Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of July 25th, 2016

*Write-ups will be delayed during the month of July*

1. OI4K aka Ring Rydas (Dave & Jake Crist): About a year ago we thought we’d heard the last of Jake Crist – he was going to retire and take a behind the scenes role at Rockstar Pro. As so often happens in pro wrestling the retirement didn’t last very long and this week we see him and his brother notching up yet another number one ranking. Under their Ring Rydas name the Crist brothers arrived at the Gathering of the Juggalos on 7/22 and won a four-way against the defending champions Spider Monkey and Super Strong Tiger, the Hooligans (Devin and Mason Cutter) and the Viking War Party (Alex Rudolph and Jake Parnell) to win the Juggalo Championship Wrestling tag team titles. They then switched back to their OI4K personas on 7/23 and defeated The Hooligans again, plus Eddie Kingston (without a partner) in a triple threat at All American Wrestling to go 2-0 for the week. The prestige of the JCW titles and the strength of their opposition added up to give the Crist brothers yet another number one in our rankings. Depending on how often they tag together for the rest of the year, they could make a push towards making a big impact on our year-end rankings.

2. Beer 30 (SydSho Bruce MacGowan & Southern Showoff Jack Parker): Third place in the public vote and second overall for this indy team who are starting to get a reputation as title belt collectors. On 7/22 they defeated The Sure Things to retain their SGWA Tag Team Titles, and then on 7/23 they headed to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling where they beat Lethal Injection to win the MACW Tag Team Championships. Add in the ASWF titles and this team holds three sets of championships at the moment. Definitely a team worth watching out for.

3. Indy Card Mafia (Eric Emanon & Thomas Brewington): The In Your Face Wrestling Tag Team Champions had another successful week. They first defeated The Homewreckers and Superbeast at IWF on 7/22 and then they defeated The Dub Boys at DelCo Pro on 7/24. Neither match was for a title, which is probably why they aren’t any higher in the rankings, but they showed why they have been one of the more consistent teams in the indies this year.

4. People’s Champs. Twisted Sisterz (Thunder Rosa & Holidead): They may look like they escaped from a Kiss convention, but this duo has been making an impact in the California scene. This week they teamed up at Finest City Wrestling, where they defeated Heather Monroe & Laura James. They then picked up 135 votes from the public to win the People’s Champs award for the week. They don’t currently hold any titles but it’s probably just a matter of time until they do.

 5. Los Ice Creams: It’s easy to dismiss Los Ice Creams as a comedy act, but there’s no denying they have definite wrestling skills. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. are the new Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas Champions after defeating N_R_G (Hype Rockwell & Race Jaxon) at Chikara in Canada on 7/23. Whether they’ll have a long reign or just melt away into obscurity remains to be seen.

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