8/8 2CW Serve the Servants


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2CW’s Serve The Servants – August 8, 2014 – Oswego, NY (#108)
– “Supercop” Dick Justice d. Guy Sunshine
– Jasper Whipple d. Bin Hamin, Pete “Dirty Bomb” Order”, & Eric Mohammed Timmins in a Gauntlet Match
– Isys Ephex vs. ZSIII ends in a double countout
– Punisher VanSlyke d. Sean Carr
– Kevin “The Man” Graham d. Jay Freddie, Cheech & Dalton Castle in a Quadruple Conflict Match. The order of elimination:
– Jay Freddie d. Cheech by submission
– Jay Freddie pinned Dalton Castle
– Kevin “The Man” Graham pinned Jay Freddie
– Eddie Edwards d. “Juggernaut” Jason Axe
– Davey Richards d. “Captain” Nick Ando by countout. Ando retains the 2CW Heavyweight Championship
– Electric Dream Machine (“Studly” Steve McKenzie & Guero Loco) d. CK (Cook & Kage)
– Austin Aries d. Colin Delaney by submission

8/9 SWE Day of Reckoning II Results


Singles Match
Stixx defeats Pete Dunne by Count Out

Tag Team Match
The Young Wolves (Dan Moloney & Tyler Bate) defeat The Hunter Brothers (Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter)

Non Title Match
Martin Kirby defeats Marty Jannetty

Four Way Match
Roderick Strong defeats Chris Sabin and Mark Andrews and Will Ospreay

Singles Match
Kay Lee Ray defeats Kris Travis by DQ

Non Title Tag Team Match
The StarbuX (Mark Haskins & Robbie X) defeat The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante & Tommy End)

8/9 Dragon Gate Results


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8/9/2014 Osaka, Sakai City Industry Promotion Center ~CIMA Homecoming Celebration~ – 846 Attendance
0. Jimmy Kanda (4:19 Ryu’s) Ryotsu Shimizu
1. Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin{W} (8:12 Implant) Gamma, “Mr. High Tension” Kotoka{L}
2. Uhaa Nation (8:16 Uhaa Combination) Yosuke♡Santa Maria
3. Shingo Takagi (9:59 Pumping Bomber) Punch Tominaga
4. Jimmy Susumu{W}, Jimmy Kagetora (15:09 Mugen) Akira Tozawa{L}, Masato Yoshino
5. BxB Hulk, Dragon Kid{W} (14:29 Bible) T-Hawk, Eita{L}
6. YAMATO, Cyber Kong{W}, Naruki Doi, Kzy (0:16 Pineapple Bomber) CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa{L}
6b. CIMA{W}, Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa (21:09 Meteora) YAMATO, Cyber Kong, Naruki Doi, Kzy{L}

MB attacked Takagi after match three, until Uhaa made the save. YAMATO blew off the result of the match, saying PT easily kicked out at two. They went back and forth arguing over the 8/17 all out war, while PT promised to crush CIMA.

Susumu celebrated the win over Tozawa. He recalled himself & Kagetora became the original Jimmyz via losing to Tozawa almost three years ago. In the past, August has usually been host to the Summer Adventure Tag League. He wasn’t sure when or if there would be one this year, but if so, he & Kagetora were going to enter and they were going to win.

After Ichikawa was beaten quickly, CIMA politely asked everyone not to leave so he could talk. They only come to Sakai once a year, and the fans came out in a typhoon today. He pleaded for a restart. Ichikawa sympathized, but the match was over. Nothing could be done. CIMA turned to MAD BLANKEY and pleaded with them, which was agreed to. After the match, CIMA thanked his hometown fans for coming out. Much had happened in the year since they were last in Sakai. Doi was 2 crown champion, Team Veteran held no titles. The weather was terrible, even the annual local fireworks display was cancelled. But, they still came to see him. He thanked them again. He said the people of Sakai, Osaka, and Japan were wonderful. He promised to come for his 18th, 19th, & 20th years in wrestling and beyond. He’s not sure who will have titles or what the landscape will look like when they return to Sakai in 2015, but they will surely return. He thanked them for coming out today, and for supporting Dragon Gate.

8/8 MCW Inferno Results


Official Results

Maryland Championship Wrestling

MCW Inferno

Friday August 8, 2014

The New Green Room

2401 North Point Road

Dundalk, MD 21222

Match #1:

Lance Anoai defeated Pepper Parks

Match #2

The Hell Cats defeated Donavan Dijak & Fenix Fury

Before the next match could start all for members of Black Wall Street came to the ring with their COO Amber Rodriquez. The 2014 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup winner Drolix addressed the crowd and told the people that since Kylie Pierce had resigned as commissioner that they were declaring “Martial Law” and were seizing control of MCW.

This brought out Christian York followed by Ruckus and then The Bruiser. When it looked like an all out war was about to break out Booker T’s music blared over the sound system and the Green Room exploded.

Booker T informed Black Wall Street that there would be no martial law because he was guest commissioner for the evening. He said that so that he could keep an eye on everyone in the ring he was changing the schedule main event to a 6 man tag team match. It would be Drolix & The MCW Tag Team Champions Napalm & Solo vs Christian York, Ruckus & The Bruiser.

On Top of that to make sure nothing got out of hand he was appointing himself special guest referee.

Match #3:

MCW Woman’s Title Tournament Match

Mandy Leon defeated Cherry Bomb to advance to the second round

Match #4

MCW Rage Championship

Chuck Lennox w/ Amber Rodriquez defeated Shaun Cannon

The official Coronation took place and Ryan McBride & Jessie Kaye were crowned the King & Queen of Maryland Wrestling.

Match #5

“The Appalachian Outlaws” Hoss Hagood & Bo Nekoda defeated Buck Chyld & G-fed

Match #6

Dirty Money defeated “The Greek God” Papadon

Match #7

King Ryan McBride w/ Head Of Security Ken Dixon, His Royal Adviser Sir Justin Schlegal and Queen Jessie Kaye defeated Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Match #8

Christian York, The Brusier & Ruckus defeated Black Wall Street in a main event Six man Tag Team Match. At one point Chuck Lennox tried to interfere and ended up getting an Axe Kick form Special Guest referee Booker T.

Christian York pinned Drolix and therefore MCW has named Christian York the number One seed for the MCW Heavyweight Championship. Christian York will challenge Matt Hardy for the MCW Heavyweight Championship at Waldorf Warfare on Friday October 3rd in Waldorf, MD

MCW’s Next Event is Ralley In The Alley on Friday September 5th in White Marsh, MD featuring former WWE Tag Team “Too Cool” For more information visit our official website http://www.MarylandWrestling.com

8/8 Infinite Results


Infinite Promotions Tag Team Title Match
Hubba Bubba Lucha (Bubblegum & El Ligero) (c) defeat The New Models (Joey Hayes & Sam Wilder)

Singles Match
T-Bone defeats Eddie Dennis by DQ

Singles Match
Chris Masters defeats Dylan Roberts

Singles Match
Sam Bailey defeats Roderick Strong

Triple Threat Match
Danny Hope defeats Cyanide and Jack Gallagher

Infinite Promotions Heavyweight Title Match
CJ Banks (c) defeats Zack Gibson