Indy Power Rankings for the Week of January 18th, 2016

#1 John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison)-This is the first ranking for John Morrison since 2013. That year was stellar for him as he finished #22 in the IPR 100. Not only is the first ranking for him since then, it’s his second time getting to the #1 spot of the Indy Power Rankings. Morrison came very close to sweeping the official voters ballots at #1 as he became the NEW 5Star Champion after he beat AJ Styles for the title on 1/13, then beat Carlito on 1/14 to retain the title, and then beat PJ Black on 1/15 to retain once again. A 3-0 record and three wins against three of the biggest names on the indies (or anyone else) was what it took for Morrison to end his 2-year slump on the indies (he’s obviously still doing a lot of Lucha Underground work) to get the elusive #1 this week.

#2 Chase Owens (@nwachaseowens)-The former #1 JUST missed out on the top spot this week after a great week as he returned to the Top 10 for the first time since 2015. Obviously New Japan has taken up a lot of his time, but he’s still been toiling away on the indies, picking up big wins and titles every chance he gets. That trend continued over the weekend as he beat Façade at NWA Smoky Mountain on 1/16, then won the TCW Title Tournament on 1/17 to win the vacant title when he beat Ace Haven, then Jeremiah Plunkett, and then Eric Wayne to go 4-0 on the week. In terms of number of wins, no one had a better week than Chase Owens and it’s good to see the former NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion back in the Top 10. He was #5 in the online voting competition with 35 votes.
#3 Joe Coffey (@Joe_Coffey)-In terms of strength of competition, Joe Coffey was arguably #2 behind John Morrison this week. He beat former #1 Will Ospreay at 5Star on 1/13, then beat another former #1 in Zack Sabre Jr. on 1/14, and then beat Carlito on 1/15 to go 3-0 for the week. The only thing that may have kept him out of the #2 spot was the lack of fan votes (he only had 2) and the fact that he didn’t win or defend any titles this past week. Also, it’s important to remember that tournament victories are a big thing, so Chase Owens winning a tournament AND a title gave him the slight nod over Coffey. That being said, Coffey’s week was incredible and we expect to see him to continue to get ranked as the year goes on.
#4 Pete Dunne (@PeteDunneYxB)-The UK had a huge weekend when you consider that 4 of the 5 talents in the Top 5 earned their rankings based on what they did in the UK over the weekend. Pete Dunne continues his impressive rise this week as he gets yet another ranking. After being #46 in the 2015 IPR 100, he built on that this past week as he became the NEW Attack! 24/7 Champion. His weekend was flawless as he teamed with CJ Banks at VII Pro on 1/15 to defeat Tyler Bate & Chris Brookes, then defeated Morgan Webster at RPW on 1/16 to retain the title, then defeated Sebastian Radclaw at Attack! on 1/17, and then defeated Eddie Dennis the same night to win the title to go 4-0 for the week.
#5 Jay Lethal (@TheLethalJay)-It’s very rare that you see Jay Lethal in contention for a spot in the Indy Power Rankings as he is the current ROH World Champion and most of his work consists of competing in ROH and/or New Japan which are not eligible for our rankings. His work in the UK over the weekend, however, was eligible as he took his ROH Title overseas. He lost to Rey Mysterio Jr. By DQ at 5Star on 1/13, but quickly bounced back, defeating PJ Black on 1/14, then AJ Styles on 1/15, and then Mark Haskins at RPW on 1/16 to retain the ROH World Title. His 3-1 record and obvious prestige of who he is and who he beat earned him the #5 spot this week. It may be the last time you see him on our list in 2015, but we sure hope not as it would be good to see even more of him on the indies when he’s available.
#6 Drew Gulak (@DrewGulak)-It’s a week of long-awaited returns as Drew Gulak returns to the Top 10 for the first time in quite some time. The former #1 didn’t earn any fan votes, but the official voters saw enough in his 2 wins over the weekend to reward him with a #6 ranking amongst a ton of tough competition this week. He defeated the very-talented Louis Lyndon at a high profile AAW show on 1/15 and then beat Tarik at another high profile show featuring CZW vs. Smash on 1/16 to go 2-0 for the week. While he doesn’t have the CZW World Title to his credit anymore, he’s still just as active as ever on the indies as he’s been all over the place over the last couple of years. Hopefully 2016 will bring him more titles and more big wins which should equal more rankings.
#7 Donovan Dijak (@DonovanDijak)-Dijak took Europe by storm over the weekend as he travelled out there and defeated one of their top talents in Bad Bones John Klinger at wXw on 1/16 and then beat Big Damo at IPW: UK on 1/17 to go 2-0 for the week. Dijak earned a ranking at the end of 2015 but missed out on the IPR 100 mostly due to his frequent work at ROH. That being said, his 2016 has started off hot as he’s been continuing to get his name out there in promotions outside of ROH. With some more big wins, one would expect him to continue to climb the Top 10. One thing he has yet to achieve is a #1 ranking. Could that be next on the agenda for Donovan Dijak?
#8 Christian Rose (@BitterLunatic)-After being ranked #95 in the IPR 100 for 2015 (a big drop from 2014) it seemed like Rose had been all but forgotten. 2016 has been a 180 for him as he’s starting to kick down the doors to the rankings with big wins all over the place. The FLW Outlaw Champion (and DREAMWAVE Champion) continued his successful run as he beat Gangrel on 1/15 to retain the FLW Outlaw Title and then beat Arik Cannon on 1/16 to again retain the title. A 2-0 weekend and wins over a couple of pretty big names helped to get Rose his first official ranking this year.
#9 People’s Champ. Josef Von Schmidt-We get yet another return the Top 10 this week in large part thanks to the fans. For the official voters, it’s very hard to narrow down a 2-0 week vs. a 2-0 week as to who really had a better week, etc.. JVS went 2-0 with a couple of decent wins as he beat Lio Rush at PWA CT on 1/15 and then beat Drolix at KPW on 1/16. Were those wins better than some of the others who missed out on the Top 10 this week? That’s up for debate, but JVS’s fans took it out of the debate and made his ranking a reality as they helped to push him into the Top 10 by winning the online voting competition for him for a second time. It’s been quite some time since his last People’s Champ award, but this one had to be considered special as it helped him achieve a ranking on a VERY busy week. 333 votes is what it took to help him win the award after a very spirted effort from the fans of Live Wire and Markus Burke.  

