Indy Power Rankings for the Week of November 2nd, 2015

 Indy Power Rankings for the Week of November 2nd, 2015


#1 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-Make it SIX #1 rankings for this superstar. Rare is the occasion that we call “wrestlers” “superstars” but Galloway has earned that right. He continues his push for the top spot in the year-end IPR 100 as the ICW and Scottish Heavyweight Champion defeated James Castle at RPW on 10/27, then teamed with Jack Jester at ICW on 10/30 to defeat Tommy End & Jimmy Havoc, then beat Rockstar Spud at ICW on 10/31 to retain the ICW Title, and then wrapped up the week with a win vs. Big Damo at ICW on 11/1 to go 4-0 for the week. His week was particular dominant as the official voters ALL put him at #1 on their ballots this week. The fans showed him a bit of support in the online voting competition as well, but at the end of the day, it was all about the official voters seeing what he did this week combined with what he has done the rest of the year that got him his SIXTH #1 ranking. That is more than anyone in 2015. Can he add to it before the end of the year?

#2 Pete Dunne (@PeteDunneYxB)-Here’s a name of someone we’ve seen a lot this year, but not nearly as high as he is this week. The NLW, Kamikaze Relentless Division, Attack 24/7, Pro Wrestling Kingdom and 1/2 of SWE Tag Team Champions defeated El Ligero at Kamakazi Pro on 10/28 to retain the Relentless Division title, then teamed with Damian Dunne at SWA on 10/31 to lose to Ryan Smile & Tyler Bate, then at SWE on 11/1 he defeated Chris Tyler in the first round, then defeated Tyler Bate in the semifinals, and then defeated Trevor Lee in the final to win the SWE 2015 Young Tigers Cup to go 4-1 for the week. If it wasn’t for that one lone loss in tag team competition, he likely would have grabbed his first #1 ranking, BUT he does secure his first #2 ranking with one phenomenal week. Will we be seeing more of him before the end of 2015 so that he can claim a spot in the IPR 100?

#3 Chris Hero (@TheChrisHero)-The Knockout Artist continues to show why he’s still one of the best wrestlers in the world no matter where he’s competing. This past week , Chris Hero’s success came in NOAH in Japan as he beat Masato Tanaka in a war on 10/26 and then beat Davey Boy Smith, Jr. on 10/29 to go 2-0 for the week. He has now won 6 of his last 7 matches and that record, combined with his strength of competition, and prestige of who he is in this business helped to leap frog him over some people with more wins, but without the stature of Chris Hero. Hero is having a great 2015. The only thing he’s missing right now is a high profile title. Perhaps that will be his next conquest.

#4 Joseph Conners (@JosephConners)-The SWE Heavyweight Champion and LCW Heavyweight Champion had a GREAT week in the UK as he beat Eric Young at SWE on 10/28 to retain the title, then defeated Jurgen Heimlich at LCW on 10/31 to retain that title, and then defeated Martin Kirby at SWE on 11/1 to retain the title to go 3-0 for the week. Joseph Conners isn’t a name that you’ve seen a lot in the Top 10 this year, but considering the status of his title, it’s likely you’ll be seeing him again before the end of the year and into 2016.

#5 Aaron Williams (@PlanetWillams)-It’s been a while since we’ve seen “The Baddest Man on the Planet” in the Top 10, but his victory at Rockstar Pro this past week necessitated a spot in this week’s rankings. He is the NEW Rockstar Pro Champion (along with being ½ of the Rockstar Pro Tag Team Champions) after he beat Nate Wins in the final of the Cicero Cup on 10/28 and then beat Ron Mathis the same night to win the title. We’ll have Aaron Williams on the Tag Team Top 5 Reveal next Wednesday, November 11th at 3 PM Eastern to talk about his huge title win. Don’t miss it at

#6 Will Ospreay (@WillOspreay)-The PROGRESS Champion and quite frankly, one of the UK’s top talents gets himself yet another ranking this week as he beat Trevor Lee at RPW in the UK on 10/27 and then beat Darrell Allen at GPW in Germany on 10/31 to go 2-0 for the week. The former #1 has won 3 straight matches and will likely be one of the highest ranked UK talents in the IPR 100 at the end of the year if he can continue this run he’s on.

#7 Tim Storm (@TimStorm_)-GREAT week for Tim Storm as he gets his highest ranking to date. The NWA North American Heavyweight Champion and 1/2 of NEW Inspire Pro Tag Team Champions defeated Brian Breaker at IHWE on 10/31 to retain the NWA title, then teamed with Davey Vega at Inspire Pro on 11/1 to defeat Sky De Lacrimosa, The Park Avenue Boys (Zac Taylor & DG Taylor), The Pump Patrol (Jared Wayne & Curt Matthews), The Hooded Menace (The Great Depression & The Hollywood Strangler) and Jessica James & Delilah Doom in a quarterfinal gauntlet, then they defeated The Princes Of The Universe (Terrale Tempo & Donovan Danhausen) in the semifinals the same day; then defeated Matthew Palmer & Andy Dalton in the final to win the tournament and the vacant titles to go 4-0 for the week. His stats came in a little late so in actuality, he may have been a bit underrated this week.

#8 Shelton Benjamin (@Sheltyb803)-The former Gold Standard moves up two spots from last week after a flawless week at NOAH in Japan. Shelton Benjamin defeated MAYBACH Taniguchi at NOAH on 10/26 and then beat Mitsuhiro Kitamiya on 10/29 to go 2-0 for the week. Shelton has now won 8 of his last 11 matches as he’s on fire right now at just the right time. Will we see Shelton Benjamin in the year-end IPR 100? He still has some work to do!

#9 Kagetsu-1/2 of the OZ Academy Tag Team Champions defeated Koharu Hinata at FMW on 10/30, then teamed with Bambi on 10/31 at FMW to defeat Miss Mongol and Miss Koharu, and then defeated Kazuki at JWP on 11/1 to go 3-0 for the week. Kagetsu is not a name we’ve seen previously in the Top 10 but a 3-0 week always holds some weight and because of that, you get to see her in the Top 10 for the very first time.

#10 Willie Mack (@Willie_Mack)-If this ranking seems a bit low for someone who was 4-0 over the weekend, it’s because two of his victories came to us at the last second. The AWS Heavyweight Champion and ½ of the PWR Tag Team Champions defeated Rey Horus and Balam (aka Lince Dorado) in a triple threat at VLL on 10/29, then beat Lince Dorado at VLL on 10/30, then defeated Oraculo at VLL on 10/31, and then beat Alex Green at VLL on 11/1. He likely should have been ranked higher, but unfortunately sometimes that’s how it goes when results come in late! We hope to see him more as the year rolls to an end.

People’s Champ. Seth Tylors-QWA in Australia comes strong again this week as they claim another win in the online voting competition as their champion got on the poll with a victory vs. Stitches the Clown in Australia on 10/31 to retain the title. He managed to collect 102 votes to get the People’s Champ award this week. Congrats to him and to QWA on the big win!


Others missing out/receiving votes:





Sugar Dunkerton

Greg Anthony-#2 in the online voting competition with 39 votes

Johnathan Lone Wolf

Hillbilly Jed

Zizou Middox

Jun Akiyama


Fred Yehi

Martin Stone

Minoru Tanaka

Mikey Lord


Lance Lawrence


Will Cuevas


Reed Bentley

Logan Creed

Arisa Nakajima

Daisuke Sasaki

Dylan Roberts

The Saint

Liam Lazarus

Acid Haze

Tristan Archer

Mr. J

Lucas Gold

Tiger Ali

Keith Lee


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