***CWF WorldWide Spoilers***CWF Mid-Atlantic WorldWide Episode 100 Tapings Gibsonville, NC

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Smith Garrett defeated “The Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart

“The Blue Eyed Devil” Tripp Cassidy defeated “Have Mercy” Percy Davis

The Fury of “Him” & “Sis” defeated So Time (Snooty Foxx & Dirty Daddy) in a no DQ, Texas Tornado Tag match

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions The Sammich Squad (Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) to retain the titles

Nick Richards defeated “#Real” Joshua Cutshall 2 falls to 1 in ‘Three Stages of #Rea’l action  Fall # 1 – Richards via Submission or KO ; Fall # 2 – Cutshall via Cutter or Elbow & Fall # 3 – Richards in Falls Count Anywhere rules.

CWF Rising Generation League Champion Cain Justice defeated Slade Porter via submission to retain the title

Brad Attitude, Arik Royal, & Roy Wilkins w/ Coach Gemini & Harry Carey defeated CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee, PWI International Ultra J Champion Chet Sterling & Ric Converse in six man tag action

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12/17 CWF Mid-Atlantic ‘Crews Center Clash’ Results Matthews, NC

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Malakai Matthews defeated Cain Justice

Smith Garrett defeated “The Southern Savior” John Skyler

CWF Rising Generation League Champion Dirty Daddy defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe to retain

Nick Richards defeated #REAL Joshua Cutshall

PWI International Ultra J Champion Chet Sterling defeated Roy Wilkins w/ Coach Gemini to retain

CWF WorldWide Television Champion Aric Andrews defeated Keith Mac to retain

CWF Mid-Atalntic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett defeated Brad Attitude & Arik Royal

***CWF Worldwide Spoilers*** CWF Mid-Atlantic Weaver Cup Finals 8/13 Gibsonville, NC

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2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Semifinals

Nick Richards def Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews to advance to the finals

Arik Royal def Smith Garrett via ref stoppage to advance to the finals


Zane Dawson, Dave Dawson, “Sis”, & “Him” def CWF Tag Champions Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary, & ‘Cutie & The Beast’ (Beau Crockett & Innocent Isaiah) in 8 person tag action

Lee Valiant def Chet Sterling in a grudge match

Dirty Daddy def CWF Rising Generation League Champion Mace Maeda to win the title, also due to a pre match stipulation Maeda must now leave the Mid-Atlantic territory

2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup Finals

Nick Richards defeated Arik Royal to win the 2016 Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup


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6/4 Northeast Wrestling ‘Wrestling Under The Stars’ Results Hickory, NC

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Announcer for the show was Brett Wolverton

Referees: Kevin Pierce & Matt Graham


Caleb Konley def Ian Payne

Savannah Evans def Amy Love

Cedric Alexander def Harlem Bravado & Zane Riley in a triple threat match

Brad Attitude def “Manscout” Jake Manning

Trevor Lee def Andrew Everett

Matt Hardy def TK O’Ryan by DQ due to outside interference. Jeff Hardy with the save and we have a tag main event

Matt & Jeff Hardy def TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia

Following the match Matt thanked Jeff for having his back then transitioned to his “Broken” Matt Hardy TNA character. Jeff hit a Twist of Fate on his brother to end the show



12/26 CWF Mid-Atlantic (@CWFMidAtlantic) Battlecade XVI Results

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Devin Daulton def Gil Quest

Jesse Adler def Darius Lockhart in the finals of the 2015 Rising Generation League Tournament to remain RGL Champion

Aaron Biggs def Dave Dawson by countout

Aric Andrews def former long time tag partner “Honky Kong” Evan Banks via ref stoppage

“Lost Cause” Nick Richards def Lee Valiant

Matty de Nero, Donnie Dollar$, “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel, “Handsome” Mitch Connor & “Lost Cause” Nick Richards defeated Michael McCallister, Sis, Prakash Sabar, Number Man & CB Suave by pinfall in 10-person tag team action

PWI International Ultra J Crown Champion Ethan Case def Ethan Alexander Sharpe by submission to retain the championship

Ric Converse def PWI International Heavyweight Champion “The One Man RIOT” Zane Dawson to win the title. ***TITLE CHANGE***

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Arik Royal & “The Assassin” Ray Kandrack def Kamikazi Kid & Xsiris to retain the titles

Smith Garrett def Cedric Alexander to become new CWF Mid-Atantic Television Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

