***CWF WorldWide Spoilers*** 1/21 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Tell All Your Friends’ Results Gibsonville, NC

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Dirty Daddy defeated Mance Warner

Otto Schwanz w/ Ethan A. Sharpe & “White” Mike Jordan defeated Joey Rogers

Donnie Dollars defeated “Have Mercy” Percy Davis. Following the match Mitch Connor confronted Dollars about the betrayal at BattleCade X7 but Dollars left the ring

The scheduled match between Xsiris and Smith Garrett never got started as Garrett attacked Xsiris before the match as Xsiris had done him at BattleCade

Nick Richards defeated Tripp Cassidy via count out

WorldWide Television Champion Aric Andrews and challenger Snooty Foxx fought to a ten minute time limit draw, by rule Andrews retains the championship.

PWI Ultra J Champion Chet Sterling defeated Rising Generation League Champion Cain Justice

ARIK “ACE” ROYAL and ROY WILKINS survived Tag-Team Apocalypto to earn the right to represent CWF Mid-Atlantic in the upcoming OMEGA Tag-Team Championship bout. Order of entry and elimination into Apocalypto went as follows: THE AIRTIME ROCKERS def. NUMBER MAN and KOOL JAY … “WHITE” MIKE JORDAN and ETHAN SHARPE def. AIRTIME ROCKERS … SIS and “HIM” def. CHRIS TNT TAYLOR and WES ROGERS … BEAU CROCKETT and INNOCENT ISAIAH def. SIS and “HIM,” JORDAN and SHARPE *AND* SHAWN KEMP and JONATHAN WOLF representing IWA Mid-South … CAIN JUSTICE and JAMES RYAN def. CROCKETT and ISAIAH … SNOOTY FOXX and DIRTY DADDY def. JUSTICE and RYAN … ZANE & DAVE DAWSON def. SNOOTY and DIRTY … Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions MECHA MERCENARY and AARON BIGGS def. ZANE and DAVE DAWSON to seemingly win the bout until COACH GEMINI appeared, reminding fans that he’d promised at Battlecade to have a team to challenge for the OMEGA championship. The Sportatorium was stunned when ROY WILKINS and ARIK ROYAL hit the scene attacking MECHA and BIGGS. The already eliminated DAWSONS joined in for a 4 on 2 attack that ended when Royal and Wilkins both dogpiled on top of Mecha for the final fall AFTER Dave Dawson had stunned him with a taser. When questioned after the pinfall if he had signed Arik Royal to the All Stars, Coach Gemini clarified that Royal was still a free agent but that Coach has signed on as his “consultant” on a match-by-match basis.

As announced to the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium crowd tonight, the main event on Sunday January 29th at the OMEGA Bowl will be a triple threat tag-team bout for the OMEGA Tag-Team Championship with teams representing CWF Mid-Atlantic, OMEGA and Impact Wrestling. With Apocalypto completed and OMEGA having named their representatives earlier this weekend, the match is set for Sunday January 29th at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium:

vs. ARIK “ACE” ROYAL and ROY WILKINS representing CWF Mid-Atlantic
vs. BROKEN MATT HARDY and BROTHER NERO representing Impact Wrestling

Tickets for the OMEGA Bowl are moving at a record pace, if you want to join us Sunday January 29th it is strongly recommended that you get your tickets in advance as soon as possible at http://cwf247.ecwid.com before they are gone!






9/23 PWF Legacy Cup 8 Results Hubert, NC

Thanks to Rufus Peters for results

Legacy Cup Opening Round

PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo defeated Bobby Wohlfert to advance & retain the championship

PWF Shinjiro Ohtani Openweight Champion Timmy Lou Retton defeated Darius Lockhart to advance and retain the championship

“Golden Boy” Luke Grimes defeated Donnie Dollars via DQ to advance

“Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews defeated Francisco Ciatso to advance

Legacy Cup Semifinals

PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo defeated “Golden Boy” Luke Grimes to advance to the finals and retain the championship

PWF Shinjiro Ohtani Openweight Champion Timmy Lou Retton defeated “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews to advance to the finals and retain the championship

PWF Universal Tag Team Champions Camelot (Zane Dawson &  James Drake) defeated The Extreme Horsemen (John Skylar and King Corino), The  Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy &  Lance Lude) and  the “one dude that looks good and wrestles well”  Zane Riley to retain the titles  (This was the second show in a row that Jakob Hammermeier & Zane Riley had communication problems so Zane had to go it alone)

