9/16 Premiere Wrestling Xperience ‘He Who Cast The First Stone’ Shelby, NC

PWX Pure Pre Show

TK Stark defeated Devin Cruise & “Mr. Amazing” Michael Spencer

Mister Sleaze Erik Thompson defeated Drew Adler

High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented) defeated Ian Maxwell & “Wonderboy” Robyn Golphin

He Who Cast The First Stone (Main Show) 

PWX Innovative Television Champion “The Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart defeated Nathan Cruz to retain

Chip Day defeated David Starr in a hard hitting matchup

Aerial Monroe defeated Lady Katherine D’arcy via submission with the “Monroe Special”

Elijah Evans IV defeated Ethan Case, Jason Cade, Fred Yehi, and Alexander James to earn the second spot in this year’s X-16 Tournament

“The Governor” Martin Stone defeated “The Southern Savior” John Skyler

Jonathan Gresham defeated Tracer X via submission

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey defeated Manscout Jake Manning & White Mike

PWX World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated “The New Age Enforcer” James Drake to retain the Championship

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5/21 PWX ‘What Lies Beneath’ Results Concord, NC

PWX Innovative Television Champion Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated “The New Age Enforcer” James Drake to retain

Prior to the match special guest General Manager WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long banned Evans’ Syndicate teammates from ringside but it was interference from THE Tommy Thomas (and a sledgehammer shot) that lead to Evans retaining his championship once again

High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented) defeated Ace Austin & Malakai Matthews in a TAG TEAM Match made by Teddy Long

Tracer X defeated “The Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart in their ‘Final Confrontation’

Corey Hollis defeated “The Product” David Starr

Following the match Hollis continued to assault Starr’s knee (which he had focused on during the match) and was about to “Pillmanize” the leg until John Skyler ran out for the save. Hollis tried to goad Skyler into a fight but once again this month Skyler refused

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler defeated Jonathan Gresham

Hollis remained at ringside and did commentary for the match continuing to try and get Skyler to fight him. Following the match Hollis attacked Gresham but after officials got Gresham clear of Hollis, Skyler just left again without confrontation

Zane Riley came to the ring next interrupting Teddy Long and told the WWE Hall of Famer the only thing he has left to do tonight is make a “1 on 1 match with THE UNDERTAKER” Long said that’s exactly what he was going to do and the familiar music of “The Deadman” hit and we got WHITE MIKE!!! “Manscout’ Jake Manning joined the fray after Riley attacked White Mike and we had a triple threat match

“Manscout” Jake Manning defeated Zane Riley and White Mike pinning Riley after an underhook DDT

Near the end of the match Riley called “Time Out” thanked the fans and was promptly DDT’d by Manning for the pin. Riley then left his REVOLT arm band in the middle of the ring

The Syndicate (Timmy Lou Retton & Devan Knight) w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) to win the championships. Knight took Lude out of the match with a nasty Swan-TON bomb leaving Killjoy to fight on his own valiantly but three spinebusters put Killjoy down and won the Syndicate more PWX gold. ***TITLE CHANGE***

PWX World Champion Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young defeated Ethan Case via referee stoppage when Case could not respond to Referee Kevin Pierce’s commands while in a dragon sleeper. Case immediately snapped back into it and was very upset with the decision creating some controversy however the ruling stood and Henry retains the championship.


PWX returns to Charlotte, North Carolina and Club Escapade VIP on July 8th for a doubleheader with EVOLVE. ‘Like’ PWX on facebook follow them on twitter @PWXWrestling for all the latest info on the event.

4/30 PWX ‘Enter the Dragon’ Results Hickory, NC

PreShow Match

“The Alpha Gladiator” Brady Pierce defeated Wildman Kongo


The show opened with “A Quickie” with White Mike. Mike tried to welcome his guest Tracer X but was interrupted by The Revolt. Tracer then joined them in the ring, invited White Mike to be one of his partners tonight and their third partner was the returning former PWX World Champion “Manscout” Jake Manning!

