Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of August 8th, 2016

#1 Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude)-This faction just continues to make waves all over the Carolina area and beyond as they defeated Southside Playas on 8/5 at Ribfest by DQ, then defeated Xcellogance (Timmy Lou Retton and Tracer X) at NWA Smoky Mountain on 8/6, and then defeated Patrick Scott and Luke Grimes at Ribfest on 8/7 to go 3-0 for the week. While there were some arguments against them such as one of the wins being by DQ and none of them involving titles, you cannot deny their prior history and the validity of their 3-0 record overall this week. Time will tell if this duo as part of a larger faction will be the pair that really starts to stand out from the pack in the upcoming months.



#2 The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter @BeardedBullys)-These Hooligans don’t give up without a fight. While it’s true they’re a little bit behind in the Tag Team Top 50 compared to previous years, they made a big stride to move up this past week as they defeated two FANTASTIC teams and added another set of titles to their collection. The FIP World Tag Team Champions added the SWF Tag Team Champions to their mantle of gold as they defeated Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) and Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers) in a triple threat at SWF on 8/5 to win the titles. If they can turn this into a string of wins, look the hell out for The Hooligans in the Tag Team Top 50 at the end of the year.



#3 The Brotherhood (Brother Reed & Mickey Muscles)-This tag team gets their first ranking this week after a VERY good week last week. On 8/4 they defeated The Bomb Shelter (Joseph Schwartz & Zodiak) at IWA Mid-South and then followed that up with a win over The Royal Pains (Bam Baker & Steven King) in a #1 Contenders Match at NWA New South on 8/5. Their 2-0 record combined with the strength of beating a couple of solid teams helped their ranking this week. If they can continue to pick up wins and perhaps win some gold, you may be seeing more of them in the Top 5 as the year rolls on.



#4 The Kraken (Chip Day & Murder One)-The AWE Tag Team Champions find their way back into the Tag Team Top 5 with one of the bigger victories of the week as they defeated Death By Elbow (Chris Hero & JT Dunn) on 8/7 to retain the titles. This tag team has really caught fire as of late and look to be unstoppable in AWE right now. AWE has continued to focus on great tag team wrestling and for now, The Kraken are their torch bearers as they take on some of the best tag teams the indies have to offer. Also, major props to them on coming in at #5 in the online voting competition with 40 votes.



#5 People’s Champs. The Bro Warriors (Daren Dinero & Clayton Jackson)-First off, congratulations to the NEW Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions as they defeated The Foundation (Jake Crist & Ron Mathis) on 8/5 to win the titles. Second, in large part thanks to their HUGE performance in the online voting competition, they received their first ranking this week. Last, CONGRATS on collecting 412 votes to EASILY win this week’s online voting competition to become the People’s Champs. You can follow Daren Dinero on Twitter or Instagram at @darin_dinero and you can give a like to Clayton Jackson on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ClaytonJacksonIndy  



Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:



OI4K-#2 in the online voting competition with 81 votes

The Fellowship-#3 in the online voting competition with 69 votes

Team Single


The Unstoppabulls-#4 in the online voting competition with 59 votes

Kamitani & Hashimoto

Indy Card Mafia

The Masterminds

Graham & Pollock

Too Cool TJ & Kemp  


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