Who should be #1 in the Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of 7/25/16?

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7/24 PWX ‘Another Level’ Results Charlotte, NC

PWX Pure Preshow
The Powah! (Ian Payne & Big Time Ya) defeated Rayo & Jimmy Lloyd
Tracer X defeated “White Meat” Tyler Gaines

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude, & Colby Corino) w/ Coach Mikey defeated Mason Maddox, Darius Lockhart, & Chip Day w/ THE Tommy Thomas in trios action
Following the match, Thomas admonished his client Mason Maddox saying “No more losses. It’s time to do it THE TOMMY way”

PWX Innovative Television Champion “The Modern Day Viking” Gunner survived a tough challenge from “The New Age Enforcer” James Drake to retain the championship

The Revolt (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated the debuting Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) w/ TJ Davidson

Ethan Case hit the ring to address the PWX faithful about some grievances he has and to let everyone know he is “Mr. PWX”. Case then called out his former partner and friend Elijah Evans IV (who was accompanied by some backup) Evans IV hit the ring and got blasted by Case who wanted the match now but Evans retreated to the back

“The Product” David Starr defeated Corey Hollis in a very evenly matched contest
Following the match PWX ITV Champion Gunner attacked Starr and delivered a power bomb to the ‘King of Taunts’

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Roderick Strong in an absolutely awesome showstealing match from both men.

Post match, Roddy proclaimed that he’d heard about Henry, even been on some shows together but he didn’t believe anything until he got in the ring with him and “Mr. ROH” says he was definitely impressed

A Video montage featuring the career of ‘Manscout’ Jake Manning was shown as a lead in to the second half of the show

PWX Tag Team Champions The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lancelot) defeated Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) to retain the championships and run their record to 3-0 in their Open Challenge title defenses

Following the match, Harlem Bravado thanked the fans, and asked PWX management to continue bringing in the best tag teams in the world and they’ll continue to prove them wrong

Cedric Alexander defeated Marty Scurll in another fantastic 1 on 1 matchup. The WWE Global Cruiserweight Classic standout continues to electrify his home crowd in PWX.

“Manscout” Jake Manning survived a WAR in a title vs career main event defeating “The Southern Savior” John Skyler to become the new PWX World Heavyweight Champion! This match saw tables, chairs, thumbtacks and multiple outside interference.

“Manscout” closed the show by thanking the PWX faithful and saying he will now be “Over 4 Life…SCOUTS HONOR!”

PWX returns to Charlotte 8/21 Check out pwxpro.com for more information on this show & their upcoming August show

***CWF WorldWide Spoilers** 7/23 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Opportunity Knocks’Results Gibsonville, NC

Thanks to Randy Hedrick & IndyInsiders.com for results

“Sis” defeated Aspyn Rose

Ethan A. Sharpe came out to brag about his automatic bye in the 2016 Weaver Cup and William L. Cross came out stating that Ray Kandrack & Jesse Adler couldn’t compete therefore “Opportunity Knocks” for two men tonight who can earn a spot in the quarterfinals in a six man scramble later tonight. Cross also voided Sharpe’s bye and he will be forced to compete later in the night.

CWF “Golden Ticket” holder Joshua “REAL” Cutshall pinned Slade Porter to win the six man scramble and a spot in the 2016 Weaver Cup Quarterfinals. Chip Day was the other last man standing in the match earning the second spot in the quarterfinals. Also involved in the scramble were Donnie Dollars, “Him”, and Snooty Foxx.

Rising Generation League Champion Mace Maeda w/ Coach Gemini defeated Dirty Daddy in another controversial finish. Post match Dirty Daddy challenged Maeda one more time, this time in a loser leaves town match!

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs destroyed Number Man & Number Boy of #MoneyBall to retain the championships

The Dawson Brothers (Zane & Dave Dawson) defeated Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)

Following the matchup CWF officials had to pull The tag champs & The Dawson Brothers apart

2016 Weaver Cup QuarterFinals

Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews defeated “White” Mike Jordan to advance to the semifinals

Arik “Ace” Royal defeated Chip Day to advance to the semifinals

Smith Garrett defeated Joshua “REAL” Cutshall to advance to the semifinals

Prior the main event Brad Attitude returned to the Sportatorium and made some controversial remarks vowing to end the career of Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee

Nick Richards defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe to earn the final spot in the Weaver Cup Semifinals

Check out CWF WorldWide Wednesdays at 9 pm youtube.com/CWFMidAtlantic and CWF returns to Gibsonville August 13th for the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Finals Night!


Who should be #1 in the Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 7/25/16?