“All Star” Roy Wilkins pinned Trevor Lee to win the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title in Six-Pack Challenge  [Order of elimination: 1. Brad Attitude; 2. Chet Sterling; 3. “Southern Savior” John Skyler; 4. Lance Lude & 5. Trevor Lee]

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11/21 OMEGA ‘Loco in Joco 3’ Results Smithfield, NC

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Cedric Alexander def “Manscout” Jake Manning to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television Title

CW Anderson def Hang Tyme to win the Ring Wars Carolinas Heavyweight Title ***TITLE CHANGE***

Amy Love def Kiera Hogan in ‘Goddess Division’ action

Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms & Mikael Yamaha def The Bravado Brothers

Brad Attitude won a 4 way over Marcellus King, Roy Wilkins, & Chet Sterling to become new CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

PWX World Heavyweight Champion John Skyler & AML Heavyweight Champion Caprice Coleman wrestled to a time limit draw in a title vs title match

Matt Hardy def Trevor Lee & EC3 to become the new OMEGA Heavyweight Champion ***TITLE CHANGE***

10/3 CWF Mid-Atlantic CWF Rumble Results

Arik Royal def Lee Valiant

The Aftermath (Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling) def Worst Case Scenario (Elijah Evans IV & Ethan Case) to retain the CWF tag titles in a fantastic match

Following the match Coach Gemini comes out &
Challenges The Aftermath to defend against The All-Stars. Roy Wilkins & Chappy. Kazi hits the ring attacking the champs but takes his mask off and it’s the returning WALTER EATON!!!! Coach says to keep the belts warm, the next challenge will be from The All-Stars Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton!!!

Brad Stutts gets predictions from
Fans, analysts and former CWF superstar Handsome Mitch Connor. Connor says he wants an honorable winner. Aric Andrews comes out detailing the health concerns of Connor including multiple strokes & notes that Connor is “unhittable” by CWF guidelines. Andrews says he doesn’t care and HITS HIM! The assault continues and Andrews sets up for the knee trembler but his former tag partner in the Killbillies, Evan Banks is out for the save!!

“The Army of One” Marcellus King def Lance Lude to retain the CWF heavyweight championship

Smith Garrett returned from career threatening injury to win the 15th annual CWF Rumble last eliminating PWX World Champion John Skyler. Garrett now has a future title shot of his choosing good for anytime in the next 365 days.

Rumble Notes:

**Ethan Alexander Sharpe entered at # 4 handcuffing himself to the ropes and vowing to be in the final two alongside his hired gun Prakash Sabar. Sharpe lasted awhile but Samoa Joey brought out bolt cutters and Sharpe was eliminated seconds after officially entering the match.

Aric Andrews ran into more trouble with former partners as he was again attacked by Evan Banks and eliminated quickly by Nick Richards (his former Revolt partner)

Ric Converse returned to the Sportatorium entering the rumble at # 30 clutching the mask of Prakash Sabar

Complete Rumble Entry list, number eliminated and who eliminated them in parentheses)
1. Chris Lea (8th by Heiken)
2. Mark James (1st by Eaton )
3. Nick Richards (11th by Eaton)
4. Ethan Alexander Sharpe (27 by Case)
5. CB Suave (3rd by EEIV)
6. Walter Eaton (13th by Lee)
7. Jarelle Bernard (2nd by McCallister)
8.Michael McCaallister (7th by Richards)
9. Elijah Evans IV (5th by Sis & MMc)
10. Aric Andrews (4th by Richards)
11. Sis (6th by Lea)
12. Joe Heiken (9th by ASN)
13. American Steel Ninja (By eaton 10th)
14. Dirty Daddy (12th by Lee)
15. Trevor Lee (17th by Darius)
16. Chet Sterling (14th by Sharpe)
17. Xsiris (15th by Darius)
18. Jesse Adler (16th by Darius)
19. Brad Attitude (25 by Skyler)
20.Aaron Biggs (18th by Royal)
21. Darius Lockhart (19th by Garrett)
22. Roy Wilkins (21 by Converse)
23. Arik Royal (20 by Converse)
24. John Skyler (29 by Garrett)
25. Kamikazi Kid (23 by Attitude)
26. Cecil Scott (26 by Skyler)
27.Smith Garrett- WINNER!!!!
28. Ray Kandrack (24 by Skyler & help from Marcellus)
29. Ethan Case (28 by Skyler)
30. Ric Converse ( 22 by Kazi)

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