12/26 CWF Mid-Atlantic (@CWFMidAtlantic) Battlecade XVI Results

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Devin Daulton def Gil Quest

Jesse Adler def Darius Lockhart in the finals of the 2015 Rising Generation League Tournament to remain RGL Champion

Aaron Biggs def Dave Dawson by countout

Aric Andrews def former long time tag partner “Honky Kong” Evan Banks via ref stoppage

“Lost Cause” Nick Richards def Lee Valiant

Matty de Nero, Donnie Dollar$, “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel, “Handsome” Mitch Connor & “Lost Cause” Nick Richards defeated Michael McCallister, Sis, Prakash Sabar, Number Man & CB Suave by pinfall in 10-person tag team action

PWI International Ultra J Crown Champion Ethan Case def Ethan Alexander Sharpe by submission to retain the championship

Ric Converse def PWI International Heavyweight Champion “The One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson to win the title. ***TITLE CHANGE***

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Arik Royal & “The Assassin” Ray Kandrack def Kamikazi Kid & Xsiris to retain the titles

Smith Garrett def Cedric Alexander to become new CWF Mid-Atantic Television Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

“All Star” Roy Wilkins pinned Trevor Lee to win the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title in Six-Pack Challengeย  [Order of elimination: 1. Brad Attitude; 2. Chet Sterling; 3. “Southern Savior” John Skyler; 4. Lance Lude & 5. Trevor Lee]

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11/29 PWX ‘Battlefield X’ Results Winston-Salem, NC

Lance Lude def Mason Maddox, Smith Garrett, Darius Lockhart & Rob Killoy in a 5 man fray

Gunner def “Do or Die” Chip Day

Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young def Joe Black by submission

The REVOLT (Caleb Konley, Jake Manning, & Zane Riley) def The Lucha World Order (Los Ben Dejos-Cruz & Rios & Lince Dorado)

PWX Tag Team Champions Country Jacked (Adam Page & Corey Hollis) def The Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) & The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lancelot) to retain the titles

PWX World Heavyweight Champion “The Southern Savior” John Syler def Ethan Case by DQ to retain the championship in a No Time Limit Main Event

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11/7 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Fallout’ Results Gibsonville, NC

8 Person Elimination Match

Biggie Smoove (Aaron Biggs & Chris Lea), Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack def Michael “The Fury” McCallister, Sis, CB Suave, & Gil Quest in a clean sweep

Eliminations were as follows:

Kandrack pinned Quest

Biggs & Lea pinned McCallister

Biggs & Lea pinned Sis

Royal pinned Suave

‘Ultimate Survivor’ Preview match- Cibernetico & Triathlon Captains face off in tag team action

Ethan Case & Trevor Lee def Roy Wilkins & Ethan Alexander Sharpe

Cedric Alexander def Chet Sterling in “overtime” to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television title.

Following the match Alexander proclaimed due to his national status, the TV title was now recognized “worldwide” and was the #1 title in CWF. Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King came out to congratulate his former friend & foe but told him he held the highest prize in the company.

Marcellus King def 2015 CWF Rumble Winner Smith Garrett by KO to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title. King won the match via his KO elbow but unbeknownst to the champ it was Cedric Alexander sneak attacking Garrett and leaving him laying on the ring apron

RGL Champion Jesse Adler def Coach Gemini & Chappie in a handicap “Coach’s Rules” match forcing both men to tap out simultaneously

6 Man Tag Elimination Match

The R.I.O.T. (Lee Valiant, Aric Andrews, & Nick Richards) def Lance Lude, Kamikazi Kid, & Xsiris

Eliminations were as follows:

Andrews was counted out as he was ran out of the building by his former Killbillies teammate Evan Banks

Lee Valiant pinned Kamikazi Kid after a distraction from Roy Wilkins

Nick Richards pinned Xsiris

Lude tapped Richards to the “cristo” as Lee Valiant made no efffort to save his teammate

Valiant got a quick pin on Lude following the submission to win the match for his team as the Sole Survivor

A Brawl broke out after the match between the competitors in the Cage of Death Match coming up in two weeks as Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack ran The R.I.O.T. from the building. Retired CWF Mid-Atlantic Veteran “Handsome” Mitch Connor hit the ring to get his answer from Kandrack whether he’d be allowed to compete with them in Cage of Death now that he’s been medically cleared after four years, Kandrack answered with a resounding YES! and Connor warned The R.I.O.T. that he was “dog off the chain” in two weeks.

