Indy Power Rankings for the Week of August 21st, 2017

#1 Tyler Colton (@TYLERCOLTONWPG)-Voting was ALL OVER THE PLACE this, but just like he was #1 last week, the CWE Champion goes back-to-back after THREE PERFECT weeks at Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. He began this week’s unblemished week as he defeated Silas Young on 8/14 to retain the title, then teamed with Alex Anthony, Brian Rich & The Mercenary on 8/15 to defeat Blondturage (Kute Kody & Tasty Travis), Chase Owens & Jacob Creed, then defeated Adam Knight in a bunkhouse brawl on 8/18 to retain the title, and then defeated Kaito Kiyomiya on 8/19 to retain again to go 4-0 for the week. Colton was absolutely unstoppable on the 21-day tour of Canada for CWE. Now the question is…when will his next opportunity to be to continue to add to his impressive 2017 résumé?


o #2 John Rare-It’s not often you see this HARDCORE competitor ranked, but it’s even less frequent that you see him ranked for something other than death matches! He bucked the trend this week as competed in and WON the 2017 IWA Deep South Soft Core Cup. He teamed with Keylo Green on 8/19 in the First Round to defeat Hermit Crab & Jay Impact in a Softcore Boards Match, then beat Boriss Dukkee in a Last Man Standing Semi-Final, and then won the tournament as he beat Jeff Hart, Keylo Green, and Terry Houston in a 5000 Mega Blocks Massacre Final. His 3-0 record for the week gets him a #2 ranking in this week’s Top 10.


#3 Hideki Suzuki-The Big Japan Pro Wrestling Strong World Heavyweight Champion gets into the Top 10 after a stellar week as he defeated Takuya Nomura at BJW on 8/14 (non-title) then teamed with Shinjiro Otani at Zero1 on 8/17 to defeat TARU and Voodoo Mask, then defeated Daichi Hashimoto on 8/19 at Big Japan to retain the title, and then defeated Yoshikazu Yokoyama at Zero1 on 8/20 to go 4-0 for the week. Suzuki hasn’t been ranked frequently in the history of the rankings, but with a week like this it was impossible to deny him from a high spot in the Top 10.




#4 Maya Yukihi-NINE matches for Maya Yukihi equates to a spot in the Top 10. While it wasn’t a perfect week, it was still VERY GOOD as she teamed with Tsukasa Fujimoto at Ice Ribbon on 8/15 to defeat Akane Fujita and Maruko Nagasaki, then teamed with Risa Sera the same day to defeat Mochi Miyagi and Akane Fujita, then defeated Miyako Matsumoto on 8/16, then teamed with Kyuri the same day to defeat Ibuki Hoshi and Tequila Saya, then defeated Nori DATE, then teamed with Matsuya Uno on 8/17 to lose to Hana DATE and Nao DATE, then teamed with Maruko Nagasaki the same day to lose a three-way to Mochi Miyagi and Hamuko Hoshi, then teamed with Akane Fujita on 8/19 to defeat Maika Ozaki and Risa Sera, and then teamd with Mayumi Ozaki at Oz Academy on 8/20 to defeat Sonoko Kato and Shoko Sekiguchi to go 7-2 for the week.

#5 William Huckaby (@WAHuckaby)-The Incredible HUCK gets into the Indy Power Rankings this week with a few wins that could have netted him a #1 ranking on many other weeks. The World Wrestling Grand Prix Champion defeated Royal Money at Dojo Wars on 8/16 to retain the title, then defeated Zaiden Kayne at Mega Pro Wrestling on 8/18, and then defeated Stumpy at NAPW on 8/19 to go 3-0 for the week. Huckaby has frequented the Tag Team Top 5, but he hasn’t been seen in the singles rankings much. With momentum now on his side, it’s entirely possible that you’ll see more of Huckaby in the Top 10 going forward.
#6 Zack Gibson
#7 Homeless Jimmy
#8 Tommy Lee Curtis
#9 Shane Sabre
#10 Darius Lockhart
People’s Champ. Dynamite Dillen-The NEW WCWO Outlaw Heavyweight Champion wins the online voting competition in a very competitive battle as he beat out Jeff X for the top spot in the fan vote, 82-79. He defeated Pogo on 8/18 to win the title and his fans and supporters took care of the rest. You can give a like to Dillen’s Facebook page here:

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Heavy Metal

Dynamite Dillen

Jeff Cobb

Jeff X-#2 in the online voting competition with 79 votes

Judas Icarus

Beau Crocket

Barrington Hughes

Danny Hope

Willie Mack

AC Mack

Zack Sabre Jr

Tyler Bateman

Daniel Moon

Travis Locke

Roy Johnson

Priscilla Kelly

Masashi Takeda

Josh Bodom

Shane Mercer



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