looked to add more gold to their collection as they took on Da Soul Touchaz the next night at Resistance Pro,but came up short in their bid to be double champions. They were #2 last week and despite the loss,the fans have spoken and they have said,quite frankly,“you just can’t keep a boy and his dog down.” #2 in the online poll.

1 st Honorable Mention. The Overdogs (John Greed & Sebastian Suave)-Defeated the Super Smash Brothers by disqualification at Smash Wrestling on 2/23. Unranked in the online poll.

2 nd Honorable Mention. Arrogant Basterds (Ric Ellis & Devin Sparks)-NEW So Cal Pro Tag Team Champions after defeating Anchors Away for the titles on 2/21.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Chasyn Rance & Santana Garrett (#5 in the online poll)

Hanson & Raymond Rowe

The Briscoes

Wrecking Crew

Sons of Texas

Lince Dorado & Aaron Epic

The Capones

Da Soul Touchaz

Bravado Bros

Guns and Beer

Dylan Bostic & Roberto De Luna

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