Indy Power Rankings for the Week of March 14th, 2016

#1 Zack Sabre Jr. (@zacksabrejr)-Back-to-back! This was a clean sweep of the official voters again as Sabre gets his second #1 ranking in as many weeks as he goes to Germany and wins the wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament, making him the third straight competitor (for 3 straight years) to win the tournament and then become #1 the following week. The PWG World and Revolution Pro British Heavyweight Champion defeated David Starr at wXw in Germany on 3/10, then beat Big Daddy Walter in the First Round of the 16 Carat Gold Tournament on 3/11, then lost to Bobby Gunns in the first round of the Ambition tournament at wXw on 3/12, then defeated Will Ospreay in the quarterfinal of the 16 Carat Gold Tournament, then defeated Sami Callihan on 3/13 in the semifinals, and then defeated Axel Dieter Jr in the final to win the 16 Carat Gold Tournament to go 5-1 for the week. His run in 2016 has been nothing less than incredible. He remains your current #1 in the 2016 IPR 100 after this week.
#2 Sasa Keel (@SasaKeel)-wXw in Germany produces our top two rankings this week from their prestigious tournaments. Sabre with the 16 Carat Gold Tournament win at #1 and Keel with the victory in the Ambition tournament at #2. The wXw Shotgun Champion and GHW District Champion started the week off slow with a loss to Timothy Thatcher in the First Round of the 16 Carat Gold Tournament at wXw on 3/11, but bounced back by beating Thatcher in the First Round of the Ambition Tournament, then defeated David Starr in the Semi-Finals, and finally beat Bobby Gunns in the Finals to win the tournament. A 3-1 record gets him his highest ranking ever. Congrats to wXw on a huge week!
#3 Ethan HD (@REALEthanHD)-The PAC Cup at ECCW on 3/12 produces Ethan HD’s first ranking. He defeated Air Adonis in the First Round of the tournament, then beat Bishop in the Semi-Finals, and then beat Artemis Spencer and Billy Suede in a Triple Threat Final to win the tournament. A 3-0 week gets him his first ranking and on a week like this, it’s definitely a high one. He is actually the highest ranked wrestler in North America this week…and quite frankly one of the very few to make the cut into the Top 10. Congrats to him on his first ranking and hopefully many more to come.
#4 Alessandro Corleone-We get representation from Italy as the ICW Inter-regional Champion defeated Geminy in Italy on 3/11 to retain the title, then beat Jari Syberia the same day to retain again, and then beat Red Devil on 3/12 to retain yet again. A 3-0 record stacks up nicely this week as he gets HIS first ranking. It’s been a great week of firsts for many competitors and Corleone is no exception. This is the first ranking for an Italian competitor in ONE YEAR. Literally, the last Italian who was ranked was Red Devil on March 16th, 2015 at #10. This is the highest ranking for any Italian wrestler ever proving once again how truly international the Indy Power Rankings really are.
#5 Bobby Gunns (@BobbyGunz28)-While Bobby Gunns did come up short in the AMBITION 7 Tournament, you have to consider who he beat over the weekend. On 3/12 he defeated Zack Sabre Jr. (our #1), then beat Axel Dieter Jr. (our #8 and wXw 16 Carat Gold runner-up), and then dropped the final to Sasa Keel. He came back strong on 3/13 as he teamed with Vincent the Beast & Silas Young to defeat Big Daddy Walter, Mike Schwarz, & Timothy Thatcher at wXw. This is the first ranking for Bobby Gunns and the third in the Top 5 for wXw.
#6 Santana Garrett (@SantanaGarrett_)-Well, here’s a name we haven’t seen in the official Top 10 at all in 2016. Due to other commitments and shear competition, it’s been a tough year so far. That being said, she’s ALWAYS on our radar after a historic 2015 where she ranked #1 in the IPR 100. The resident IPR t-shirt model showed how good she STILL is as she defeated Raquel at I Believe in Wrestling on 3/12 to retain the Wonder of Stardom Title and then beat Tammy Lynn at CCW on 3/13 to retain the title again. A 2-0 week probably doesn’t move the dial like a lot of others’ week this week, BUT consider who we’re talking about. Her prestige and previous achievements most certainly helped her cause this week.
