Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of July 4th, 2016

1. The Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu and Jimmy Kagetora): Dragon Gate in Japan has given us quite a few number ones in the past, mainly from the Monster Express stable, but this week it’s the Jimmyz turn after they beat the Monster Express duo of T-Hawk and Big R Shimizu on 7/2 to become the new Open the Twin Gate Champions. The next night they beat Big R Shimizu again, this time partnering Akira Tozawa to go 2-0 for the week.

2. Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey McFinnegan and Zakk Sawyers): Bark Bark Gator Tits, Roscoe Eat Lisa are back near the top of the IPR rankings after capturing yet another title. This time they showed up at Money Mark Productions on 7/2 and won the Saturday Night Championship Wrestling tag titles by defeating Bobby Lowe and Chris Kern. But that wasn’t their only success this weekend. The previous night at SWF they beat IPR regulars Viking War Party to retain both the SWF and Outlaw Pro tag titles. With yet another good week, they will definitely be a team to watch out for when we reveal our mid-year top 50.

3. Beer30 (SydSho and Jack Parker): This team which regularly receives good public support (69 votes this week) also got votes from the official voters this week to land third overall. First they defeated The Sure Things on 7/1 to retain the SGWA Tag Team Championships. The following night they defeated Lethal Injection and The Commission at ASWF in a triple threat to win their tag titles. A great week from a team which has been on quite a role lately. It will be worth watching out for them as the year progresses.

4. Tag Buddies (Adam Revolver and Rev Stu Miles): The OVW Southern Tag Team Champions had a brilliant week. First they defeated the strange combination of OVW Heavyweight Champion Rocco Bellagio and his number 1 contender Mitch Huff on 6/29 to retain the titles. Then on 7/2 in a gauntlet they retained again vs Billy O and Houdini as well as The Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt and Little Damion). Most weeks OVW only holds one show, which makes it difficult for their workers to get more than one win, but with a Saturday night special added to the mix, the Tag Buddies made the most of the opportunity.

5. Theory of Evolution (Jim Nye the Science Guy and Space Monkey): Definitely the strangest duo in this week’s top 5, this team has been doing quite well in Canada in recent weeks and this week retaining the A1 Tag Team Championship vs a well-established duo – Tabarnak De Team (Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois) got them noticed by both the official voters and the public. Let’s hope this is the start of big things for the comedy duo.

People’s Champs. Astro Morales and Adam Payne: The NEW American Championship Entertainment tag team champions defeated Hollywood Enterprises on 7/2 to win the titles. Apparently this was a very popular win as Morales and Payne got 124 votes from the public to be this week’s People’s Champions. Congratulations.

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