1/9 UPW Wrestlebowl 2016 Results

Quick results from UPW’s WrestleBowl 2016 at the Eagles Club in Rochester, New York 1/9:
Showcase Matches
1. The Homewreckers won a four corners match against The Wet Bandits, Team Wessler, & The Kayfabe Kids

2. The A-Team (Ryan Cassidy, Brandon Banks, & Vaughn Vertigo) defeated The Canadian Geese (Shane Sabre, Preston Miles, & Kobe Durst)
Main Show
1. Marc Hauss defeated “The Amazing Canadian” Lionel Knight by submission
2. “100% Intensity” Bobby Dipinto defeated “Sik” Rik Matrix (w/”Mad Dog” Bobby Rogers) in a Last Man Standing match
3. To Infinity & Beyond defeated Tag Team Champions Tigerslayer 08 to win the tag team titles
4. Ron Falco defeated “Real Mutha Trucker” Dewey Murray
5. Coconut Jones defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page
6. Space Monkey defeated “Rain On Your Parade” Cloudy
7. Victor Lord won a six-way scramble match against “The Alpha & The Omega” Jason Savior, Anarchy Ashe Aubrey, LaDiva, “The Cali Kid” Jordan Falco, & “Mr. 450” Jay Flyier
8. No Limits Champion “The Young Lion of the West” Mattick defeated Carter Mason
9. The returning Chris Cayden defeated Thomas Torrens
10. UPW Heavyweight Champion Maximo Suave defeated Hellcat


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