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CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘High Tension’ Results 4/18/15 Gibsonville, NC


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“Assassin” Ray Kandrack defeated Stokely Hathaway

Brandon Day defeated Jesse Adler

Aaron Biggs defeated Chappy w/ Coach Gemini

The Riot’s Aric Andrews defeated Aaron Biggs by submission

Sis, Michael “the Fury” McAllister & “Army of One” Marcellus King defeated “Honky Kong” Evan Banks w/Bobby O’Neil and Smith Garrett & Charlie Weston

Lance Lude defeated Roy Wilkins w/ Coach Gemini & Chappy

Darius Lockhart defeated “Sho Smoove” Chris Lea

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling retained defeating Lee Valiant in an overtime period as the two battled past the scheduled 10 minute time limit

CWF Mid-Atlantic is back 4/25 in Gibsonville for ‘Proving Ground’ a Rising Generation League event. Prior to the event will be an in ring seminar with Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett. Some of those who impress in the seminar MAY be chosen to compete on the show later that niight! More details on the seminar & event at http://www.CWF247.com

10/18 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Pure Chaos’ Results




CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Pure Chaos’
Gibsonville, NC

Thanks to James ‘StrongStyle’ Shaver and Pro Wrestling Carolinas for results.

Lee Valiant def ‘Sho Smoove’ Chris Lea

Jesse Adler, Wesley Jennings, & Donnie Dollars def Darius Lockhart, Chase Dakota & Marcellus King.

Nick Richards & Jason Miller def Smith & Weston, Rage & The Machine and The Killbillies to retain their newly won titles in a 4 way.

Ethan Case debuts for CWF & challenges CWF Rumble winner Lance Lude to a ‘2 Man Rumble’ Lude quickly disposes of Case in under a minute. Case then challenges Lude for the PWI International Ultra J Title.

Ethan Case def Lance Lude to win the PWI International Ultra J Title!!! Note: Lude was LEGITIMATELY knocked out to end this matchup. ***TITLE CHANGE***

Manny Garcia def Chet Sterling to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic television title.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton def Ric Converse & Arik Royal when Eaton pinned Converse.

Brad Attitude def ‘The Assassin’ Ray Kandrack

PWX June TV Tapings 5/25/14 ***Spoilers***


PWX June TV Tapings Quick Results ***Spoilers***

The tapings kick off with Cedric Alexander coming to the ring. Alexander says tonight is the night, Caleb Konley finally loses the PWX champion. 3 years in the making will finally pay off when he leaves with the PWX title.

‘Cauliflower’ Chase Brown & Jaxon James def ‘Mr Elite’ Drew Myers & Craig Huffman when Chase pinned Myers with the ‘Cauli-Plex’ (high crotch suplex)

Innovative Television Champion Lance Lude def Vordell Walker with the ‘Lude Awakening’ (flipping ace cutter) to retain his ITV championship. Lude continues to rack up victories and retain his ITV title against great talents and now has 3 title defenses since winning the title just over a month ago.

‘Son of the South’ Billy Brash def ‘Mr Match of the Night’ Anthony Henry with a schoolboy roll after Henry was distracted by John Skyler, who dragged Henry’s girlfriend Amber Young out on the ramp wearing a neck brace from Skyler’s attack on her last month. Brash is now the #1 contender for the Innovative Television Title.

Derik Vanderford hit the ring just after intermission mocking and trashing PWX, it’s fans, the owner and everyone else for the ‘joke of a show’ they put on. Vanderford said not to worry because he is there to help change PWX and he’s already been scouting the right talents to help with his mission. At this point PWX officials cut Vanderford’s microphone off and he was forced to leave the venue.

Elliot Russell & Sigmon (NWA Smoky Mtn) def ‘The Party Manimal’ Zane Riley & Lodi when Russell pinned Riley with a russian leg sweep.

1/2 of the PWX Tag Team Champions Jay Rios def 1/2 of Worst Case Scenario Ethan Case with a 450 splash in an excellent back and forth matchup.

‘The Southern Savior’ John Skyler def NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens via DQ after Anthony Henry came out to get some revenge beating down Skyler to cause the DQ. These two look like they are headed for a showdown and it’s going to be a GREAT one!

Moose Ojinnaka destroyed Chris “ShoSmoove” Lea & Owen Knight in a handicap match. Moose pinned Lea with a spear turning him inside out after Lea’s partner Owen Knight refused to tag into the match. Knight got some shots in on ShoSmoove before leaving the ring.

Country Jacked (Corey Hollis & Adam Page) picked up another huge victory defeating The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lancelot) when Page pinned Lancelot after a chair shot from Corey Hollis. This was an excllent tag team match with all four men working their butts off and going 20+ minutes. By my count, Country Jacked are now 7-1 as a tag team since forming in October of last year.

Cedric Alexander def Caleb Konley in a No DQ, No Countout, fight to the finish to become the new Premiere Wrestling Xperience Heavweight Champion. Alexander & Konley battled and hit one another with everything they had but in the end Cedric put the champion away with a buckle brain buster, followed by another brain buster for the win. ***TITLE CHANGE***