PWF Legacy Cup Finals

PWF Shinjiro Ohtani Openweight Champion Timmy Lou Retton defeated PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo to win the tournament and retain his championship. (Jannazzo refused to put his title on the line in this tournament final)

Jagger defeated Colby Corino in a ‘Lights Out’ No Rules match when Colby could not answer the referee’s ten count

Premier Wrestling Federation returns to Hubert 10/28 to crown the PWF Mid-Atlantic Masters Champion


8/27 AML ‘Second to None’ Results Mocksville, NC

Thanks to AML Co-Owner Brian Hawks for results

The Dixon Line defeated The Young Lions

AML Prestige Title 4 Way Semifinal #1

Jordan Kage defeated Caprice Coleman, Chance Prophet, & Brandon Scott

Scotty Matthews defeated The Regulator w/ THE Tommy Thomas

AML Prestige Title 4 Way Semifinal #2

Darius Lockhart defeated Axton Ray, Peter Kaasa, & Billy Brash

“The One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson defeated “The Enforcer” CW Anderson

AML Tag Team Championship Match

The Geordie Bulldogs (c) defeated The Heatseekers to retain the titles

AML Heavyweight Championship Match

“King” Shane Williams w/ Queen Taylor (c) defeated Cedric Alexander w/ THE Tommy Thomas to retain the championship

AML returns to Lexington, NC at North Davidson High School 9/24 for ‘Friends & Foes’



8/26 PWF ‘Raising the Bar’ Results Hubert, NC

Thanks to Rufus Peters for results!

Darius Lockhart defeated “Mr. Amazing” Michael Spencer, Tracer X, & “White” Mike Jordan in a 4 Corners match

King Kaluha defeated “Golden Boy” Luke Grimes

“Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews defeated Jagger via DQ

The Syndicate (PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion ‘The Big Slambino’ Anthony Jannazzo & Francisco Ciatso) defeated Bobby Wohlfert via DQ in a handicap match after interference from ‘Big Bang’ Roni Nicole

Bobby Wohlfert & “Big Bang” Nicole defeated The Syndicate in an impromptu tag team match

Anthony Henry defeated Steve Corino in a physical battle

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler & “The Enforcer” CW Anderson defeated Zane Riley & Jakob Hammermeier

Timmy Lou Retton defeated Ohtani Openweight Champion Joseph A’Gau (Joseph Black) in a ‘fantastic match’ to become the new champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

PWF Universal 6 Man Tag Champions The Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy, & Lance Lude) defeated CAMELOT (“The New Age Enforcer” James Drake, “One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson, & Will Huckaby) w/ THE Tommy Thomas to retain the titles



New PWF Shinjiro Ohtani Openweight Champion- Timmy Lou Retton

***CWF WorldWide Spoilers** 7/23 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Opportunity Knocks’Results Gibsonville, NC

Thanks to Randy Hedrick & IndyInsiders.com for results

“Sis” defeated Aspyn Rose

Ethan A. Sharpe came out to brag about his automatic bye in the 2016 Weaver Cup and William L. Cross came out stating that Ray Kandrack & Jesse Adler couldn’t compete therefore “Opportunity Knocks” for two men tonight who can earn a spot in the quarterfinals in a six man scramble later tonight. Cross also voided Sharpe’s bye and he will be forced to compete later in the night.

CWF “Golden Ticket” holder Joshua “REAL” Cutshall pinned Slade Porter to win the six man scramble and a spot in the 2016 Weaver Cup Quarterfinals. Chip Day was the other last man standing in the match earning the second spot in the quarterfinals. Also involved in the scramble were Donnie Dollars, “Him”, and Snooty Foxx.

Rising Generation League Champion Mace Maeda w/ Coach Gemini defeated Dirty Daddy in another controversial finish. Post match Dirty Daddy challenged Maeda one more time, this time in a loser leaves town match!

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs destroyed Number Man & Number Boy of #MoneyBall to retain the championships

The Dawson Brothers (Zane & Dave Dawson) defeated Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)

Following the matchup CWF officials had to pull The tag champs & The Dawson Brothers apart

2016 Weaver Cup QuarterFinals

Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews defeated “White” Mike Jordan to advance to the semifinals

Arik “Ace” Royal defeated Chip Day to advance to the semifinals

Smith Garrett defeated Joshua “REAL” Cutshall to advance to the semifinals

Prior the main event Brad Attitude returned to the Sportatorium and made some controversial remarks vowing to end the career of Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee

Nick Richards defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe to earn the final spot in the Weaver Cup Semifinals

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4/23 AML ‘Live to Win’ Results Winston Salem, NC

