5/16 POW Results

Singles Match
Hakem Wakuur defeats Veit Müller

Singles Match
Adrian Severe defeats Karsten Beck

Three Way Dance
Chris Raaber defeats Joe E. Legend and Rhino

Singles Match
Robbie Dynamite (w/Drew McDonald) defeats Absolute Andy

Singles Match
Murat Bosporus defeats Scotty Saxxon

Tag Team Match
James Mason & John Klinger defeat Doug Williams & Rampage Brown

5/14 OVW TV Taping Results

1 Danger International (Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna) defeated Leon Shelly and Elvis Pridemoore (1:27 minutes)

2 Ryan Howe defeated Dapper Dan (1:29 minutes)

3 The Sky Walkers (Aaron Sky and Robbie Walker) defeated The Bodyguys (Bodyguy and Bobby Black) (5:13 minutes)

4 Clint Poe defeated Deonta Davis (0:46 minutes)

5 Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Jessie Belle (1:40 minutes)

6 OVW Television Title Match
Adam Revolver defeated Melvin Maximus (c) (7:18 minutes) – TITLE CHANGE!!!

5/15 POW/wXw Catch Roulette Results

Catch Roulette First Round Match
Crazy Sexy Mike [POW] defeats Salsakid Rambo [POW]

Catch Roulette First Round Tag Team Match
Murat Bosporus [POW] & Hakem Wakuur [POW] defeat Kim Ray [wXw] & Veit Müller [POW]

Catch Roulette First Round Match
Chris Raaber [POW] defeats Sasa Keel [wXw]

Catch Roulette First Round Tag Team Match
John Klinger [wXw] & Karsten Beck [wXw] defeat Absolute Andy [POW] & Sha Samuels [wXw]

Catch Roulette First Round Tag Team Match
Indy Power Rankings #5 Uhaa Nation [wXw] & Axel Tischer [wXw] (w/Svetlana Kalashnikova) defeat Joe Legend [POW] & Carnage [wXw]

Catch Roulette Semi Final Eight Man Royal Rumble
John Klinger and Murat Bosporus defeat Axel Tischer and Chris Raaber and Crazy Sexy Mike and Hakem Wakuur and Karsten Beck and Uhaa Nation

Catch Roulette Final Match
John Klinger defeats Murat Bosporus