Indy Power Rankings for the Week of September 5th, 2016

#1 Marty Scurll (@MartyScurll)-After being ranked #2 last week and then riding that momentum to a 2016 PWG Battle of Los Angeles victory, this spot was locked up from the second the trophy was handed over to him on Sunday 9/4. “The Villain” took his villainous tactics to Reseda where he defeated Pentagon Jr. At PWG in Round 1 of BOLA on 9/2, then beat Cody Rhodes in Round 2 on 9/4, then beat Mark Haskins in Round 3 on 9/4, then beat Trevor Lee and Will Ospreay to win BOLA with a 4-0 record. What you have now is a guy who has really, REALLY cemented his place as someone who will likely be in the top 5 of the IPR 100 this year. The question now is…can he secure his first-ever #1 for the year? It’s been one hell of a competitive year so far.
#2 Conor Claxton (@conorclaxton)-“The Wrench” gets his highest ranking ever this week as the official voters once again showed strong respect and support towards the winner of a death match tournament. He won the Lord of Anarchy Tournament at VOW as he beat Tripp Cassidy in a Death Match Buffet in the first round on 9/3, then beat Matt Tremont in a Cabin in the Woods Death Matchi n the semi-finals, and then beat G-Raver and Josh Crane in a Three-Way Light Tube Prison Death Match in the Finals to go 3-0 for the week. He’s gotten so close to breaking through recently and this week he shattered any and all boundaries with a big tournament win and a big ranking.
#3 Will Ospreay (@WillOspreay)-This may be a bit of a head scratcher at surface value as he was eliminated before Trevor Lee in the Finals of the Battle of Los Angeles, but look at his weekend win-loss record and strength of competition and you’ll see why the official voters gave him the slight nod over Lee for the #3 spot. This year’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors beat Fenix at PWG in Round 1 of BOLA on 9/2, then teamed with Ricochet and Matt Sydal to beat Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) on 9/3, then beat PWG World Champion Zack Sabre Jr in Round 2 of BOLA in a non-title match on 9/4, then beat Ricochet in Round 3 on 9/4, and then lost in the finals to Marty Scurll (in a 3 way with Trevor Lee) to go 4-1 on the week. While he fell short of his second huge tournament win this year, he did get another great ranking.
#4 Trevor Lee (@TLee910)-The former two-time #1 gets ANOTHER high ranking this year after once again JUST falling short of winning PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. The CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion continued to impress as he beat Kamaitachi at PWG in Round 1 of BOLA on 9/3, then beat Dalton Castle at PWG in Round 2 of BOLA on 9/4, then beat Mark Andrews in Round 3 on 9/4, then lost in the finals to Marty Scurll (in a 3 way with Will Ospreay) to go 3-1 on the week. While Ospreay did get the edge over Lee with the #3 ranking, you really have to look at how highly thought of the Battle of Los Angeles was, with all three finalists cracking the Top 5 this week.
#5 Dave Crist (@DaveCristOi4K)-Whether it’s in singles or tag team competition, Dave Crist continues to prove just how good he really is. ½ of the NOW, XICW, and JCW Tag Team Champions added the Rockstar Pro Title to his belt collection as he defeated Sid Fabulous and Trey Miguel in a Three-Way at Rockstar Pro on 8/31, then defeated DJ Z at AAW on 9/1, and then defeated Sami Callihan at Rockstar Pro on 9/2 to win the title to go 3-0 for the week. It’s been a fantastic year for the younger Crist as he just continues to win huge matches, put on classics, and get himself ranked.
#6 Aero Star
#7 Ricochet
#8 Mr. 450
#9 Teddy King
#10 Sweet Saraya
People’s Champ. Blanco Loco-It was definitely a dog fight, but at the end of the day, Blanco Loco won his very first online voting competition as he collected 224 votes. It really was an impressive week for Blanco Loco as he BARELY missed out on the official Top 10 as well as he defeated Kody Kastle at ACW on 9/1, then lost to Tony King at Manor Pro, then defeated Taino Rome and Eddie Brock in a Three -Way the same day, then defeated Widow Maker, Bobby Fanta, King Tony and Ricky Santana in a Five-Way the same day, and then defeated Carrion the same day to go 4-1 for the week.


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Others missing out/receiving votes:

Joe Kerr-#3 in the online voting competition with 31 votes

JT Dunn

Zack Sabre Jr.

AC Riley-#2 in the online voting competition with 108 votes

Jarrett Foster



Suicide Myers

Dirty Sonny Deeds

Mayu Iwatani

Slade Sludge

Alessandro Del Bruno

Zombie King

Chico Adams

Amber Gallows

Liam Slater

Maria James

Lightning Bolt Johnson

Mark Haskins

White Tiger 




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