8/27 CZW Dojo Wars 8 Results


1 Frankie Pickard defeated Conor Claxton

2 Brittany Blake defeated Brooke Danielle

3 Andrew Wolf and Chuck Mambo defeated Dub Boys (David McCall and Nate Carter)

4 Finneus James defeated Kit Osbourne

5 Elimination Match
Joe Gacy, Cory Kastle and Qefka the Quiet defeated Alexander James, Happenin’ Harry and Trooper Audubon

8/27 OVW TV Taping Results


Dark Match: Robbie Walker defeated Deonta Davis

Dark Match: Randy Terrez and Roberto De Luna defeated The Fabulous Freebodies (Bodyguy and Big Jon)

1 Marcus Anthony defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez

2 Shiloh Jonze and Eric Locker defeated Wild Boys (Eddie Diamond and Bud Dwight) by disqualification

3 OVW Television Title Match
Adam Revolver (c) defeated Michael Hayes

Dark Match: Melvin Maximus defeated Dapper Dan

Dark Match: The Congregation (Stuart Miles, Jade Dawson and Jake Glasure) defeated Jonathan Ramser, Leon Shelly and Elvis Pridemoore