2016 Indy Power Rankings Changes

More changes coming to the Indy Power Rankings in 2016!
At the end of every year we evaluate our processes so that we are doing the best possible service we can to independent wrestling as a whole, its fans, and wrestlers alike. In 2015, any matches consisting of wrestlers in WWE, TNA, ROH, GFW, Lucha Underground, or NJPW are ineligible for this list. We simply ignore all matches in these promotions as we do not consider them independent wrestling companies. In 2016 we will be adding NOAH, All Japan, AAA, & CMLL to that list.
The four companies being added (along with the ones that weren’t being considered in the first place) to the ineligible list could be argued for or against as independent wrestling companies. We put it to a vote and felt that leaving them out of the discussion would do no harm to those competing in the companies and clear up more space for other independent wrestlers to get ranked throughout the year. These changes will be implemented starting with next week’s rankings.

As always we will evaluate our rules at the end of the year once again. Thanks for your support!


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