Indy Power Rankings for the Week of September 19th, 2016

#1 Amazing Maria James (@Amazing_Maria)-Amazing Maria’s incredible year only gets better as the OVW Women’s Champion becomes the first OVW competitor to grab a #1 ranking since 2014. She dominated the week as she defeated Jessie Belle Smothers at OVW on 9/13, then defeated Jamie Lynn at Girl Fight on 9/14, then defeated Scarlet the same day, then defeated Samantha Heights at RCW on 9/16, and then teamed with Stacy Shadows at PWF to beat Priscilla Kelly and Maddie Maxx at PWF on 9/18 to go 5-0 for the week. Simply well…amazing! This is her first #1 ranking despite multiple rankings and mentions this year and if she can keep up this insane pace, you’ll be seeing more of her in the rankings before the end of 2016.
#2 Mark Haskins (@FightHaskins)-The FNF British, 4FW Junior Heavyweight and Smash Wrestling Champion DOMINATES the weekend in Canada as he defeated Maybach Beta at Smash vs Progress on 9/16 to retain the title, then defeated Brent Banks on 9/17 to retain the title again, and then defeated Mike Bailey on 9/18 to retain again to go 3-0 for the week. Haskins got a bit of support for the #1 spot by a couple of the official voters because of his three impressive victories and title defenses, but he JUST misses out on his first-ever #1 ranking this week. With weeks like this, a #1 ranking can’t be far off for the UK star.
#3 Cody Deaner (@CodyDeaner)-The former TNA superstar has really experienced a career rebirth in 2016 as he has been picking up victories all over Canada. The BCW Heavyweight, MCW Heavyweight, Battle Arts Openweight, CW Heavyweight and CCW Heavyweight Champion defeated Jake O’Reilly in a Steel Cage Match on 9/15 to retain the CCW title, then defeated Todd Shaw on 9/16 to retain the CCW title again, then defeated Venomous at Ultimate Wrestling on 9/17, and then defeated Phil Atlas on 9/18 to retain the CCW title to go 4-0 for the week. Deaner continues to impress as he wins and retains titles every chance he gets.
#4 Ricochet (@KingRicochet)-The 2014 IPR 100 #1 actually got one #1 vote from one official voter based on strength of competition and prestige as he defeated Tony Nese on 9/16 at HOH and Sami Callihan on 9/17. Two big victories weren’t quite enough to crack the Top 3 as no titles were on the line in either match. Rest assured though, 1/3 of the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions is still wowing audiences anywhere he goes and despite it being a while since his last #1 ranking, he’s still just as good as he ever was.
#5 Shane Mercer (@theirondemon)-FANTASTIC week for “The Iron Demon” as he toured the Midwest as he defeated Lucas Jacobs at OVW on 9/14, then defeated Shigehiro Irie at IWAMid-South on 9/15, then beat Brutus Dylan in a Last Man Standing Match on 9/17, and then beat Aimes at FWF on 9/18 to go 4-0 for the week. After being ranked #6 last week, Shane Mercer has been simply ON FIRE as of late as he has been mowing down the competition. Another date with Kongo Kong (this time for the FWF Title) looms on the horizon as Mercer looks to finally vanquish perhaps his toughest competitor. He was also #8 in the online voting competition this week with 31 votes.
#6 Beautiful Beaa-#9 in the online voting competition with 30 votes
#7 Matt Hardy
#8 Tank Nagai
#9 Jack Jester
#10 Santana Garrett-Tied for #6 in the online voting competition with 34 votes
People’s Champ. Sonya Strong (@Sonya_Strong1)-What an impressive victory in the online voting competition for Sonya Strong as she collected a MASSIVE amount of votes, finishing with 404 to win the People’s Champ award this week. She is the NEW Pro Wrestling Magic Women’s Champion after she defeated Jordynne Grace on 9/17 to win the vacant title. That victory got her on the poll and her fans/supporters took care of the rest. Be sure to follow her on Instagram:

Booking email: 





Others missing out/receiving votes:

Randi West

Evil Uno

Anthony Henry

Sonya Strong

Live Wire-#2 in the online voting competition with 294 votes

Shad Satu

Johnny Romano-#3 in the online voting competition with 68 votes

Jurn Simmons

Moshpit Mike

Brandon Collins-#4 in the online voting competition with 62 votes


Chuck Stein-#5 in the online voting competition with 39 votes

Tyler Matrix


Goldman-Tied for #6 in the online voting competition with 34 votes

Jeff Cobb

Kimber Lee

Da Mack

Jake Dirden

Jacob Ryan-#10 in the online voting competition with 27 votes

Michael Morleone

Nevaeh Crist 



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