Indy Power Rankings for the Week of August 14th, 2017

#1 Tyler Colton (@TYLERCOLTONWPG)-After being ranked #4 last week, the CWE Champion gets his first #1 ranking this week after two DOMINANT weeks at Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. Colton defeated Giant Orion on 8/7 to retain the title, then defeated Jacob Creed on 8/8 to retain again, then defeated Silas Young on 8/9 to retain again, then defeated The Giant Orion, Jacob Creed and Kaz Karter in a four corners match on 8/10 to retain again, then defeated Kute Kody on 8/11 to retain again, then defeated The Big Chief on 8/12 to retain again, and then defeated Kaito Kiyomiya to retain the title on 8/13 to go 7-0 for the week. With 14 wins and no losses over the last 2 weeks, Tyler Colton EARNED his #1 ranking. Time will tell if he can parlay this ranking into more rankings before the IPR 100 Reveal in December, but for now, “Canadian Hercules” is at the top of the Indy Power Rankings.


o #2 Matt Riddle (@SuperKingofBros)-The WWN Live Champion just continues to stack the deck against his competition as he continues to add to his impressive résumé for 2017. Riddle moves up from #3 last week to #2 this week as he defeated Lio Rush at Evolve on 8/11 (non-title) then defeated WALTER at Progress on 8/12 to win the Atlas title, then defeated Keith Lee, Tracy Williams and WALTER in a four-way at Evolve the same day to retain the WWN title, then teamed with Jeff Cobb at Beyond on 8/13 to lose to Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) and then defeated Martin Stone the same day at Progress to go 4-1 for the week. Riddle had such a good week that one official voter actually had him higher in the Top 10 than the 14-0 (over 2 weeks) Tyler Colton. Expect to continue to see Matt Riddle in the rankings as the year goes on.


#3 Ken Ohka-The Independent Junior Heavyweight Champion gets his first ranking in the Indy Power Rankings as he won the Ganbare Climax Tournament over the weekend. He defeated Yumehito Imanari at Ganbare on 8/11 in the first round, then defeated KAZMA SAKAMOTO in the second round on 8/12, then defeated GENTARO in the semis on 8/13, and then defeated KENSO in the final the same day to win the tournament with a 4-0 record for the week. Ohka had an impressive week that (like so many other people) would have likely resulted in a #1 ranking on a less competitive week, but this week was BUSY with competition. Ohka should have multiple chances to build on this ranking in the upcoming months.




#4 King TEK (@_TekTweets_)-The “Leader of the Army of the UWA” gets his first ranking this week as he won the 2017 Mike Davis Memorial Tournament. defeated Eddie Thomas and Thomas Kobryn at UWE Elite on 8/9 in the first round, then defeated Chris Powers and Sean “Damage” McNelis on 8/10 in the second round, then defeated Drake Chambers in the quarters on 8/11, then defeated Brandon the Bull in the semis on 8/12, and then defeated Brandon Kirk in the final to win the tournament with a 5-0 record for the week. With a week like this, it was impossible to deny him a high ranking. We got the result of his victories slightly late in the voting process or it’s possible he would have even ranked higher.

#5 Christian Rose (@BitterLunatic)-It’s been quite a while since we saw Christian Rose in the Top 10 and it’s a welcome surprise. Rose won the Zero1 USA Jōshō Monsutā Tournament over the weekend as he defeated the Dixielander Destroyer at Zero1 in the first round on 8/12, then defeated Frank Wyatt in the semis, and then defeated Kevin Lee Davidson in the finals to win the tournament. The former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings defeated some pretty solid competition as he had to mow through some very BIG competition in both size and talent. If he can turn this momentum into more victories this year, we may very well be seeing more of Christian Rose in the Top 10 such as we did a few years ago.
#6 JC Rotten
#7 Myron Reed
#8 Daichi Hashimoto
#9 Jeff Cobb
#10 Chet Sterling
People’s Champ. Jason Savior (@savior_jason)-Jason Savior ordered everyone to “bend the knee” after winning this week’s online voting competition with a STAGGERING 504 votes to edge out Marcus Knight who had 364. It was a HUGE week of voting as the Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Heavyweight Champion defeated Ashe Aubrey on 8/12 to retain the title and then collected an insane amount of votes to capture this week’s People’s Champ award. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @jasonsavior and give him a like on Facebook here:

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Jimmy Havoc

Frankie Pickard

Marcus Knight-#2 in the online voting competition with 364 votes

Ruby Raze

Fidel Bravo

Jack Gallagher

Mark Haskins

Joey Mercury/Matthews

Brandon Aarons

Mayu Iwatani

Mance Warner



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