Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 4th, 2016

Sorry the write-up is late this week, a few of our most important IPR staff are in a bad way. We apologize for any typos as well.

1. Beautiful Beaa: The PWA Canada Elite Women’s Champion has been ranked in the top 10 before, but this is her first ever number one ranking. With 7/1 being Canada Day, a number of the Canadian promotions had special events, with PWA Canada’s running virtually the whole day with their wrestlers competing in multiple matches. Beaa emerged undefeated, notching up wins over Ryan Swift and Mike Atlantis in a triple threat, then one-on-one wins over Ryan Swift, Senor America and Buck Gunderson. Then the following day she retained her Elite Women’s Title against Patsy Blue. A 5-0 week got her a clean sweep of the official voters plus 21 votes from the public. Time will tell if she can build on this success as the year progresses.

2. Goliath Alaya aka Tomer Shalom: A new name to the Indy Power Rankings, Alaya is originally from Holon is Israel but is based in Canada. Like Beautiful Beaa he took advantage of the Canada Day holiday to notch up a string of victories. He started off on 6/30 by retaining his Victory Commonwealth Wrestling Openweight Championship (under the name Goliath Alaya), with a win against Jaxon Jarvis. He then switched to his other ring name of Tomer Shalom and headed over to IPW Canada on 7/1 to compete in the Canada Cup. In the first round he beat Holden Albright, followed that with a win against Mike Dorosti and then won the tournament by defeating British Brawler. While the strength of competition may not have been the strongest, the official voters were unanimous in voting him into second place for his 4-0 week, while he also received eight votes from the public.

3. Mr. Exotic Erotic: We have another new name in the poll in the form of a Swiss wrestler who also goes by the name of Calvin Carter. Before this week his only title success had been at home in Switzerland where he has been singles champ at Swiss Wrestling Entertainment and tag champ at Swiss Championship Wrestling. But this weekend he travelled to Germany to compete at New European Championship Wrestling. On 7/2 he defeated Nathan Wolf in a money in the bank qualifying match, then won the seven-man money in the bank ladder match. Later in the show, when Demolition Davies had just defeated T-K-O to win the N.E.W World Heavyweight Championship, Mr Exotic Erotic pounced, cashed in his title shot and left with the title and a perfect 3-0 weekend. Can he turn this one good week into a sustained push towards our year-end rankings? We’ll have to wait and see.

4. Fred Yehi: While this week’s top 3 may be relatively unknown to IPR fans, Fred Yehi has been a more regular visitor to our rankings. The Full Impact Pro World Heavyweight Champion took a trip to Texas this weekend and made two successful defences of the title. The first on 7/1 was against Danny Ramons, and this was followed on 7/2 by a win over Black Diamond. The two victories may be less than those around him in the top 10, but the prestige of the FIP title propelled him to fourth in the rankings.

5. Manabu Soya: Having held titles in All Japan and Big Japan earlier in his career, Soya is now focused on Keiji Muto’s Wrestle-1 promotion, and featured in our top 10 earlier this year when he held the Wrestle-1 Championship. He doesn’t hold any gold at the moment, but returned to our top 10 by winning the Grand Prix tournament on 7/1. He defeated Shotaro Ashino in the semifinals and then defeated Yuji Hino in the final to win the tournament. He improved to 3-0 by teaming with Kumagoro, Kaz Hayashi and Minoru Tanaka on 7/3 to defeat Real Desperado (Kazma Sakamoto, Koji Doi, NOSAWA Rongai and Yuji Hino. If Soya can improve his consistency and maybe recapture some gold, he could be a factor in our rankings as the year progresses.

6. Vic the Bruiser: At the age of 49, Vic is proving age is no barrier to cracking our top 10. On 7/1 he defeated Mr USA at NWA New South Wrestling to retain the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Then on 7/2 he defeated Lightning Bolt Johnson at Hoosier Pro Wrestling to retain their heavyweight title. A 2-0 week, retaining titles at two different promotions definitely is deserving of a top 10 slot. Let’s see if he can maintain his momentum.

7. El Lindaman: Japan’s Dragon Gate promotion regularly produces top 10 stars such as Akira Tozawa, Masato Yoshino and BxB Hulk. But this week it was the lesser known El Lindaman who grabbed the attention with two good singles wins. The 21-year-old, who is part of the Over Generation stable, defeated Takehiro Yamamura on 7/2 and followed that with an impressive victory over Mike Sydal. This youngster could be a name worth watching on the Japanese scene.

8. Skylar Slice: Much like Vic the Bruiser, Skylar Slice caught the official voters’ attention by defending titles in two different promotions. First she defeated Athena and Phoebe in a triple threat match at Impact Zone Wrestling to retain the IZW Queen’s Crown Championship on 7/1. Then she went to Mid South Wrestling Alliance the same day to defeat Nikki Knight in a dog-collar chain match to retain the MSWA Ladies Championship. A very impressive week. Let’s hope we see more of her this year.

9. BT Gunn: One of the most decorated wrestlers in the UK at the moment had another good week. Gunn currently holds both singles and tag gold at British Championship Wrestling, the heavyweight title at Premier British Wrestling and half of the tag titles at Target Wrestling. On 7/1 he beat Bubblegum to retain the BCW Heavyweight title and then beat Irving Garrett on 7/2 at Glasgow Wrestling Asylum to go 2-0 for the week.

10. Teddy King: Last week’s number 3 slips seven places this week but does remain in the top 10. The WWA and NWA Bluegrass Champion only had one win this weekend, but it was a successful title defence against Shawn Shultz at NWA Bluegrass Wrestling. It was the fans who boosted him into the top 10, with 68 votes meaning he narrowly missed out on being our People’s Champion. Consistent fan support helps King remain in the IPR spotlight. Will he be ranked in our mid-year top 100?

People’s Champ. Rocko Rumble: Australian Rocko Rumble picked up 72 votes to win the People’s Champ award. At Queensland Wrestling Alliance on 7/2, Rumble survived the power of Joey Ryan’s dong and captured the QWA Global Title. Congratulations Rocko Rumble.

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