SWA 9/12/ Results Forest City, NC

Thanks to Gene Parry

James Drake Beat Stumpy by pinfall

Ben Wright pinned TJ Boss

Naughty by Nature ( David Rhymer & CC Godell) Beat Southern Anarchy to become the new SWA Tag Champs. **TITLE CHANGE***

Big Country pinned Wicked to become the new Southern States Champ.***TITLE CHANGE***

James Anthony beat Tracer X to retain the AIWF Mid-Atlantic cruiser weight belt.

J.R Reynolds pinned Adam James to become the #1 contender for the heavy weight championship.

Joshua Real Cutshall pinned Eric Anton to retain the SWA HV Championship.

Jamie Lee defeated Joey the worm Ford, and Will Demented in a ladder match to become the new SWA Carolina Champ. **TITLE CHANGE***