#7 Masakado-On a week like this where wins were at a premium, a 4-0 week went a long way. Masakado definitely benefited on a very busy week for all competitors as the NWA United National Heavyweight Champion (Zero1 version) defeated Toshiki Iwaki at Zero1 Super Fireworks on 3/11 and then defeated Pandita Nuevo three times the same day to go 4-0 for the week. On a lot of other weeks this wouldn’t have stacked up well, but keep in mind that most of the Top 10 suffered at least one loss so the 4-0 looked huge. Masakado gets his first ranking and he’ll need to top this week to get back into the Top 10 before the end of 2016.
#8 Axel Dieter Jr. (@AxelDieterJr)-This is Axel Dieter Jr.’s first ranking since 2015. Despite not winning the wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament, he definitely deserves recognition and gets it with a #8 ranking among a lot of great talent. The Great Bear Grand Champion and ½ of the EWP Tag Team Champions defeated Marty Scurll in an I Quit match at wXw in Germany on 3/11 in the first round, then defeated Speedball Mike Bailey in the first round of the Ambition tournament at wXw on 3/12, then lost to Bobby Gunns in the Ambition in the semifinals the same night, then defeated Ilja Dragunov in the quarterfinals of the 16 Carat Gold tournament the same night, then defeated Drew Galloway in the semifinals on 3/13, but then lost to Zack Sabre Jr in the final the same day to go 4-2 for the week. A 66.66% winning percentage with SIX matches is enough to get him into the Top 10 this week and it probably won’t be the last time this year.
#9 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-We talked earlier about a serious lack of Santana Garrett in the Top 10. The same can be said of Drew Galloway, but he HAS been ranked ONCE this year. This is his second ranking as he had an impressive week in Europe, despite not winning the wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament. ½ of the EVOLVE Tag Team Champions defeated Silas Young at wXw on 3/1, then beat David Mastiff at PWE in the UK on 3/12 in a No DQ Match, then defeated Angelico at wXw in the Quarter-Finals, but lost to Axel Dieter Jr. the same day in the semi-finals to go 3-1 for the week. Galloway hasn’t had quite the same momentum in 2016 as he had in 2015, but ya never know when he might start title collecting again. Look out for him if he starts to pick up a flurry of wins.
#10 Jurn Simmons ( 6 of the 10 competitors in the Top 10 this week come to us by way of wXw this week. Absolutely incredible. Jurn Simmons is the NEW wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion as he defeated Absolute Andy, Bad Bones John Klinger, and Karsten Beck on 3/12 to win the title, and then beat Tyler Bate on 3/13 to retain the title. His 2-0 weekend and wins over some of Germany’s finest gets him the #10 ranking on this crazy week. Amazingly, this is his first ranking ever. He had one mention in the Indy Power Rankings on September 28th, 2015, but did not crack the Top 10 that week.
People’s Champ. Zachary Wentz (@zachary_wentz)-So much has changed since Zachary Wentz last won the online voting competition (April 27th, 2015) and yet he’s still that same fresh face that is taking Ohio by storm. The NEW Rockstar Pro American Luchacore Champion defeated perennial IPR contender, Ron Mathis for the title on 3/9 in what many would consider an upset. He then tapped into his popularity to collect 90 votes to EASILY win this week’s online voting competition. Wentz has been on fire as of late and though he just barely missed out on the official Top 10 this week, it’s likely only a matter of time before he gets in. Give him a follow on Instagram at @zbangarangg  

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Kotaro Suzuki

GPA-#2 in the online voting competition with 47 votes

Hardcore Craig-#3 in the online voting competition with 41 votes

Logan Abell-#4 in the online voting competition with 38 votes

Conor Claxton

Connor Danielson-#5 in the online voting competition with 37 votes


Chris Jordan

Noam Dar

Craig Stone-#6 in the online voting competition with 25 votes

Black Baron

Ray Waddell-#7 in the online voting competition with 18 votes

Shane Taylor-#8 in the online voting competition with 16 votes

Foxx Vinyer

Jagged Edge

Veda Scott

Blake Edward Belakis

Rhett Giddins  




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