Who we are and how the final vote is tallied: http://wp.me/P4kQ6t-1&#x200b​Winner of the online voting competition is “People Champ” for the week AND helps their overall ranking! There is no award for second place but all votes that come in add to the wrestler’s final ranking so vote away!Winner of the online voting competition will have his/her social media, merchandise, upcoming events, etc…promoted by us for a full week!
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Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of July 18th, 2016

*Write-ups will be delayed during the month of July*

1. Over Generation (Dragon Kid & Peter Kaasa): Last week Peter Kaasa was ranked #2 in partnership with CIMA, but this week it’s a different Over Generation combination who reach the top spot. First they defeated Naruki Doi and Kotoka at Dragon Gate on 7/11; then they teamed with Gamma on 7/14 to defeat Monster Express (Masato Yoshino, T-Hawk and Shachihoko BOY); then they defeated Tribe Vanguard (Kzy and Yosuke (loves) Santa Maria) on 7/16; and they finished off the week by teaming with Gamma again to defeat  Monster Express (Don Fujii, T-Hawk and Big R Shimizu) for an outstanding 4-0 for the week. It’s been an incredible past few weeks for Kaasa, but if he wants to make an impact on our year-end rankings, he needs to pick a regular partner and consistently pick up top 5 spots with that person.

2. Drew Galloway & Dustin (Chuck Taylor): Like Kaasa, Galloway has been switching tag partners a lot lately, particularly at Evolve, where he’s gone from being tag champ with Johnny Gargano to teaming with TNA roster-mate EC3 and now to teaming with Chuck Taylor (under his Dustin persona) to once again capture the Evolve Tag Team Titles. They defeated Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams) on 7/16 to capture the titles. If they can stick together as a partnership, a number one spot can’t be too far away.

3. Chip Day and Murder One: Like Galloway and Taylor, Chip Day and Murder One only had one victory this week, but it was a big one. They defeated Team IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) at Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment on 7/17 to win the titles. The Georgia-based team will be one to watch out for, particularly on weeks where they can appear at multiple promotions.

4. Galindo & Shawn Donavan: Independent Wrestling Federation in New Jersey held their 12th annual Commissioner’s Cup this past weekend, and the team of Galindo & Donavan won it with two good victories. First they beat Andd Bivians & James Ferry in the semifinals and then they defeated Kevin Knight & Michael Cammett in the final to capture the trophy. Since winning the IWF American title, Galindo’s focus has predominantly been on singles but if the pair can combine more often, they could become regulars in our top 5.

5. Ecktourage (Dirty Money & Eric Chapel): The new MCW Pro Wrestling (formerly known as Maryland Championship Wrestling) Tag Team Champions may have only competed in one match this week but it impressed our voting panel enough to take a spot in the top 5. They won a six-way gauntlet against  Guns for Hire (Bill Collier & Paul Jordane); Cousin Clay & Bo Nekoda; The Bruiser & Rayo; Punk Rock All Stars (Shaun Cannon & Drake Carter) and Black Wall Street (Napalm Bomb & Solo) on 7/16 to become the new champions.

Honorable Mention. Indy Card Mafia (Eric Emanon & Thomas Brewington): It was another great week for the In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Champions, who made a successful defence against Surfs Up (Ron and Jordan Falco) on 7/16 to retain the titles. They just missed out on our top 5 this week but you can be certain they’ll be back near the top soon.

People’s Champs. Sinful Alliance (Flesh Master & Charles Crane): It was a photo finish for the People’s Champs Award, with Polldaddy failing to cut off the votes at the time they were supposed to, leading to Curtis Coleman & Brody Dillinger claiming to have won. But with 159 votes, the Sinful Alliance claim the People’s Champ accolade for the first time. At Definitive Wrestling International they defeated Eric Curtis and Dax the Axe in the quarterfinals of a tag tournament on 7/17; then defeated Rey Ayala and Alex Payne in the semifinals the same day. The finals are still to come at DWI’s next event, but the two victories impressed the fans enough to give them the People’s Champs award.

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 18th, 2016

*Write-ups will be delayed during the month of July*

1. Matt Riddle: It’s been a meteoric rise to the top for this MMA star-turned-pro wrestler. Looking at his match statistics on Cagematch.net, he’s only wrestled 51 matches so far, but has won an impressive 72.5% of them. This week the man who is one half of the Keystone Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions added another accolade this week by becoming the number one on the Indy Power Rankings. He beat Roderick Strong at Evolve on 7/16; then beat Tomasso Ciampa at Evolve on 7/17; then defeated Britain’s Marty Scurll at Beyond on 7/18 to go 3-0 for the week. While the argument could be made that others had more wins and that none of his victories were for a title, there’s no denying that the strength of the opponents he beat lifted him to the forefront of the official voters’ minds this week.

2. James Raideen: This could be the highest ever ranking for a New Zealand wrestler. Raideen is currently based in Japan, where he is currently one half of the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions and he had a phenomenal week at Zero1. He defeated Toshiki Iwaki on 7/12; his tag team partner Masato Tanaka on 7/13; Fujita Hayato on 7/14; Shogun Okamoto on 7/16 and finally Yoshikazu Yokoyama on 7/17 for an amazing 5-0 week.

