Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 7th, 2015

  •  Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 7th, 2015 

#1 Princess Kimber Lee (@Kimber_Lee90)-With this #1 ranking, Kimber Lee becomes just the second female (Santana Garrett is the other) to be ranked #1 twice. Not only that, it’s her second time this year. 2015 has been PHENOMENAL for one half of the Kimber Bombs in both singles and tag team wrestling. This week wasn’t an easy week for the official voters, but in the end, the consensus was that Kimber Lee’s week was just too much to not put #1 based on the importance of what she did. As just Kimber Lee she started the week on 12/4 where she defeated Renee Michelle to retain the MCW Women’s Title. She then switched to her Princess Kimber Lee persona at CHIKARA where she teamed with Jervis Cottonbelly & Los Ice Creams to defeat Wrecking Crew (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, Flex Rumblecrunch, Jaka) at CHIKARA on 12/5 to win the 2015 Challenge of the Immortals. She then turned that win into more success as she defeated Hallowicked to win CHIKARA Grand Championship the same day. Congratulations to Kimber Lee on the 3-0 week, her second #1 ranking, and ALL of her titles & success in 2015. We expect more big things to come in 2016.

#2 David Starr (@TheProductDS)-In 2014 David Starr and JT Dunn were collecting multiple sets of tag team titles in the Juicy Product tag team. This year has been a little bit more quiet for the most part, but now things are really picking up for Starr. A few weeks ago he made headlines when he and Dave Crist went 103 minutes at Rockstar Pro. This week his hard work paid off as he gets his highest ranking this year after defeating Matt Taylor at Rockstar Pro on 12/2, then beat Aaron Williams and Dave Crist on 12/4 to win the Rockstar Pro Title, and then beat Matt Riddle at Legacy Wrestling on 12/5 to go 3-0 on the week. Last year he had a fantastic year and ended up with a #2 ranking in singles at one point…and he duplicates that success this week. Look out for him to break out in 2016.

#3 Jimmy Havoc (@JimmyHavoc)-Jimmy Havoc will tell you he has issues, but at the end of the day, he’s successful. His 2015 has been simply amazing. Over this past weekend the IPW: UK World, SWE Speed King, and FPW Champion travelled to Italy where he competed and won the ASCA Super 8 Cup by defeating Mr. Excellent, then The Greatest, and then Trent Seven in the Finals. A 3-0 week and another tournament victory gets one of the UK’s top stars another great ranking as he just continues to put together and impressive portfolio of rankings in 2015. We’d love to see him head to the U.S. for a tour in 2016.

#4 Corporal Robinson (@deathmatchchamp)-Corporal Robinson misses out on the #1 spot after winning his second Death Match Tournament for the second time this year, BUT he definitely did not have a week to be ashamed of in way, shape, or form. He flew all the way out to the West Coast for the UEW Sovereign Slaughter Tournament and came out on top after beating Max X in the First Round, then MASADA in the semi-finals, and then JD Horror in the finals to take home the trophy. Many Death Match fans feel that Corporal Robinson has had the best 2015 of anyone…and really…with this type of success, who can blame them? 2015 has been career resurgence for “Corp” and we hope to see much, much more of that as we enter 2016. He also racked up 96 votes to come in fourth in the online voting competition.

#5 Fred Yehi ( In terms of wins and losses, no one had a more successful week than Fred Yehi who gets his second ranking of the year after a 4-0 weekend. He defeated Adam Wylde at TWE Chattanooga on 12/5, then at GPW/Indy Wrestling Channel on 12/6 he defeated Jaden Newmanin in the first round of the IWC Title Tournament, then defeated Drew Game in the semifinals, and then defeated Ray Fury in the final to become inaugural champion. So with a #2 ranking and a #5 ranking under his belt, will we see him in the IPR 100 this year? Tune into Elite Podcast Network at on 12/29 and 12/30 to find out!

#6 Pete Dunne (@PeteDunneYxB)-Pete Dunne just continues to rack up victories, titles, and tournament wins. The NLW, Relentless Division, Attack, PWK and 1/2 of SWE Tag Team Champions went to FCP on 12/4 and defeated Nixon Newell, Tyler Bate & Damian Dunne in the first round of the Infinity 2015 Tournament and then defeated Zack Sabre Jr in the finals to win the tournament to go 2-0 for the week. His biggest strength this week was his strength of competition as he beat ZSJ who many feel is truly the best in the world right now. This is Dunne’s third ranking this year and second highest. It’s crunch time in the Indy Power Rankings. Can Pete Dunne make the cut of the IPR 100 this year?

#7 Ryan Swift (@RRSwift14)-The PWA Ontario Champion gets his first official ranking this year after a 3-0 week in Canada. He defeated Rip Impact on 12/4 to retain the title, then beat Eric Cairnie on 12/5 to retain again, and then beat Marc Hauss on 12/6 to retain for a third time. Canada has been producing some really underrated talent and after seven years strong, it might be time to start taking a look at some names like Ryan Swift going forward.

#8 People’s Champ. Rude Boy Riley (@RUDEBoyRiley)-Rude Boy Riley and his fans had a HUGE influence on the rankings this week. He got on the ballot by winning the Tier-1 Championship from Luke Hawx on 12/4. The double champion (also WOW Heavyweight Champion) collected an impressive 151 votes from his fans and supporters to win the online voting competition which propelled him into the Top 10 on a VERY difficult week filled with competition. Riley was just one of two people to be ranked this week with just one win, but considering the importance of his win, he absolutely deserved a spot in the Top 10. We hope to see much, much more of him next year as seems to be just getting started.

#9 Santana Garrett (@SantanaGarrett_)-Here’s a name that NEVER goes quietly into the night as Santana Garrett just continues to DOMINATE as she has returned to the U.S. after a successful tour of Japan with another great weekend of wrestling. The NWA World Women’s Champion and Wonder of Stardom Champion (and Battling Bombshells, Shine, OPW, NPW and CWE Vixens Champion) defeated Grace Storm, MJ Knight and Shaniah Arlyana in a four-way at I Believe in Wrestling on 12/5 to retain the NWA and Stardom titles and then defeated MJ Knight the same day at AFW to retain both the NWA and Stardom titles to go 2-0 for the week. For most people this would be a STELLAR week but for Santana and the year she’s had, it was just another day at the office.

#10 Caleb Konley (@calebkonley)-The FIP World Champion and former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings squeezes his way back into the Top 10 this week after defeating Gran Akuma at Tier-1 to retain the title on 12/4. Konley has done a good job of helping to re-establish the FIP World Title by taking it other places outside of Florida and defending it and he was rewarded this week by being only the second person in this week’s Top 10 to get in with just one win. It will be interesting to see what 2016 holds for Konley who seems to just get better as the months go on.


Others missing out/receiving votes:

Reed Bentley
Gary Jay
Colt Cabana
Dicky Moon
Big Daddy Walter
Darius Carter
Danny Blaze
Ron Mathis
Concrete Davidson
Kenny Williams
Rob Conway
The Statement
Murder 1
Nate Wings
Matt Tremont
Brodie Marshall
Danny Hope
Super Crazy
Mario Crivello
Sami Callihan
Leon Knights
Psycho Clown
Rhett Giddins
Tyler Colton
Cody Deaner
Raymond Rowe
Will Ospreay
Masaaki Mochizuki
James Anthony
Devlin Kain
Brad Attitude
American Viking
Kris Kash
Justin Sysum
Eddie Smooth
John Greed

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