2017 IPR 100 Mid-Year Update

It’s the middle of the year so it’s that time again! Below is the 2017 IPR 100 which for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a collection of 100 independent wrestlers based on their previous rankings throughout the year to date. Their rankings in the IPR 100 are 100% based on where they have been ranked in the Indy Power Rankings this year so far. This is not our opinion of who the best wrestlers (or “workers”) in the world are based on who we think had the best matches, nor is it a list of names we sat down and collected at the end of the year. Rather, this is a mathematical compilation of how well these talents have done this year so far based on their rankings throughout the year and the 3 major criteria that we use to rank wrestlers on a weekly basis:

1. Win-loss record for the week & overall

2. Strength of opponents for the week

3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Zack Sabre Jr. has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)

The Tag Team Top 5 is a separate list (Tag Team Top 50) so look for that to come out shortly. In 2017, we have ranked/mentioned 426 wrestlers in singles so far. Out of those 426 wrestlers, this list of 100 were the cream of the crop as far as how good their year was in terms of the 3 criteria we rank independent wrestlers based on. With that being said, here’s the 2017 Mid-Year IPR 100:

1. Matt Riddle

2. John Wayne Murdoch

3. Dave Crist

4. Travis Banks

5. Zack Sabre Jr.

6. Anthony Henry

7. Bubblegum

8. ACH

9. Corey Storm

10. David Starr

11. Gary Jay

12. LuFisto

13. Zodiak

14. Aaron Epic

15. Shane Mercer

16. Trent Seven

17. Chase Owens

18. Adam Cole

19. Pentagon Jr./Penta El Zero M

20. Tracy Williams

21. Drew Galloway

22. Joe Coffey

23. Io Shirai

24. Cody Rhodes

25. Ethan Page

26. Keith Lee

27. AR Fox

28. Brian Cage

29. Darius Carter

30. Lio Rush

31. Shingo Takagi

32. Danny Duggan

33. Jimmy Havoc

34. Sami Callihan

35. Sean Carr

36. Archadia

37. Jax Dane

38. Jeff Cannonball

39. Michael Elgin

40. Christopher Daniels

41. Marty Scurll

42. Apollo

43. John Morrison

44. Josh Crane

45. Kip Sabian

46. Logan Easton Laroux

47. Nick Gage

48. Raquel

49. Rickey Shane Page

50. Shayna Baszler

51. Space Monkey

52. Tyson Dux

53. Daniel Winchester

54. Jason Cade

55. Jason Kincaid

56. Joey Janela

57. Queen Maya

58. Tommy Lee Curtis

59. Toni Storm

60. Mark Haskins

61. Saraya Knight

62. Thunderkitty

63. Toby Farley

64. Tracer X

65. Daisuke Masaoka

66. Pete Dunne

67. Alessandro Corleone

68. Axel Dieter Jr.

69. Dicky Maier

70. Kongo Kong

71. Masaya Takahashi

72. Ray Fury

73. Reptil

74. Ricochet

75. Rina Yamashita

76. Risa Sera

77. Ruby Raze

78. Ryan Smile

79. Sam Houston

80. T-Hawk

81. Trey Miguel

82. Wolfgang

83. Aaron Williams

84. JXT

85. Matt Tremont

86. Arik Royal

87. Ayuma Honda

88. Draven Lee

89. Dre Jacobs

90. Jeff Cobb

91. Jeremiah

92. Kasey Owens

93. Kris Wolf

94. Martin Stone

95. Mexxberg aka Mexx

96. Rory Gulak

97. Tim Donst

98. Aidan Blackhart

99. Bad Bones John Klinger

100. Delilah Doom

As we did last year, we announced the 2017 IPR 100 LIVE on our weekly podcast along with the Tag Team Top 50. Rather than have us explain every ranking to you, it’s best to listen to the shows!


Check out the 2017 IPR 100 Mid-Year Update here as John Wayne Murdoch, Arik Royal, Aidan Blackhart, Aaron Williams, Ruby Raze, Joey Janela, Darius Carter, Corey Storm, & more joined the show: http://www.spreaker.com/user/filling_the_void/ipr-singles-top-100-mid-year-reveal

Listen to the 2017 Tag Team Top 50 Mid-Year Update here as The Geordie Bulldogs, ½ of the Indy Card Mafia in Thomas Brewington, and ½ of the Ugly Ducklings in Rob Killjoy joined the show: http://www.spreaker.com/user/filling_the_void/ipr-tag-team-top-50-mid-year-reveal

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