3. Chris Hero: Interestingly none of this week’s top 3 either won or defended a title, but like Riddle, Hero gets his rating based on the strength of his victories. While on tour in the UK this week, he first defeated Joseph Conners at Phoenix Events Yorkshire on 7/15; he followed that with a win at Discovery Wrestling against Joe Coffey on 7/16. He finished his week with a victory over Chris Brookes at IPW:UK on 7/17 to go 3-0 for the week. Hero is a regular visitor to our top 10, but it will probably take either a tournament or title win for him to notch up a number one position.

4. Timothy Thatcher: Only two victories for Thatcher this week but both were successful defences of the Evolve Championship, which is why he’s ended up as high as number 4. He retained the title on 7/16 against Marty Scurll and followed that the next day against TJ Perkins. A great week in terms of quality, it was probably just the quantity that prevented him being rated any higher.

5. Lio Rush: This weekend MCW Pro Wrestling (formerly known as Maryland Championship Wrestling) held their prestigious Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup on 7/16, where CZW Wired Champion Lio Rush became the first person to ever successfully defend the title and only the second person to win it more than once (Christian York did it three times but never twice in a row). As defending champion, Rush didn’t have to play a qualifying match, but then had to defeat Jason Kincaid, Travis “Flip” Gordon, Joe Keyes, Sonjay Dutt and Tommaso Ciampa in the six-way final on 7/16 to become a two-time winner. As it is considered a major, his win at Ring of Honor over Donovan Dijak does not count towards this poll. But beating a number of big names in one match at MCW and the reputation of the tournament secured him the number 5 ranking this week.

6. EC3: Despite the fact that Ethan Carter III is a TNA employee, as are both the wrestlers he beat this week, he qualifies for the poll as the matches took place in an independent promotion, Imperial Wrestling Revolution. On 7/16 he defeated Abyss and followed that with a win over Moose. Two great wins over two much larger competitors landed him the number 6 spot. And if his TNA wins this week over Eli Drake and Matt Hardy had counted, he could have been even higher.

7. Teddy King: The NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Champion continued his great run this past week. He started slowly with a double count-out vs NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion (and recent top 10 visitor himself) Vic the Bruiser on 7/12. But then his week got a whole lot better with a four-way victory over Aiden Blackheart, Mance Warner, Shad Satu at IWA MidSouth on 7/14. He then successfully defended his title at NWA Bluegrass Wrestling on 7/15, then defeated Toby Farley at MSWA on 7/16. A highly impressive 3-0-1 week lands King at number 7 and it was probably just the double count-out that prevented him being ranked even higher.

8. Jackie Polo: In recent years he’s been a top competitor on the British tag team scene (including at SWA where he’s one half of the tag champs), but this past week Polo showed what he could do as a singles wrestler. Polo beat Jason Prime at Target Wrestling on 7/15. He followed that with a triple threat #1 contenders match at Target Wrestling on 7/16 vs Johnny Moss and Hardcore Holly. He finished with a victory over Scott McManus at Source Wrestling School on 7/17 to go 3-0. If Polo continues to be booked in singles matches and has these kinds of results, he could be a force to be reckoned with.

9. Drew Galloway: As with EC3, Galloway’s TNA results (which were 1-1) don’t count towards this poll. But the Evolve ones do and that’s where the Scottish “Chosen One” was very successful. On 7/16 he and Chuck Taylor defeated Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams) to become the new Evolve Tag Team Champions. Then on 7/17 he had a very impressive win over Johnny Gargano to go 2-0 for the week. He’s been number one before on our rankings and if he continues in this form, another top spot can’t be too far off.

10. Lowlife Louie Ramos: The Survival of the Sickest tournament winner grabs this week’s number 10 slot. He beat Jeff Cannonball at On Point Wrestling on 7/16 in a fans bring the weapons match in the semifinals; then he defeated Matt Tremont, Connor Claxton and Drew Blood in a no rope barbwire quadruple elimination match in the final to win the tournament and go 2-0 for the week.

Honourable Mention. Ruby Raze: It was a bit of an up and down week for Raze as she won one title but lost another. On 7/15 at Big Time Wrestling she defeated Brittany Wonder in the first round; then Dementia d’Rose in the semis; then defeated Beatrice Domino in the final to win the tournament and become inaugural women’s champion. But then on 7/17 at Premier Wrestling she lost that organisation’s women’s title to Shayna Baszler. That loss probably cost her a top 10 place but she still got enough support for an honourable mention.

People’s Champ. Eddie Rage: We’ve seen a number of different nationalities claim the People’s Champ award before including wrestlers from Denmark, Australia and Israel. This week we can add Hungary to that list, as Pro Wrestling Mafia’s Eddie Rage garnered 217 of the 777 votes which were cast. Rage defeated Shane Baker on 7/16 and then teamed with Chris Striker and Johnny Evers the same day to beat Kid Lux, King Kent and Shane Baker to go 2-0 for the week. Hungarian promotions don’t seem to run events very often so Rage is unlikely to become a regular on our poll, but the next time PWM do hold one, he’ll be an interesting name to watch.