5/13 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) Simply the Best 10 Results

Pick your Poison 6 Man Scramble: F.I.A., Colin Delaney, Teddy King, Trik Davis, JJ Garrett, Lee Byford

Winner: Lee Byford

Fight for your Spot Match: Matt Knicks, Frodo the Ghost, Brandon Espinosa, Xavier Walker, Elliot Paul, Stevie Fierce

Winner: Brandon Espinosa

Four Way: Aidan Blackhart, American Viking, Kevin Lee Davidson, Shad O’Satu

Winner: American Viking

6 Man Tag: Bomb Shelter (Zodiak, Joseph Schwartz, Thunderkitty) vs Nate Webb, Randi West, & Tracy Smothers

Winners: Webb, West, & Smothers

JC Rotten defeated Derek Neal in a Country Whippin’ Match

Matt Cage beat Jonathan Gresham in an INSTANT CLASSIC! ***MUST SEE***

Michael Elgin defeated Chris Hero to become #1 contender to the IWA World Title

Reed Bentley beat John Wayne Murdoch to retain the IWA World Title


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