Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of May 2nd, 2016

#1 The (Amazing) Graysons (JP Grayson & Tommy Grayson)-Some debate was had over who should be #1 this week, but in the end, The Amazing Graysons were easily voted into the #1 spot. This continues the trend in 2016 where we have “new” teams being ranked #1 who have never been ranked before in our rankings. This team had one hell of a weekend as they became the NEW LAW Tag Team Champions when they defeated Keita Murray and Johnny Moran at Sanctuary on 4/29, then defeated Indy Card Mafia the same night, and then (as the Amazing Graysons) defeated Team Shazam and The Savages in a triple threat at LAW on 5/1 to win the titles to go 3-0 for the week. This is a team that you might want to look out for in 2016 as it appears that they could have a ton of momentum on their side. They were also #3 in the online voting competition with 23 votes. Like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/The-Amazing-Graysons-877705978984668/



#2 People’s Champs. Dojo Boys (Adam Grace & Colin Brooks @TheColinBrooks)-Here’s another tag team that has quietly been toiling away with success, but they finally get the credit they deserve in the Tag Team Top 5. To be fair, their fans helped them get where they’re at as winning the online voting competition actually pushed them from #3 in the rankings to #2! Again, THE FAN VOTE MATTERS. They won TWO sets of tag team titles over the weekend as they defeated Jason Allen & Butchie Davis on 4/29 to win the RCCW Tag Team Titles and then defeated Mario Andrew Crivello & Angel Armoni to win the ICW Tag Team Titles. A 2-0 week and 225 votes helped them win the online voting competition by a ONE HUNDRED vote margin over the Indy Card Mafia (who gathered an impressive 125 votes themselves). Give them a like on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/DojoBoys  


#3 The Alliance (Michael Shard & Jon Magnus)-We’ve got another new tag team to the Tag Team Top 5 as this duo won the Toga Steve Memorial Tournament at PWA on 4/30. In Round One they defeated Derek Moss & Guy Smith, then beat Roscoe & Jake Lander in Round Two, and then beat The Hot Boyz in the Finals to win the tournament with a 3-0 record. The 3rd Annual Tournament hosted by Pinfall Wrestling Association may not have the “big names” in the tournament, but it played a big part in the rankings on a week where several teams had decent weeks but none of the usual heavy-hitters did anything spectacular. Congrats to the Alliance on a big win and a big ranking!



#4 Monster Express (Akira Tozawa & Masato Yoshino)-Dragon Gate once again shines in the Tag Team Top 5 as Tozawa & Yoshino continued their success as a team over the weekend. Monster Express, in general, have been very dominant over the last few years (although not quite as dominant as a whole in 2016). This pairing has been particularly spectacular together. 2/3 of the Open the Triangle Gate Champions teamed with T-Hawk at Dragon Gate on 4/25 to defeat Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy K-ness JKS and Jimmy Kanda) then teamed with Big R Shimizu on 4/26 to defeat Over Generation (CIMA, Eita and Kaito Ishida) then teamed with T-Hawk on 4/30 to defeat CIMA, Dragon Kid and Takehiro Yamamura and then teamed with T-Hawk on 5/1 to defeat Jimmyz (Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Susumu and Jimmy Kanda) to go 4-0 for the week. You may wonder why a team who went 4-0 is only ranked #4 this week. The official voters felt that their wins (while not bad by any means) were not the most meaningful wins and they also had a lack of straight-up, two on two tag team wins. Perhaps that will change in the next voting cycle.



#5 Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone)-Despite only having one win over the weekend (compared to other teams who had multiple wins) this team had arguably the most IMPRESSIVE victory of the week. The PCW Tag Team Champions defeated War Machine (Ray Rowe & Hanson) on 4/30 to retain the titles to secure their spot in the Tag Team Top 5 this week. This is actually their first ranking since 2014 as a team, which is surprising because they hold one of the top sets of tag team gold in Europe. If they can continue to win big matches like the one against War Machine, we’ll be mentioning them more frequently this year.




Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:


Indy Card Mafia (Thomas Brewington & Eric Emanon)-#2 in the online voting competition with 125 votes

Yankee Two Kenju

Beauty & The Beast

The Midwest Monsters-Tied for #3 in the online voting competition with 23 votes

The Carnies

La Revolucion

Crusade for Change (TJ Marconi & Stockade)

Los Ninja Turtles  



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