***CWF WorldWide Spoilers*** 6/4 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘BattleBowl’ Results Gibsonville, NC

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Fans drew the matches, teammates and opponents completely at random tonight at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium. Winners advanced to an over the top rope battle royal with the last man standing earning the Golden Ticket and prize of any match, with any rules, against any opponents, of his choosing for up to one year.


Dirty Daddy def Joey Rogers

“#REAL” Joshua Cutshall & Beau Crockett def CWF Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler & “LaBron James” (LaBron Kozone & James Ryan) in an impromptu 3 on 2 match. James Ryan’s name was drawn as the partner for the RGL Champion but the tag team said they competed as ONE UNIT therefore Cutshall & Crockett accepted (and won) the handicap match

CWF WorldWide Television Champion Smith Garrett def the returning Darius Lockhart to retain and earn a spot in the Battlebowl Battle Royale

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions “Ace” Arik Royal & ‘The Assassin” Ray Kandrack def Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Tracer X to retain the titles and both men advance to the Battlebowl Battle Royale

Team Captain Chet Sterling, Nick Richards, “Handsome” Mitch Connor and Number Man def. Team Captain Aric Andrews, “White” Mike Jordan, Kamikazi Kid and Cecil Scott in the annual Battlebowl 8 man tag-team bout which saw fans pick the teammates for each captain at random. Donnie Dollars name was initially drawn for Sterling’s team but when Dollars failed to appear Ethan Alexander Sharpe verbally berated the absent Dollars and offered Number Man as a substitute.

#REAL”Joshua Cutshall eliminated CWF WorldWide Television Champion to win The BattleBowl Battle Royale and The Golden Ticket. Following the match Smith Garrett talked about Chet Sterling & Aric Andrews chasing his Television Title and offered to face both on June 18th at the Absolute Justice Supershow at the Sportatorium.


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Already signed for 6/18 at Absolute Justice

For the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship:

For the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship:

Triple Threat Match for the Worldwide Television Championship:

Anything Goes Last Man Standing Match:

Grudge Match

Plus MUCH more to be announced!


4/23 CWF Mid-Atlantic Invades Chapel Hill Results Chapel Hill,NC

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Aaron Biggs defeated Dirty Daddy

Chet Sterling defeated Aric Andrews

Nick Richards defeated Mecha Mercenary

Worldwide Television Champion Smith Garrett & Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler defeated Ethan A. Sharpe & Number Man

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse defeated Arik Royal to retain the title

Snooty Foxx was victorious in his in ring debut defeating Otto The Wrestling Machine w/ Coach K (Coach Gemini), Ethan A.Sharpe & Number Man in the main event


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4/16 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘High Tension’ Results Gibsonville, NC

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CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion Arik Royal & Brandon Day defeated Beau Crockett & Jaxson James

Aric Andrews def Donnie Dollar$

Otto Schwanz w/ Ethan A. Sharpe & Number Man defeated Dirty Daddy

Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary defeated Ethan A. Sharpe & Number Man

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee, Chet Sterling & Nick Richards defeated Lance Lude, Kamikazi Kid, & Cam Carter w/ Coach Gemini

CWF Worldwide Television Champion Smith Garrett defeated Michael McCallister w/ Sis by KO to retain the title

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee defeated Lance Lude by submission to retain the title


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2/19 CWF Mid-Atlantic RGL ‘Bro-fessional Wrestling’ Results Gibsonville, NC


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Mecha Mercenary defeated D.C. Delaney

Otto Schwanz defeated Court Montgomery

Cam Carter, Callis Miller & Jarren Michael defeated Montana Black, Randall Eaton & Movie Myk by pinfall in six-man tag team action

Ethan Alexander Sharpe defeated Colby Corino by pinfall

Dirty Daddy & Zane Riley defeated Mason Maddox & Logan Murphy

Cedric Alexander defeated CWF Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler by pinfall in non-title PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship Contender’s action (21:16)

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns next Saturday Feb. 27th with a HUGE Title vs CWF Mid-Atlantic Career main event CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion Roy Wilkins vs #1 Contender & Current TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee!!!



12/16 CWF Mid-Atlantic RGL Event for Graham Midde School Results

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CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag champion Arik Royal def ‘The new Age Enforcer” James Drake

Aaron Biggs & Jason Creation def The Russian Mercenaries

Nick Richards def Dirty Daddy

LaBron Kozone, Michael Spencer, James Ryan def Rob Killjoy, Will Demented & Shea Shea McGrady by DQ in six man action

Smith Garrett def 1/2 of The Brutes Mark James in singles action

Trevor Lee def Ethan Alexander Sharpe

Trevor Lee def Coach Gemini quickly in an impromptu 1 on 1 matchup




11/7 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Fallout’ Results Gibsonville, NC

8 Person Elimination Match

Biggie Smoove (Aaron Biggs & Chris Lea), Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack def Michael “The Fury” McCallister, Sis, CB Suave, & Gil Quest in a clean sweep

Eliminations were as follows:

Kandrack pinned Quest

Biggs & Lea pinned McCallister

Biggs & Lea pinned Sis

Royal pinned Suave

‘Ultimate Survivor’ Preview match- Cibernetico & Triathlon Captains face off in tag team action

Ethan Case & Trevor Lee def Roy Wilkins & Ethan Alexander Sharpe

Cedric Alexander def Chet Sterling in “overtime” to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television title.

Following the match Alexander proclaimed due to his national status, the TV title was now recognized “worldwide” and was the #1 title in CWF. Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King came out to congratulate his former friend & foe but told him he held the highest prize in the company.

Marcellus King def 2015 CWF Rumble Winner Smith Garrett by KO to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title. King won the match via his KO elbow but unbeknownst to the champ it was Cedric Alexander sneak attacking Garrett and leaving him laying on the ring apron

RGL Champion Jesse Adler def Coach Gemini & Chappie in a handicap “Coach’s Rules” match forcing both men to tap out simultaneously

6 Man Tag Elimination Match

The R.I.O.T. (Lee Valiant, Aric Andrews, & Nick Richards) def Lance Lude, Kamikazi Kid, & Xsiris

Eliminations were as follows:

Andrews was counted out as he was ran out of the building by his former Killbillies teammate Evan Banks

Lee Valiant pinned Kamikazi Kid after a distraction from Roy Wilkins

Nick Richards pinned Xsiris

Lude tapped Richards to the “cristo” as Lee Valiant made no efffort to save his teammate

Valiant got a quick pin on Lude following the submission to win the match for his team as the Sole Survivor

A Brawl broke out after the match between the competitors in the Cage of Death Match coming up in two weeks as Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack ran The R.I.O.T. from the building. Retired CWF Mid-Atlantic Veteran “Handsome” Mitch Connor hit the ring to get his answer from Kandrack whether he’d be allowed to compete with them in Cage of Death now that he’s been medically cleared after four years, Kandrack answered with a resounding YES! and Connor warned The R.I.O.T. that he was “dog off the chain” in two weeks.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Presents ‘Ultimate Survivor’ 11/20 in Gibsonville get all the info at CWF247.com

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5/23 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Rising Generation League’ Results Gibsonville, NC

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Nick RIchards def Wesley Jennings

Aaron Biggs def Labron Kozone

Otto Schwanz def Chris Lea

Smith Garrett def Chappy

Chet Sterling def Jesse Adler

Ethan Alexander Sharpe def Samoa Joey to retain the RGL title

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to Gibsonville May 30 for ‘Homecoming’ a night with the past, present, and future of CWF Mid-Atlantic.

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