Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of November 16th, 2015

 Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of November 16th, 2015

#1 Tessa Blanchard & Anthony Greene-Here’s a tag team that came out of NOWHERE to score their first #1 ranking as a team this week in a big surprise. They won the LPW Kings and Queens Tournament over the weekend as they beat Alexxis Nevaeh & Scotty Slade in the First Round of the tournament, then beat Delmi Exo & Vern Vicallo in the Second Round, and then beat Davienne & Travis Gordon in the Finals to win the tournament. A 3-0 weekend gets them a ton of support from the official voters as most of them had them at #1 on their ballot this week, but to top it all off, they collected a VERY impressive 140 votes in the Tag Team Voting Competition to come in second place in the fan vote and really pound the point home and ensure they were #1 this week. Congratulations to these two young talents! We hope to see them team more as the weeks and months roll on.


#2 Yankee Two Kenju (Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto)-Aside from Blanchard and Greene, THIS was the team that got the most support from the official voters (and ironically ZERO fan support in the online voting competition) this week. They are the NEW All Japan All Asia Tag Team Champions who defeated Daichi Hashimoto & Kazuki Hashimoto at All Japan on 11/11 and then beat Xceed (Kotaro Suzuki & Yohei Nakajima) on 11/15 to win the vacant tag team titles after a 2-0 week. The former #1’s in the Tag Team Top 5 (and former #3) have had a very good year and this ranking just helps to prove that fact. Expect to see them competing for a very high ranking in the year-end Tag Team Top 50.


#3 Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)-This tag team just continues to climb the ladder of the Tag Team Top 5 as they’ve had 3 mentions, a #5 ranking, a #4 ranking, and now a #3 ranking. As we’ve said in the past, with them being ICW (and SWA) Tag Team Champions, they have great opportunities to get themselves ranked with victories. They scored a couple of huge wins last week when they teamed with Coach Trip & DCT at TW on 11/13 to defeat Bubblegum, Flex Hunter, Ryan Kross & T-Bone and then defeated The 55 (Kid Fite & Sha Samuels) at ICW on 11/15 to retain the titles in front of a tremendous audience. One would assume a #2 and/or #1 ranking is next on the horizon for Polo & Coffey.


#4 Monster Express (Masato Yoshino & Akira Tozawa)-Last week’s #1 drops a bit through really no fault of their own. They continued to do what they usually do and picked up 2 more victories over the weekend at Dragon Gate. They defeated Dragon Kid and Shachihoko BOY at Dragon Gate on 11/9 and then teamed with T-Hawk on 11/15 to defeat Over Generation (CIMA, Eita & Punch Tominaga) to go 2-0 for the week. They have won 12 straight matches as a team, but likely the only thing keeping them from even more consistently high rankings is the fact that they compete exclusively at Dragon Gate against many of the same opponents week after week.


#5 Flawless & Lawless (Blake Morris & Rex Lawless)-The FBW (and NYWC Tag Team Champions) get their first official ranking this week after 2 previous mentions this year. They had a truly QUALITY win when they defeated EYFBO, Milk Chocolate, & World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) in a Gauntlet Match at FBW on 11/13 to retain the titles. While it’s debatable as to how many wins a Gauntlet Match should count as, for official results, they are the only team in the Tag Team Top 5 this week with just one victory…which says something about how great their win really was.


People’s Champs. Heaven & Earth (Jay Flyier @JayFlyier450 & Jason Savior @Savior_Jason)-This tag team gets their very first victory in the Tag Team Voting Competition as the fans came STRONG in a highly competitive vote this week. With 154 votes, they BARELY beat out Anthony Greene & Tessa Blanchard (who could have been one of the few teams to have been #1 AND People’s Champs in the same week) to win the fan vote this week. They are the People’s Champs after beating Subarshii Pumpokeens at UW on 11/14 and are looking to make more waves as we head into 2016. Congrats to them!

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Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Havok & Karnage

Viking War Party (Jake Parnell & Alex Rudolph)

Hiroyo Matsumoto & Santana Garrett

8bit Punks

The Fellowship-#3 in the online voting competition with 107 votes

Rock n Roll Express

Davienne & Travis Gordon


The Wolves

The Soul Ryders

Psycho Circus

The Hell Cats


Grado & Kenny Williams


One Night Only

The Influence



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