Thanks to my friend David Funk & Brian Hawks for results

The Geordie Bulldogs defeated Jenny’s Last Chance (Jaxson James and Brady Pierce)

The Regulator defeated J.R. Reynolds

Cedric Alexander defeated Jordan Kage, Joseph Black and Axton Ray in a 4 Corners Match

Damien Wayne defeated Zane Dawson

Caprice Coleman defeated Elliott Russell

AML Champion King Shane Williams defeated Steve Anthony via DQ when The Regulator and Cedric Alexander interfered

America’s Most Liked Wrestling will return to Hickory, NC on May 15th for Confrontation: AML vs Global Force Wrestling ft. all the stars of AML plus Jeff Jarrett, Ethan Carter III, Sonjay Dutt, Chase Owens & more!

2/6 High Volume Pro Wrestling ‘Amplified’ Kinston,NC

Thanks to Rufus Patson for results


Seymour Snott, Redman, & Chris Englehart def JoJo Dancer & Team Sexxy in 6 man tag action

Jordan Flyte def Robyn Golphin

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler def “One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson

Head Referee Jeffries def Cold Cash D when Commissioner Apollo turned on Cold Cash D

Brandon Day & Jefferson Early def The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) to retain the HVPW Tag Team Titles

HVPW Heavyweight Champion Dave Dawson def Chet Sterling to retain the title

12/26 CWF Mid-Atlantic (@CWFMidAtlantic) Battlecade XVI Results

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Devin Daulton def Gil Quest

Jesse Adler def Darius Lockhart in the finals of the 2015 Rising Generation League Tournament to remain RGL Champion

Aaron Biggs def Dave Dawson by countout

Aric Andrews def former long time tag partner “Honky Kong” Evan Banks via ref stoppage

“Lost Cause” Nick Richards def Lee Valiant

Matty de Nero, Donnie Dollar$, “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel, “Handsome” Mitch Connor & “Lost Cause” Nick Richards defeated Michael McCallister, Sis, Prakash Sabar, Number Man & CB Suave by pinfall in 10-person tag team action

PWI International Ultra J Crown Champion Ethan Case def Ethan Alexander Sharpe by submission to retain the championship

Ric Converse def PWI International Heavyweight Champion “The One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson to win the title. ***TITLE CHANGE***

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Arik Royal & “The Assassin” Ray Kandrack def Kamikazi Kid & Xsiris to retain the titles

Smith Garrett def Cedric Alexander to become new CWF Mid-Atantic Television Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

“All Star” Roy Wilkins pinned Trevor Lee to win the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title in Six-Pack Challenge  [Order of elimination: 1. Brad Attitude; 2. Chet Sterling; 3. “Southern Savior” John Skyler; 4. Lance Lude & 5. Trevor Lee]

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11/27 WrestleCade ‘Showcase of Champions’ Results Winston-Salem, NC

The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell & Sigmon) def Buku Dao & Matt Lancie to retain the AML Wrestling tag team titles

Shane Taylor def Zane Dawson to retain the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship

Damien Wayne def Lodi to retain the AIWF Heavyweight Championship

Mysterious Q retained the Reality of Wrestling championship pinning Ryan Davidson

Sonjay Dutt def PJ Black to become the new Global Force Wrestling Nex*Gen Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

John Saxon def Raj Singh & Houston Carson to retain the Lone Star Heavyweight Championship

The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) def The Lockhart Brothers to retain the TNA tag team titles

The Greek God Papadon def AML Wrestling Champion Caprice Coleman and Ethan Carter III to become the 2nd AML Wrestling Heavyweight Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

11/20 CWF Mid-Atlantic Ultimate Survivor Results

DeAndre Jackson def Rob Killjoy

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler won the 16 man Torneo Cibernetico last eliminating Brad Attitude

“The One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson def Xsiris to retain the PWI International Heavyweight Championship

Trevor Lee, Chet Sterling, & Jesse Adler def Coach Gemini’s All-Stars (Roy Wilkins, Kamikazi Kid, & Chappie) in a Triathlon Match

Following the match Matt Hardy hit Coach Gemini with a ‘Twist of Fate’ and confronted Trevor Lee about their OMEGA Championship title triple threat match with EC3  tomorrow night in Smithfield, NC

Cage of Death

Nick Richards won the Cage of Death pinning Lee Valiant forcing Valiant to have his head shaved in the middle of the ring. The RIOT (Richards, Valiant & Aric Andrews) were all left in the cage to fight among themselves after their opponents Arik Royal, Ray Kandrack, & Mitch Connor all escaped the cage