Indy Power Rankings for the Week of May 16th, 2016

#1 Kongo Kong (@RealKongoKong)-For the third year straight, The Monsta reaches the top of the Indy Power Rankings! Over the last 3 years Kong has been the most dominant competitor on the indies and that continued again over the weekend as he scored more gold. The JCW Heavyweight, SSW Heavyweight, and now the NEW XICW Proving Ground Champion had a very good weekend as he beat KC Huber at RCW on 5/13, then fought Sam Knight to a Time Limit Draw at NWP on 5/14, then beat Tyson Dux at XICW in the semi-finals of the title tournament on 5/15, and then beat Rik Matrix in the final the same night to win the vacant title to go 3-0-1 for the week. The Monsta is still unstoppable and although he no longer has the IWA Mid-South World Title to defend frequently, he’s still got one hell of a collection of gold along with yet another #1 ranking.

#2 Blake Edward Belakis (@BlakeIsOK)-The former #1 continues his rise on the indies as he gets the #2 ranking this week on what was quite frankly, a very bizarre week. ½ of the PGP Tag Team Champions became the NEW 4th Wall Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Brock Hall & Logan Lynch in the semi-finals of the title tournament on 5/15 and then beat Shawn Priest, Justice Jones, and Ben McCoy in a Four Way to win the vacant title. His 2-0 week may not seem that impressive on the surface, but consider this, he outlasted 6 other opponents in 2 different matches to gain a new title. It really was a very solid week for one of the most underrated wrestlers on the indies.

#3 Bodhi McKenzie ( ) –We get another “new” name from Australia into the Top 10 as Bodhi McKenzie gets his first ranking. On 5/14 he beat Byron McKenzie at EPW in Australia, then beat Liam Mendel the same day, then beat Jordan Bishop the same day, and then beat Jagger Stevens at SHWA to go 4-0 for the week. We’d have to really do some research but this MIGHT be the highest ranking for an Australian talent yet proving once again that the Indy Power Rankings are truly international as talent from all over the global are making their mark in the Top 10.

#4 Bud Dwight (@Bud_Dwight)-“The Party Starter” Bud Dwight becomes one of the first OVW talents in quite some time to get ranked in the Top 10. His motto is “if you want somethin’, go get it” and he did just that as he became the NEW OVW TV Champion this past week. He teamed with Tony Gunn at OVW on 5/11 to defeat Robbie Walker & Stephon Smith, then defeated Robbie Walker on 5/14 in the quarterfinals of the tournament for the vacant title, then defeated Stephon Smith in the semi-finals, and then defeated Tony Gunn in the finals to win the vacant title to go 4-0 for the week. This is the first ranking for Bud Dwight and if he can ever duplicate a week like this, it won’t be his last.

#5 Nitro Green (’s a completely new name to the Indy Power Rankings as Nitro Green comes on our radar for the very first time. ½ of the DPW Tag Team Champions gets some singles success here as he beat Espen Olsen at DPW in Denmark on 5/14 in the quarterfinals of the DPW tournament, then beat Ravn in the semi-finals the same day, and then beat Kid Fite in the Finals to win the tournament. His 3-0 record not only earned him #5 in the official Top 10 this week, but also the #2 in the online voting competition with 62 votes from his fans and supporters. Congrats to Nitro Green on a great week!

#6 Jon Davis-The former People’s Champ gets his first official ranking this week as the Dark City Powerhouse went 2-0 on the week with 2 title defenses. The UPE and PWE Federated Brand Champion defeated Samuel Shaw on 5/13 to retain and then beat Dark Fury at PWE on 5/14 to retain again. It’s rare when talent is able to defend and retain a title more than once in a week, but Jon Davis accomplished that mission with a very good week. Davis is really experiencing a return to form this year as he’s starting to pop up more frequently than he has in the last several years. It’s good to see him back and crushing heads!

#7 Michael Morleone ( )-We get ANOTHER Australian talent in the Top 10 this week which makes two as the Land Down Under had one hell of a week. “The Don” teamed with Hayden Zenith at EPW in Australia to defeat Eddy Bombay & Twitch (non-title) then defeated Ross Cage the same day, then teamed with Hayden Zenith to defeat Johnny Wimbledon & Ross Cage to retain the titles; then defeated Crazy Train at SHWA the same day to retain the SHWA Title to go 4-0 for the week. Look out for Australia as they continue to make waves in the Indy Power Rankings in 2016.

#8 Aaron Epic (@RealAaronEpic)-“Death Proof” cracks the Top 10 this week after a great week in 2 different promotions. He won a #1 contenders 5-Way at Unite2Wrestle on 5/14, and then beat Gary Jay at Brainbuster on 5/15 to go 2-0 for the week. Epic has been setting Florida on fire over the last few years and he’s finally starting to get some of the credit he deserves. When he’s on and he’s working a ton, there’s very few in that area who are better than him. Keep an eye on Aaron Epic as he continues to establish himself as one of the Southeast’s best talents.

#9 Heidi Lovelace (@HeidiLovelace)-“The Punk Rock Rag Doll” gets into the Top 10 for the very time in quite a while as she impressed many people by scoring one many consider an upset when she defeated Josh Alexander at A1 to win the A1 Alpha Male Title on 5/15. She was actually the only talent with only one win (that we’re aware of) who cracked the Top 10 but that tells you the high opinion that the official voters have of Heidi, her opponent, and the title she won. Heidi Lovelace just continues to get better as his career continues to skyrocket.

#10 Da Mack ( )-This talent is generally more known for tag team wrestling, but now he’s really starting to make a name for himself in singles competition. The wXw Shotgun Champion and ½ of the EWP Tag Team Champions teamed with Axel Dieter Jr. to defeat Dirty Dragan & Ilja Dragunov at wXw in Germany on 5/13, then beat Scotty Saxon on 5/14 to retain the Shotgun title, and then beat Scotty Saxon again on 5/15 to retain again. A 3-0 week gets him the #10 spot despite two wins over the same person, but again, he’s definitely making some strides in singles now.

Honorable Mention. Ace Perry (@AcePerryIndy)-Ace Perry is back in the win column this week as he teamed with Nate Wings to beat Jake Crist and Ron Mathis on 5/11, then lost to Gory at VOW on 5/13, then beat Dale Patricks at Ring of Champions on 5/15, and then teamed with Dale Patricks and Tripp Cassidy to beat Chris Castle, Devin Bliss, Sue Jackson to go 3-1 on the week. He was also #4 in the online voting competition with 27 votes.

People’s Champ. Gavin Alexander-This is the 2nd People’s Champ award for “The Slaughterville Nightmare” as Gavin Alexander crushed the other challengers in the online voting competition this week. Alexander defeated Pretty Boy Floyd at Midwest Impact Pro on 5/14. His fans then came through for him for a second time as they collected 301 votes to help him EASILY win this week’s online votes. Congrats to Gavin! You can “like” him on Facebook here: and if you want to learn more about him, check out this emotional interview from last year here:


Others missing out/receiving votes:


Mia Yim


Vern Vicallo-#3 in the online voting competition with 42 votes

KC Jackson

Shady Nattras

Jesse Adler

Michael Elgin

Steve Anthony-#5 in the online voting competition with 23 votes

Yuji Hino

“Mad Wolf” Trip-#6 in the online voting competition with 18 votes

Io shirai

Moses Mayhem

Reed Bentley

Mark Coffey

Sage Sin


Morbid Angel

Thomas Extreme

Timmy Lou Retton

American Viking

Xia Brookside

Cash Crash


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