Indy Power Rankings for the Week of November 23rd, 2015

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of November 23rd, 2015


#1 Masato Yoshino-So this #1 ranking is the first for Masato Yoshino, but it wasn’t without at least a little bit of debate among the official voters. While most had him at #1 on their ballots with a 10-0 records, there were some detractors that noted that most of his wins were tags and that it was against the same competition. In the end, the supporters of the overwhelming 10-0 record won out, but it made for an interesting discussion. Yoshino gets his first #1 here when he teamed with T-Hawk at Dragon Gate on 11/16 to defeat CIMA and “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa twice, then teamed with T-Hawk on 11/17 to defeat Masaaki Mochizuki and “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa three times, then teamed with Akira Tozawa and T-Hawk on 11/18 to defeat YAMATO, Shingo Takagi and Kotoka, then teamed with T-Hawk on 11/19 to defeat Don Fujii and Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, then defeated “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa twice on 11/21, and then teamed with Akira Tozawa & T-Hawk on 11/22 to defeat Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda and Ryo “Jimmy” Saito) to go 10-0 for the week. Insane week=#1 ranking.

#2 Aja Perera (@OSnap_AppleJax)-It was a FANTASTIC week in Mexico for Aja Perera after winning the LLF Cup at Lucha Libre Femenil in Mexico on 11/20. It’s her first ranking as she defeated Nina Monet in the first round, then defeated Katary in the second round, then Polly Star in the semi-finals and then Nina Monet in the final to win the tournament to go 4-0 for the week. She’ll be the first to tell you that she wears a cape and kicks people, but this week she went above and beyond with an amazing ranking for someone who is only 21 years old. Expect more big things in 2016.

#3 Volador Jr.-As high as this ranking is, it’s only the second highest ranking for Volador Jr. in 2015 as he was ranked #2 earlier in the year. It’s been a solid year and this week was no different as 1/3 of the CMLL World Trios Champions, NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion (and UIPW Heavyweight Champion) teamed with Mistico and Valiente on 11/16 at CMLL to defeat La Peste Negra (El Barbaro Cavernario, Mr. Niebla & Negro Casas) to retain the trios title, then defeated Negro Casas on 11/17 to retain the NWA title, then teamed with Atlantis, Dragon Lee at CMLL on 11/20 to defeat Kamaitachi, Mr. Niebla & Negro Casas, and then teamed with El Valiente & Zumbi at LLE on 11/22 to defeat La Familia de Tijuana (Bestia 666, Damián 666 and Halloween) to go 4-0 for the week. It was a flawless week for one of the best in Mexico.

#4 Matt Tremont (@TremontCZW)-Matt Tremont continues to be one of the top performers of 2015 as the CZW World Champion (and current VOW Anarchy Champion) and former 3 time #1 this year teamed with Jessicka Havok at the joint CZW/WSU event on 11/21 to defeat Allysin Kay & Pepper Parks and then defeated DJ Hyde at the CZW event the same day to retain the title and go 2-0 for the week. “The Bulldozer” has been absolutely unstoppable in 2015, proving once again that his nickname is absolutely appropriate.

#5 Randi West (@RanWestWrestlin)-“The Toughest Broad in Wrestling” gets her second ranking this year (and the highest this year) as she defeated Kathy “The Butcher” Owens in a Thumbtack Madness Match at IWA Mid-South on 11/20 in an absolute war and then beat Thunderkitty and Auctavia Plezing at NSW on 11/21 to go 2-0 for the week. Last year’s IWA Mid-South Queen of the Death Matches is on a great roll as we had into the year-end IPR 100. Can she make the cut?

#6 X-tian Blake-X-tian Blake had perhaps the best “singles” week out of anyone in the Top 10 as on 11/21 at PWE he defeated Gary Jay in the First Round of a tournament there, then beat Stitch Osiris in the semi-finals, and then beat Ryan Oshun in the finals to win the tournament. A 3-0 week gets X-tian Blake his very first ranking on a week where there were multiple people with multiple wins, making it very hard to separate from the pack.

#7 Jake Dirden (@DirdEYTV)-Jake Dirden returns to the Indy Power Rankings Top 10 this week after winning the PGP Franchise Title for a second time in a violent Steel Cage Match vs. Blake Edward Belakis on 11/21. Dirden has been on fire as of late, winning 7 of his last 8 matches. You can catch Jake Dirden on Night 2 of the IPR 100 Reveal on 12/30 at . Will Dirden be one of the lucky 100 this year? Tune in to find out!

#8 Max X-Max X was probably the other most successful wrestler in singles competition over the past week as he won the West Coast Cruiser Tournament on 11/21. He defeated Cory Jackson in the first round on 11/20, then beat Ray Rosas on 11/21 in the quarterfinals, then defeated Buddy Royal in the semi-finals, and then defeated Daniel Torch the same night to go 4-0 and win the tournament. Surprisingly, this is Max X’s first ranking!

#9 Johnathan Lone Wolf (@johnathan_wolf)-The NWA/CCW Junior Champion leaned on the fans a little bit this week and of course the official voters as well. With 42 votes in the online voting competition he grabbed the #2 spot in the fan vote and slipped into the Top 10 this week for the very first time in large part because of that. He earned his way onto the poll again this week after a big win vs. Andrew Hunter & Ace Perry in a Triple Threat at FWS on 11/21. Congrats to Johnathan Lone Wolf on his very first official ranking!

#10 Tyson Dux (@TysonDux)-Solid week for one of the best in Canada as he defeated Idris Abraham at IWR on 11/18, then teamed with Aiden Prince at BCW on 11/20 to defeat Idris Abraham & John E. Bravo, and then defeated Tarik at Smash on 11/22 to go 3-0 for the week. Much like many of the others in the Top 10 this week, this is actually Tyson Dux’s first official ranking this year. Pretty hard to believe considering his skill level, but it’s long overdue.

People’s Champ. Australian Wolf-Talent in QWA in Australia rack up another People’s Champ award as Australian Wolf picks up his first online voting competition win after a time limit draw with Seth Tylors and then a victory in a $10,000 rumble the same night. With 57 votes collected for Australian Wolf, it wasn’t the most voted on competition we’ve ever had, but that made it just that much more competitive with several names trying to get their names out there.

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Jack Gallagher

Brad Attitude

Big Damo


Reed Bentley

Martin Kirby

Tom van Zant

Jake Parnell

Matt Hardy

Charlie Anarchy

Big T Thomas Moore

Tommaso Ciampa

Cody Deaner

Zane Dawson

Taka Michinoku

James Anthony

John Skyler

Zack Gibson

Darin Corbin

David Starr

Devin Thomas

Cedric Alexander

Jason Kincaid

Stacy Shadows

Kody Rice


Leva Bates


Shane Mercer

Jax Dane

Kimber Lee


Rio Mizunami

Kennedy Kendrick

Alex Rudolph


Bucky Collins



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