Indy Power Rankings for the Week of October 12th, 2015

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of October 12th, 2015


#1 Joey Janela (@JANELABABY)-Joey Janela was honestly getting a raw deal all year long. From honorable mention to “others receiving votes” over and over again…he just kept getting snubbed. In 2014 he achieved a #1 ranking and a VERY high rank in the IPR 100, but was unable to get such a ranking this year…until this week. This was an INCREDIBLY close rank at the #1 and #2 spots as it was literally ONE fan vote that got Joey Janela the #1 spot this week. The “official voters” were dead-locked with Joey Janela & Atlantis tied for the top spot this week and so it came down to the fan vote (which as we’ve said time and time again MATTERS). Janela had one more vote than Atlantis, thus the tiebreaker goes to him giving him his second #1 ranking. He is now the NEW CZW Wired Champion and the current OPW Heavyweight Champion (and Forza Lucha Cup Champion) after he teamed with Bad Boy II at Dojo Wars on 10/8 to defeat Business Casual (Pete Lightning & Hous Blazer) then defeated Invisible Man at Sideshow Pro on 10/9, then defeated Tim Donst at CZW on 10/10 to win the title,and  then defeated Jeff Cannonball at South Jersey WrestleFest to retain the OPW title to go 4-0 for the week. His second #1 is long overdue. Congrats to “The Bad Boy!”

#2 Atlantis-An INSANE 7-0 week couldn’t get the top honors for Atlantis this week, but it does net him his highest ranking at #2. There are a few debates about Atlantis’s week. One…is CMLL truly an “indy?” Two…how much did his tag wins mean vs. Joey Janela’s wins? Hard to say and it really came down to a matter of opinion among the voters. Here’s Atlantis’s week and you can decide for yourself who should be #1 at the end of the day: Atlantis is the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion, WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Champion and Azteca Champion, teamed with Mr. Niebla & Ultimo Guerrero at CMLL on 10/5 to defeat La Mascara, La Sombra & Shocker, then in the Campeon Universal Del CMLL 2015 on 10/9 he defeated won a seeding battle royal, then defeated Negro Casas in the first round, then defeated Volador Jr in the second round, then defeated Mephisto in the semifinals, then on 10/10 defeated Rey Escorpion, and then teamed with Ángel de Oro and La Máscara on 10/11 to defeat Boby Zavala, Dragón Rojo Jr. and Pólvora to go 7-0 for the week.

#3 Jimmy Havoc (@JimmyHavoc)-The UK has been well-represented this year in the Indy Power Rankings and perhaps no one has been more impressive in terms of big wins and rankings than Jimmy Havoc. The SWE Speed King and IPW:UK World (and FPW) Champion) defeated JTG at SWE on 10/10, then defeated El Ligero the same night to retain the title, and then defeated Grado at IPW:UK to retain the title and go 3-0 for the week. He didn’t have the sheer number of wins that Janela and Atlantis had this week, but his wins were definitely QUALITY WINS.

#4 Kongo Kong (@RealKongoKong)-It’s a return to form for one of wrestling’s only “monsta” as he secures a very high ranking for himself after some time away from the Top 10 to focus on some bigger things perhaps. In recent months the entire world has been seeing what many of have seen from him all along…and that is his ability to be a STAR in the world of professional wrestling. He cashed that star power in over the weekend as he defeated Christian Faith at AAW on 10/9 and then beat Russ Jones at FWF on 10/10 to win the FWF Heavyweight Title. A 2-0 week isn’t quite as impressive as some of the weeks in the past, but with a new title to play with, Kong may now be unstoppable once again.

#5 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-Much like Kong at 4, Galloway returns to form this week by grabbing yet another ranking in 2015. He is one of the few viable contenders for the top spot in the IPR 100 and he NEEDED this ranking if he has any shot at contending with some of the others as he has had some time away to focus on other things as well. While he doesn’t have the stash of titles he once had, he is still the ICW World Heavyweight Champion (and Scottish and DPW Champion) and started off the week slow when he lost a tag to Polo Promotions (teaming with Jack Jester on 10/8). He bounced back as he defeated Rampage Brown on 10/9 to retain the ICW title, then defeated Doug Williams on 10/10 to retain the title again, and then defeated Marty Scurll on 10/11 to retain the title again and go 3-1 for the week. It was again, not a perfect week by any means, but an impressive one considering his competition and his own name value.

#6 Shynron (@DragonShynron)-It’s a triumphant return to the Top 10 this week for the CLL International All Star Champion as he defeated Mark Angelosetti at CHIKARA on 10/9 and then beat Mark Andrews on 10/10 to go 2-0 for the week. Shynron seems to always be a favorite of the official voters any time he can rattle off more than one win in a weekend with no losses and this week was proof of that. He is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world and even his multiple rankings over the past 2 years can’t do him justice.

