7/1 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) Last Battle in Memphis Results

Sage Phillips defeated Joey O’Riley
Hickey Boys beat The Dirty
Jake Crist defeated Mance Warner by submission 
Frank Wyatt beat Zodiak after a low blow
Nevaeh defeated Brooke Valentine
Cole Radrick beat Marcus Everett in an INSANE Loser Leaves Town TLC Match*
Triple Threat Match-Aidan Blackhart vs The Aslyum vs Travis Titan

Winner-Travis Titan
Tyler Jones and Orlando Christopher beat Clay Cooper and Nathan Edward
John Wayne Murdoch defeated JC Rotten in an Old School IWA Rules Match
Hy Zaya beat Shane Mercer in a No Rope Barbed Wire, 4 Corners of Pain Match after 30 minutes of non-stop action
*EXTRA PROPS to Marcus Everett who fought on after overshooting a table after an elbow drop from the side of the building interior onto the concrete floor. He appeared to fracture his elbow but taped it up with duct tape and continued the match. We’ll never forget the disgusting thud of body on concrete from tonight.