11/27 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) Young Guns Shootout Results

Round 1-Dewey Barnes beat Jake Parnell

Round 1-JC Rotten defeated Slade Sludge

Round 1-Aidan Blackheart beat Drew Dillinger

Round 1-Nick Depp defeated Shane Mercer

Randi West & Joey Venom beat Joseph Schwartz & Kathy Owens

Round 2-JC Rotten beat Dewey Barnes

Round 2-Nick Depp defeated Aidan Blackheart 

Finals-Nick Depp beat JC Rotten

IWA Mid-South World Title Match-Reed Bentley vs John Wayne Murdoch

John Wayne Murdoch wins the title

*Next week: Hy Zaya vs Lee Byford 

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