8/31 PPW “Golden Chance” Results


Credit: http://wp.me/p4fefc-25t

Date: 31/8/2014
Promotion: P.A.I.D. Promotions
Event: Golden Chance
Venue: Morecombe Winter Gardens, Morecombe

Match Results

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. Bubblegum

RJM was attacked by Shaun Vasey throughout the match

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Cyanide def. Martin Kirby

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
Danny Hope def. Ryan Grayson

Following the match, Grayson fired his valet, Serenity

Golden Chance Tournament Quarter-Final
C.J. Banks def. Kris Travis

Travis was knocked out during the match (reports following the match say Travis was shaken but ok)

Joey Hayes def. Chris Ridgeway

Following the match, Greg Lambert announced that Joey Hayes would never get another shot at Craig Kollins or the PPW Championship

Golden Chance Tournament Semi-Final
C.J. Banks def. Danny Hope by count out

Danny Hope didn’t appear and Banks had the referee count out Hope so that he could advance to the final

A video announces that The Lion Kid is coming to PAID on September 28th

Golden Chance Tournament Semi-Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. Cyanide by count out

McKenzie wasn’t coming out so Cyanide had the referee begin the 10 count, McKenzie appeared at 8 with his ribs taped up

Grag Lambert and PPW Champion, Craig Kollins demanded that Cyanide splash McKenzie’s bad ribs and that the Final was to begin immediatly

Golden Chance Tournament Final
Ricky J. McKenzie def. C.J. Banks

Craig Kollins attacked McKenzie, leading to Joey Hayes making the save taking out Shaun Vasey and Kollins. Followjng the match Hayes present McKenzie with the Golden Chance Trophy

Source: P.A.I.D. Promotions

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