The Revolt (Caleb Konley, Zane Riley, & Darius Lockhart) defeated Team Tracer (Tracer X, White Mike, & “Manscout” Jake Manning)

Joshua Cutshall defeated Chris Mayne

Corey Hollis came to the ring calling his former best friend John Skyler a “False Prophet” but Skyler refused to fight Hollis and said nothing would change that. This brought out their former brother in The Xperience Gunner who urged the two to shake hands but they refused and Gunner turned on Skyler attacking him with a clothesline.

The Lucha World Order (Jon Cruz & Angel Rose) defeated Pop Culture (Jason Cade & Veda Scott)

Angel Rose suffered a disloacated elbow near the end of the match. Rose was taken to the hospital via ambulance following the match. We wish her a speedy recovery and return to the ring

PWX ITV Champion Elijah Evans IV w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated Sugar Dunkerton to retain the title

The Syndicate (Timmy Lou Retton & TJ Boss) w/ THE Tommy Thomas defeated The Tough Guys (“Brutal” Bob Evans & “Tough” Tim Hughes)

It was announced that Martin Stone was unable to make it to the show. James Drake to no surprise wanted a fight & he received one from newcomer Maxwell Jacob Friedman

“The New Age Enforcer” James Drake defeated Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Following the match, Friedman attacked the referee and promised he would turn PWX into a ‘Combat Zone’

PWX Tag Team Champions The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) w/ Coach Mikey defeated Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers) to retain the titles

The Syndicate hit the ring following the match and laid out the PWX Tag Team Champions

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler defeated Gunner in what was rumored to be Gunner’s last independent date.

Following the match Corey Hollis got in Gunner’s face and Gunner power bombed Hollis out of his shoes!!

ReDragon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) defeated PWX World Champion Anthony Henry & Ethan Case w/ Amber Young


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***CWF WorldWide Spoilers***8/28 TNT Championship Wrestling Results Thomasville, NC

Thanks to TNT Championship Wrestling Facebook page and Jeff Melton for results!

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“This was a fundraiser event which featured talent and contributions from independent promotions all over the Carolinas. The event was professionally filmed and portions of the card, including the title change, will air on a future episode of CWF Worldwide. Special thanks to Josh Gerry and his USIWF crew for their gracious help in making this event possible. Thanks to the 200+ fans who came out for a great afternoon for a great cause”–TNT Management

CWF Rising Generation League Champion Dirty Daddy, Smith Garrett & Kool Jay defeated Da Powah! (Big Time Ya, The Carolina Playboy, & Montana Black) in six man tag action

“The Hitman for Hire” Mr. Grimm & “White” Mike Jordan won a 10 team gauntlet match to earn a shot at the CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team championships. The gauntlet also included the teams of Vlad Balashov & Ryker Kruschev, “Mr. Amazing” Michael Spencer & Jacob Ryan, Chris “TNT” Taylor & Ian Payne, Boss Hogg & Shane Martin, F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews), “The Ping Pong Master” Waylon Maze & Juan Jeremi, Alas De Angel & Ese Joker, The Brutes (Mark James & Jimmy Parker), & “The Filmmaker” Movie Myk & Tye Land

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs defeated “White” Mike Jordan & “The Hitman For Hire” Mr. Grimm to retain the championships

CWF Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews wrestled 2016 Weaver Cup Winner Nick Richards to a 10 minute time limit draw

The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) defeated High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented)

Chet Sterling defeated PWI International Ultra J Champion Cedric Alexander to win the championship in Alexander’s last independent match (more than likely) in his home state. ***TITLE CHANGE***

Be sure to support all these wonderful promotions in the Carolinas who worked together today including TNT, CWF Mid-Atlantic, USIWF, & G.O.U.G.E. Wrestling. Also remember you can catch the PWI Ultra J Title Match between Sterling & Alexander on a future edition of CWF Worldwide which airs every Wednesday at 9 pm FREE on their youtube channel youtube.com/CWFMidAtlantic

***CWF Worldwide Spoilers*** 7/9 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Opportunity Knocks’ (Opening Round of 2016 Weaver Cup) Results Gibsonville, NC