#7 Cheerleader Melissa (@FutureLegendCF)-Much like some of the others in the Top 10, it wasn’t her sheer number of wins, but perhaps the stage she did it on that helped her ranking this week. A 3-0 week is DAMN impressive, but when you are the GRPW Lady Luck Champion and then beat Crazy Mary Dobson at SHIMMER on 10/10, then beat Makoto the same day, then team with Yumi Ohka on 10/11 to beat KC Spinelli & Xandra Bale…people are going to take notice. Melissa had been snubbed quite a bit in 2013 and 2014 in the rankings, but 2015 has been an amazing year even without the SHIMMER Title around her cut waist.

#8 Madison Eagles (@SeriouslyEagles)-Too high? Too low? Just right? What are your thoughts on the ranking of the new SHIMMER Champion? Let us know. Anyway, she lost in a Battle Royal at SHIMMER on 10/10 which is a forgivable loss to be sure, but then she defeated Nicole Matthews on 10/10 to win the title, then teamed with Daizee Haze, Kellie Skater & Lexie Fyfe on 10/11 to defeat Team Perez (Kimber Lee, Lacey & The Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez) to go 2-1 for the week. Should she have been given more credit for her title win? That’s up for debate!

#9 Bad Bones (@TheGermanPsycho)-When you are consider one of “Europe’s finest” you get a little more recognition than perhaps some other peers. Bad Bones has been VERY consistent over the last few years and that continued this past week. He fought Absolute Andy to a double knockout at wXw in Germany on 10/9, then defeated Bram on 10/10, then defeated The Puppet on 10/11 at IPW:UK, and then defeated JTG the same night to go 3 wins, 1 draw for the week. As always, Bad Bones keeps finding ways to get himself ranked in the Top 10.

#10/People’s Champ. Corporal Robinson-Corp continues to prove how relevant he is in 2015 in not only the death match circuit, but independent wrestling, in general. Let’s backup though and point out that once again, the fan vote came through for someone in the Top 10 this week. Had Corporal Robinson not collected 70 votes to win the online voting competition, he likely would have JUST missed out on the Top 10 this week. Instead, in large part because of the fan vote, Corporal Robinson gets another ranking this week to go along with his People’s Champ award. He is the NEW CCW Hardcore Champion after he teamed with Cash Flo, Harry Palmer, Ox Harley & Randi West at IWA Mid-South on 10/9 to defeat Adam Bueller, Dale Patricks, Frank Wyatt, Josh Crane & Thunderkitty and then defeated John Wayne Murdoch on 10/10 to win the title to go 2-0 for the week. 2015 has to rank up there as one of Corporal Robinson’s crowning achievements…and it’s not over yet!

1st Honorable Mention. Daisuke Sekimoto-1/2 of NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions; teamed with Yuji Okabayashi at BJW on 10/6 to defeat Hideyoshi Kamitani & Yuko Miyamoto; then teamed with Yuji Okabayashi on 10/7 to defeat Hideyoshi Kamitani & Yoshihisa Uto; then defeated Yoshihisa Uto on 10/9; then teamed with Yuji Okabayashi on 10/10 to defeat Twin Towers (Kohei Sato and Shuji Ishikawa); then teamed with Yuji Okabayashi on 10/11 to defeated Hideki Suzuki and Yoshihisa Uto to go 5-0 for the week; has won 10 of his last 12 matches

2nd Honorable Mention. Santana Garrett-OPW and NWA Women’s Champion (and PRW, Battling Bombshells, Shine, NPW and CWE Women’s Champion); teamed with Shaniah Arlyana at SCW on 10/10 to beat Grace Storm & MJ Knight; then defeated Shaniah Arlyana at OPW to retain the OPW and NWA titles to go 2-0 for the week; undefeated in her last 46 matches (45 wins, 1 draw)

3rd Honorable Mention. Big Damo aka Damian O’Connor-Pride and XWA British Heavyweight Champion; fought Grado to a draw on 10/8 at ICW; then defeated Sha Samuels on 10/9; then defeated Iestyn Rees on 10/10; then defeated James Davis on 10/11 to go 3 wins, 1 draw for the week; has won 8 and drawn 1 of his last 11 matches

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Shinjiro Otani

James Anthony-#2 in the online voting competition with 51 votes

Ethan Page

Matt Cage

Mitch Huff-#3 in the online voting competition with 27 votes

Joey Ryan-#4 in the online voting competition with 21 votes


Mayu Iwatani

Io Shirai

Akira Tozawa

Damian Slater

Bull Bronson

The Crow

Courtney Rush


Jon Cross

Trevor Lee

Cold River Samukawa

Ryota Hama

Jimmy K-Ness

Dasher Hatfield


Joe Coffey

Rhett Giddins

Matt Tremont


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