2016 IPR 100

Below is the 2016 IPR 100 which for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a collection of 100 independent wrestlers based on their previous rankings throughout the year to date. Their rankings in the IPR 100 are 100% based on where they have been ranked in the Indy Power Rankings this year with a year-end vote among the official voters to break any ties. This is not our opinion of who the best wrestlers (or “workers”) in the world are based on who we think had the best matches, nor is it a list of names we sat down and collected at the end of the year. Rather, this is a mathematical compilation of how well these talents have done this year based on their rankings throughout the year and the 3 major criteria that we use to rank wrestlers on a weekly basis:
1. Win-loss record for the week & overall
2. Strength of opponents for the week
3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Chris Hero has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)
The Tag Team Top 5 is a separate list (Tag Team Top 50) so look for that to come out shortly. In 2016, we ranked/mentioned 937 wrestlers in singles (down from last year’s total of 1208 likely due to more stringent voter guidelines and restrictions). Out of those 937 wrestlers, this list of 100 were the cream of the crop as far as how good their year was in terms of the 3 criteria we rank independent wrestlers based on. With that being said, here’s the 2016 IPR 100:
1. Zack Sabre Jr.-ZSJ had a simply AMAZING 2016 as he was the clear cut #1 in this year’s IPR 100. The current PWG World Champion defended the title throughout most of 2016 while also defending the RevPro British Heavyweight Title for most of the year as well. In terms of rankings, “The Technical Wizard” was tied with Chris Hero for most #1 rankings in 2016 as he collected three number one rankings. On top of that, he earned three #2 rankings, one #3 ranking, two #4 rankings, one #6 ranking, two #7 rankings, one #9 ranking, and EIGHT mentions without being ranked. Despite working the Cruiserweight Classic for the WWE, he still managed to split his time and dominate the independent wrestling scene for 2016. He’ll have a VERY difficult time duplicating this success in 2017, but with the PWG World Title still around his waist, he certainly has a chance.
2. Marty Scurll-“The Villain” was perhaps the breakout star of 2016 as he parlayed all of his success into an eventual ROH World Television Title win (which did not count towards our rankings). Arguably his greatest accomplishment in 2016 was his victory in the 2016 PWG Battle of Los Angeles as he outlasted an incredible field of competition to win the tournament. In 2016 Marty Scurll also won the PROGRESS World Title, not once, but twice. He also (very briefly) held the wXw Unified World Wrestling Title along with a few months of the year as FNW British Champion and UPW Heavyweight Champion. He collected two #1 rankings, four #2 rankings, one #3 ranking, one #4 ranking, one #9 ranking, one #10 ranking, and three mentions without being ranked in 2016. It was an incredible year and with him now holding the ROH World TV Title, it will be interesting to see how much work he continues on the indies in 2017.
3. Chris Hero-To our knowledge, Chris Hero didn’t hold a single championship in 2016. That didn’t stop him from being so successful without any belts around his waist that he was still able to get his highest ranking ever in the IPR 100. His #3 ranking was the result of being one of the absolute best wrestlers on planet Earth. One thing that he was able to accomplish in 2016 that had previously eluded him was a win in IWA Mid-South’s Ted Petty Invitational Tournament (he had won the first Sweet Science 16 Tournament several years before it was later changed to the TPI). His 2016 consisted of three #1 rankings, two #2 rankings, three #3 rankings, and one mention without being ranked. If the rumors surrounding Hero are true, this was a masterpiece of year for the Knockout Artist and perhaps the perfect way to leave the indies once again.
4. Kongo Kong-Da Monsta received his second straight #1 in the IPR 100 as he once again found a way to successfully split his time between GFW and the indies. This means he was #3 in 2014, #4 in 2015, and now #4 in 2016. If you average it out, no one had a better three-year run than Kong. In 2016, Kong held the IWA Mid-South Title until 5/1/16. He is still currently the XICW Proving Ground, SSW Heavyweight, CW Heavyweight, and JCW Heavyweight Champion. The big man is still just as dominant as ever and proved that in 2016 with one #1 ranking, one #2 ranking, two #4 rankings, one #5 ranking, FIVE #6 rankings, one #9 ranking, one #10 ranking, and three mentions without getting ranked. Our wish for Kong in 2017 is for a year where a big organization signs him to an exclusive deal, ending his time on the indies (as much as we’d all miss him).
5. Pete Dunne-What a brilliant 2016 was for Pete Dunne as he was one of the truly pleasant surprises this past year. Dunne was truly a title collector in 2016 as he at various points held the OTT No Limits, ATTACK! 24:7, RevPro British Cruiserweight, wXw Shotgun, VII Pro, PROGRESS Tag Team, FCP, and PROGRESS World Title. In 2016 he had one #2 ranking, three #3 rankings, one #4 ranking, two #7 rankings, and seven mentions without being ranked. He still holds three titles so in theory his 2017 could still be impressive, but there are obviously some things to consider as he is now part of the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Time will tell if that will limit his independent wrestling in 2017.
6. Cody Rhodes
7. Trevor Lee
8. Drew Galloway
9. Matt Riddle
10. Sami Callihan
11​. Kimber Lee
12​. Mark Haskins
13​. Timothy Thatcher
14​. Will Ospreay
15​. Joe Coffey
16​. Joseph Schwartz
17​. Shane Mercer
18​. Big Damo O’Connor
19​. Fred Yehi
20​. Santana Garrett
21​. Cody Deaner
22​. David Starr
23​. Rampage Brown
24​. Tommy End
25​. Ivelisse
26​. Anthony Henry
27​. Chase Owens
28​. AR Fox
29​. Timmy Lou Retton
30​. Jurn Simmons
31​. Martin Stone
32​. Jason Kincaid
33​. Jonathan Gresham
34​. Ethan Page
35. ​Joey Janela
36​. Josh Alexander
37​. El Ligero
38​. Io Shirai
39​. Amazing Maria
40​. Andrew Everett
41​. Ricochet
42​. AC Riley
43​. Bad Bones John Klinger
44​. John Wayne Murdoch
45​. Johnny Gargano
46​. Bubblegum
47​. Roderick Strong
48​. Nick “Magnus” Aldis
49​. Lio Rush
50​. JJ Garrett
51​. Reed Bentley
52​. Tyson Dux
53​. Alex Daniels
54​. Teddy King
55​. Chris Brookes
56​. Jay Lethal
57​. Beautiful Beaa
58​. Aja Perera
59​. Tsukasa Fujimoto
60​. James Anthony
61​. Estonian Thunderfrog
62​. Jack Jester
63​. Heidi Lovelace
64​. Gunner Miller
65​. Dave Crist
66​. Matt Hardy
67​. Tessa Blanchard
68​. Tony Deppen
69​. Saime Sahin
70​. Zachary Wentz
71​. Nicole Savoy
72​. Joseph Black
73​. Chris Tyler
74​. Mayu Iwatani
75​. Rickey Shane Page
76​. Joe Gacy
77​. Katsuyori Shibata
78​. Matt Cage
79​. Eddie Edwards
80​. Ariya Daivari
81. ​John Morrison
82​. Matt Tremont
83​. Pentagon Jr.
84​. Jimmy Susumu
85. ​Chasyn Rance
86​. Blake Edward Belakis
87​. Conor Claxton
88​. Andd Bivians
89​. Deonna Purrazzo
90​. Kotaro Suzuki
91​. Danny Havoc
93​. Eddie Kingston
94​. Mark Andrews
95​. Sasa Keel
96​. Doug Williams
97. ​Kaori Yoneyama
98​. Napalm Bomb
99​. Caristico
100​. Kindred Kyamari
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