Thanks to Randy Hedrick & IndyInsiders.com for results

James Ryan defeated Patrick Scott

Madi Maxx defeated ‘Sis’ w/ “Him”

1/2 of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Champs Aaron Biggs defeated “Him” w/ ‘Sis’

Opening Round Matches of the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup

“White” Mike Jordan defeated Joey Rogers to advance

Smith Garrett defeated “Handsome” Mitch Connor to advance

“Assassin” Ray Kandrack defeated “Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart to adavance

Arik Royal defeated Jesse Adler via submission to advance

CWF Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews defeated Dirty Daddy to advance

“Lost Cause” Nick Richards defeated RGL Champion Mace Maeda to advance

Ethan Alexander Sharpe won his match advancing to the next round via countout as Coach Gemini was unable to produce Sharpe’s scheduled opponent Roy Wilkins

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee & Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride wrestled to a 10 minute time limit draw and as a result BOTH men are out of the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup

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***CWF WorldWide Spoilers*** 6/18 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Absolute Justice’ Results Gibsonville, NC

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***CWF Worldwide Spoilers Below***

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All Star Mace Maeda w/ Coach Gemini & Chappy defeated RGL Champion Jesse Adler, Isaiah “Stylish” Santero & Number Man w/ Number Man 2 in  4 way Everything to lose match to become the new Rising Generation League Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

“White” Mike Jordan survived “White Mike vs The World” Elimination action defeating Sis, Him, LaBron Kozone, & James Ryan to win the match

Aric Andrews defeated CWF Worldwide Television Champion Smith Garrett, & Chet Sterling in a 3-Way match to become new Worldwide TV Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

“Lost Cause” Nick Richards defeated Kamakazi  Kid in an Anything goes, last man standing match

Snooty Foxx defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee defeated Andrew Everett by submission to retain the title

***CWF WorldWide Spoilers*** 6/4 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘BattleBowl’ Results Gibsonville, NC

Thanks to Randy Hedrick (@HeddRoxx) of IndyInsiders.com for results!

Fans drew the matches, teammates and opponents completely at random tonight at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium. Winners advanced to an over the top rope battle royal with the last man standing earning the Golden Ticket and prize of any match, with any rules, against any opponents, of his choosing for up to one year.


Dirty Daddy def Joey Rogers

“#REAL” Joshua Cutshall & Beau Crockett def CWF Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler & “LaBron James” (LaBron Kozone & James Ryan) in an impromptu 3 on 2 match. James Ryan’s name was drawn as the partner for the RGL Champion but the tag team said they competed as ONE UNIT therefore Cutshall & Crockett accepted (and won) the handicap match

CWF WorldWide Television Champion Smith Garrett def the returning Darius Lockhart to retain and earn a spot in the Battlebowl Battle Royale

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions “Ace” Arik Royal & ‘The Assassin” Ray Kandrack def Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Tracer X to retain the titles and both men advance to the Battlebowl Battle Royale

Team Captain Chet Sterling, Nick Richards, “Handsome” Mitch Connor and Number Man def. Team Captain Aric Andrews, “White” Mike Jordan, Kamikazi Kid and Cecil Scott in the annual Battlebowl 8 man tag-team bout which saw fans pick the teammates for each captain at random. Donnie Dollars name was initially drawn for Sterling’s team but when Dollars failed to appear Ethan Alexander Sharpe verbally berated the absent Dollars and offered Number Man as a substitute.

#REAL”Joshua Cutshall eliminated CWF WorldWide Television Champion to win The BattleBowl Battle Royale and The Golden Ticket. Following the match Smith Garrett talked about Chet Sterling & Aric Andrews chasing his Television Title and offered to face both on June 18th at the Absolute Justice Supershow at the Sportatorium.


Don’t miss your chance to see BattleBowl on CWF Worldwide beginning Wednesday June 8th FREE at youtube.com/CWFMidAtlantic

Already signed for 6/18 at Absolute Justice

For the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship:

For the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship:

Triple Threat Match for the Worldwide Television Championship:

Anything Goes Last Man Standing Match:

Grudge Match

Plus MUCH more to be announced!