Indy Power Rankings for the Week of October 24th, 2016

#1 Joey Janela (@JANELABABY)-That bad, bad boy has done it again as “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela won GCW’s Trent Acid Cup over the weekend to get another #1 ranking and his first this year. He beat Indigo Chyld, Teddy Hart, and Travis Gordon in the First round, then beat B-Boy in the semi-finals, and beat Pinkie Sanchez in the finals to go 3-0 and win the tournament. His #1 ranking is particularly impressive as this week was INSANE with competition. Multiple tournaments, title changes, and multi-win weeks for many of the competitors made it very difficult to determine a fair Top 10. In the end, it was Janela that beat everyone out for the top spot as he continues to set the independent wrestling world on fire in 2016.
#2 Deonna Purrazzo (@DeonnaPurrazzo)-After winning the ECWA Women’s Super 8 last year, Deonna Purrazzo found herself with her first-ever #1 ranking. One would think that after winning it for a second straight year, she’d be #1 once again, but it wasn’t to be this time around due to the heavy competition that propelled Joey Janela to the #1 spot. It’s absolutely no disrespect to say that Deonna’s opponents weren’t quite as established as The Bad Boy’s as the ECWA and DCW Women’s Champion went through Tasha Steelz, Kiera Hogan, and Karen Q to win the tournament. Regardless of some disappointment of being ranked at #2 instead of #1, make no mistake, this is still a VERY prestigious ranking for one of the best women’s wrestlers on the indies today.
#3 Mike Bailey (@speedballbailey)-Mike Bailey was an absolute WARRIOR this past week on the indies. He defeated Daiki Shimomura at DDT on 10/17, then defeated Mizuki Watase on 10/18, then lost to Guanchulo on 10/19, then defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani on 10/20, then defeated Ryota Nakatsu on 10/21, then defeated Kazusada Higuchi the same day to win the DNA Grand Prix 2016 Tournament and then traveled back to Canada where he beat Evil Uno & Stu Grayson in a Triple Threat at Smash Wrestling to go 6-1 for the week. It’s obvious that his only blemish on his record is the only thing that cost him the #1 ranking, but he did get some support from the official voters at the #1 spot. The former #1 has all the momentum right now, but wow, you’d think he could use a vacation!


#4 Chris Brookes (@OBEYBrookes)-This independent “British Wrestler Extraordinaire” dominated some top-flight talent over the weekend in the UK as the VII Pro British Lions Champion and ½ of the Attack! Tag Team Champions beat Shane Strickland at Fight Club Pro on 10/21, then beat Kimber Lee on 10/22, and then defeated Fire Ant on 10/23 to wrap up his week at 3-0 for the week. On any other week those victories would have been enough to earn him the #1 spot, but this week again was absolutely incredible. Getting a #4 ranking this week is a HUGE accomplishment considering all of the talent vying (and worthy) for the top spot this week.
#5 Scott Starr-Much like the competitors ranked from 2-4, on any other week Scott Starr’s accomplishments likely would have earned him a #1 ranking. He won the UK Future 8 Tournament at IPW: UK where he became All England Champion after beating Danny Duggan on 10/22 in Round 1, then Robbie X in the semi-finals, and Sammy Smooth in the finals to win the tournament. His big tournament win was just overshadowed by there being soooo many tournaments last week. Hopefully Scott Starr can really use this ranking as something to build on in order to pick up some more rankings before the IPR 100 hits!
#6 Martin Stone
#7 Scott Justice
#8 Shane Mercer-#6 in the online voting competition with 14 votes
#9 Brandon Espinosa
#10 Bubblegum
People’s Champ. Drew Duckworth (@drew_duckworth)-We’ve seen Duckworth a few times in the tag team rankings, but this is his first time being mentioned in the singles Indy Power Rankings in one form or another. He is the People’s Champ this week after winning the online voting competition with 84 votes after earning his way in with victories vs. Jacob Ashworth at APW on 10/21 and Stryk Nyn at GPW on 10/22. A 2-0 week gets Duckworth on the poll and of course his fans made sure he took home his first win in the online voting competition.




Others missing out/receiving votes:

Tiger Ali

Dan Maloney

Santana Garrett-Tied for #5 in the online voting competition with 21 votes

Johnny Maverick-#2 in the online voting competition with 57 votes

Mr. 450

Toby Farley-#3 in the online voting competition with 43 votes

Derek Neal-#4 in the online voting competition with 35 votes

Fred Yehi

James Drake

Demi Bennett-Tied for #5 in the online voting competition with 21 votes

Trevor Aeon-#7 in the online voting competition with 13 votes

Tyler Daniels-#8 in the online voting competition with 11 votes

Pete Dunne

Gunner Miller


Jimmy Rave

Tyler Bate


The Amazon



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