#10 Colt Cabana (@ColtCabana)-It may seem pretty odd that Cabana was only ranked #87 in the 2015 IPR 100, but consider this, when you’re a “big name” like him, everyone gives you their best shot every time out. Cabana didn’t have the absolute best 2015 in terms of wins and losses, but he did enough to make the IPR 100, which is saying a lot given the crop of talent. The same is true of this week’s Indy Power Rankings. To grab the #10 spot this week is like grabbing a spot in the Top 5 any other week. It was a HARD week to rank. Cabana squeaks in with a 3-1 week. He lost to PJ Black on 1/13 at 5Star, but then rebounded as he teamed with Grado on 1/14 to defeat Big Damo & Magnus, then defeated Timm Wylie on 1/15, and then defeated Doug Williams at RPW. It wasn’t a perfect week, but it was definitely a good one.
Others missing out/receiving votes:

Johnny Gargano

Live Wire

AR Fox

Markus Burke

Jeremiah Plunkett

Colt Daniels-#4 in the online voting competition with 44 votes

Nick Depp


Cody Leedy-#6 in the online voting competition with 22 votes

Lince Dorado

Ky Ote

Alex Crow

Shane Mercer

Darin Corbin

Tom Van Zant

Brad Attitude

Santana Garrett

Yosuke (loves) Santa Maria

Roy Wilkins

Io Shirai

Hippy Dicky Moon

Dash Chisako

Kongo Kong

Naoki Tanizaki

Benny Bray

Milad Akbar

Will Roberts

Brian Tannen

TJ Max

Reed Bentley

Mark Andrews

Karlos Aries

Daisuke Sasaki

Shuji Kondo

Ryota Hama


Mitch Napier

Randi West

Mayu Iwatani  


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