5/20 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) King of the Death Matches 2017 Results

Non-Tournament Match: Marcus Everett beat Cole Radrick
Non-Tournament Match: Jake Crist defeated Shane Mercer and Eddie Kingston
Round 1, Homerun Derby, Light Tube Four Way, Total Elimination Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Reed Bentley vs. Nick Depp vs. Ludark Shaitan

1st Elimination: Depp

2nd Elimination: Bentley

Winner: John Wayne Murdoch
Round 1, Fans Bring the Weapons, Total Elimination Match: Aidan Blackhart vs. Dale Patricks vs. Markus Crane vs. Eric Ryan

1st Elimination: Blackhart

2nd Elimination: Ryan

Winner: Dale Patricks
Round 1, Log Cabin Glass, Four Corners of Pain, Total Elimination Match: Jeff King vs. G Raver vs. Devon Moore vs. Mance Warner

1st Elimination: King

2nd Elimination: G Raver

Winner: Devon Moore
Round 1, Great American BBQ Death, Total Elimination Match: Brad Cash vs. Bryant Woods vs. MASADA vs. Rickey Shane Page

1st Elimination: Cash

2nd Elimination: Woods

Winner: Rickey Shane Page
Round 2, Barefoot Carpet Strips, Gusset Plates and Thumbtacks Death Match: John Wayne Murdoch beat Dale Patricks by Submission
Round 2, Kevin Hogan Box Of Death, Barbed Wire Boards, Taipei Match: Rickey Shane Page defeated Devon Moore
Finals: Rickey Shane Page beat John Wayne Murdoch in a House of Horrors Death Match


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