5/20 PWF Crystal Coast 6 Man Tag Team Tournament Results Hubert, NC

Thanks to the AWESOME PWF Social Media Director Bonnie Wilson & a great PWF fan Rufus Peters for providing results.


Premier Womans Federation

Sahara 7 w/ Emmanuel Bodega & Jonesy The Limo Driver defeated Devon Nicole following intereference from Bodega

PWF Universal 6 Man Tag Team Championship Quarterfinals

**New Sanctions for the 6 Man Tag Team Divison were announced prior to the event. 1) The ‘ring out’ count has been increased from 10 to 20. 2) Once a  team member’s feet hit the floor another member can enter the match (without having to tag in)**

The Syndicate (PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion “The Big Slambino” Anthony Jannazzo, Vinnie Damoochie, & “Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero) defeated The Allied Powers (The Geordie Bulldogs Mark & Sean Denny & DC Delaney)

F1rst and 2nd Generation (F1rst Generation Victor Andrews & James Anthony & Dr. Jack Cicero) defeated The Ugly Ducklings (Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude)

Bobby Wohlfert defeated “Golden Boy” Luke Grimes in the Carolina Wrestling Academy standout’s debut match. Grimes refused a handshake from the veteran Wohlfert following the match.

CAMELOT (Emmanuel Bodega & Will Huckaby) defeated Referee Sean Pittman & his mystery partner KONGO in a tag team grudge match

PWF Universal 6 Man Tag Team Title Tourney SemiFinals

The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino, CW Anderson, & John Skyler) defeated F1rst Generation & Dr. Jack Cicero to advance to the finals

The Sydicate defeated Jakob Hammermeier, Zane Riley & Frankie Fontaine to advance to the finals

Timmy  Lou Retton defeated “Brutal” Bob Evans

Shinjiro Ohtani International Openweight Title Match

“Killerweight” Joseph Black (c) defeated Raphael King to retain

Colby Corino, Timmy Lou Retton & “Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews all came out and showed interest in this match with Andrews awarding Black the title after the match and nominating himself as the next challenger

PWF Universal  6 Man Tag Team Tournament Finals

The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino, CW Anderson, & John Skyler) defeated The Syndicate (Anthoy Jannazzo, Vinnie Damoochie, & “Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero) to become the first ever PWF Universal 6 Man Tag Team Champions

PWF returns June 17th

1/3 Carolinas Wrestling Showcase Results Asheboro, NC

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Labron Kozone,Michael Spencer, & James Ryan def Rob Killjoy & High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented)

Matt Houston def Aaron Biggs

Baron Bullard def Scrapyard Dog

Jacob Ryan def Zane Riley

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions The Brutes (Mark James & Jimmy Parker) def F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) to retain the championships

Timmy Lou Retton def Caprice Coleman

Smith Garrett def Cedric Alexander


12/27 PWF (@PWFCrystalCoast) Premier Tag League Results

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PWF presented it’s last event of 2015 today, The 2015 Premier Tag League Event saw teams drawn at random by PWF fans with the winning pair crowned new PWF Tag Team Champions

Alex Anthony upset Rob Killjoy in the opener

Premier Tag League Opening Round

The Ciceros (‘Wiseguy’ Jack & ‘Gentleman’ Jimmy) def Colby Corino & Anthony Jannazzo

Emmanuel Bodega & Mark Denny def James Anthony & Timmy Lou Retton

Sean Denny & Jagger def Reggie Reason & Asaafi

Eddie Brown & Vinnie Damouchi def Zane Riley & Victor Andrews

Premier Tag League Semi-Finals

The Ciceros def Emmanuel Bodega & Mark Denny

Vinnie Damouchi & Eddie Brown def Jagger & Sean Denny by DQ

12 Man Battle Royale for the Vacant PWF Championship

Anthony Jannazzo outlasted 11 other men to become the new PWFChampion

Premier Tag League Finals

Eddie Brown & Vinnie Damouchi def The Ciceros to become NEW PWF tag team champions




9/24 PWF 7th Annual Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup Results Hubert, NC

Legacy Cup Quarterfinals

William Huckaby def King Corino via forfeit due to injury

Bobby Wohlfert def 2014 Legacy Cup Winner CW Anderson

Jagger def Emmanuel Bodega

Timmy Lou Retton def “Fabulous” Frankie Fontaine

F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) def The Ciceros (Gentleman Jack & Wiseguy Jimmy) to retain the PWF Tag Team Titles

Shinjiro Ohtani Openweight Champion “Killerweight” Joseph Black battled Jakob Hammermeier to a double countout

A rematch between the two was made for Nov. 6 and it will be a Ladder Match

Legacy Cup Semifinals

William Huckaby def Bobby Wohlfert to advance to the finals

Jagger def Timmy Lou Retton to claim the other spot in the finals

7th Annual Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup Finals

Jagger def William Huckaby to win the 7th annual Legacy Cup

Jagger’s win was spoiled as Militant Elite (Huckaby, Retton, & Reggie Reason) attacked the former PWF Champion and left with the legacy cup trophy

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5/22 PWF ‘Champions Challenge’ Results Hubert, NC

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Timmy Lou Retton def Alex Kai

“Princess” Chasity Taylor def Sahara

Emmanuel Ortega won a battle royale to qualify as the fourth entrant in the PWF title main event later in the night

“The Black Cloud”Joe Black def Jordan Flyght

Bobby Walfort & Jesse Logan battled to a no contest. Logan tried to hang Walfort from the ropes but CW Anderson made the save attacking Logan, Walfort then went to attack Logan an Anderson attacked Walfort as all three men now have problems with one another

Reggie Reason easily defeated The Carolina Kid

Zane Riley & “Fabulous” Frankie Fontaine def The Syndicate in an “Everyone wears Pink Match”

The Geordie Bulldogs def F1rst Generation in a non-title “Carolina Hurricanes” match

PWF Crystal Coast Open Weight Champion Jakob Hammermeier def PWF Jr. Heayweight Champion Colby Corino to unify the titles into the Shinjiro Otani Open Weight Championship

King Corino def Jagger, Emmanuel Ortega, and CW Anderson to win the PWF Heayweight Championship. Corino who wasn’t scheduled to be in the match replaced the injured Christoph Rockwell and pinned Ortega with the “Colby Shock”

PWF returns to Hubert June 26th already announced for that show is Jakob Hammermeier making his first defense of the Otani Open Weight title against “The Black Cloud” Joe Black

PWF ‘The Torch’ Results 4/17/15 Hubert, NC


Thanks to Rufus Patson of Pro Wrestling Carolinas ONE facebook forum for results.


F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) def The Geordie Bulldogs to retain the PWF Tag Team Championships

CW Anderson def Jesse Logan by DQ

Colby Corino regained the PWF Ultra Jr. Title in a 3 way No DQ match defeating champion Corey Hollis & ‘The Black Cloud’ Joe Black ***TITLE CHANGE***

Vinnie Damoochie and “The Tongan Warrior” Assafi defeated Emmanuel Ortega and “Fabulous” Frankie Fontaine

Jakob Hammermeier retained the PWF Crystal Coast Title defeating “The Southern Savior” John Skyler with the KO Punch. After the match Colby Corino attacked Hammermeier

PWF Heavyweight Champion Jagger def “King” Steve Corino via submission with the “Rings of Jagger” to retain the title

****PWF Returns on May 2nd with a rematch between F1rst Generation and The Geordie Bulldogs in a “Carolina Hurricanes Rules” Match and a Title Unification match between Crystal Coast Champion Jakob Hammermeier & Ultra Jr. Champion Colby Corino****