9/15 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) The Night the Lights went out in Clarksville! Results

Randi West beat Mance Warner

Cole Radrick defeated Ray Waddell

*It will be Cole Radrick vs John Wayne Murdoch in the first round of the Hybrid Cup

Bomb Shelter (Joseph Schwartz and Zodiak) beat Teddy King and Sage Phillips

Shad Satu beat Ram Jam, Aiden Blackhart, JC Rotten, Calvin Tankman, and Corey Storm in a Gauntlet Match where he scored 3 pinfalls per the rules

JJ Garrett beat Jonathan Wolf to retain the IWA World Title after a fireball to the face

Shane Mercer defeated Shigehiro Irie

Brother Reed vs Mickey Muscles ended in a No Contest when Bomb Shelter attacked both men

ThReejects (Reed Bentley, John Wayne Murdoch, and Nick Depp vs Shigehiro Irie, Cole Radrick, and Corey Storm ended in a No Contest when the lights went out and Todd Morton’s Hangmen took out Irie, Radrick, and Storm

The Hangmen beat ThReejects


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