Team IOU (@TeamIOU) Information Hub


With 136 votes collected from their fans and supporters, Team IOU (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) edged out The Fellowship to win the online voting competition this week to become “People’s Champs” of the Indy Power Rankings’ Tag Team Top 5 yet again. They are also currently the Proving Ground Pro Tag Team Champions AND this week’s #1 in the Tag Team Top 5 for the first time since 2014. Add to that the fact that to our knowledge they are the only team to win the online voting competition AND the official #1 in the same week…you’ll see why this team are such a hot commodity. Here is all the information on how you can support one of the best tag teams on the indies-

You can buy their t-shirts and support them monetarily here:

You can follow them on Twitter and find out where they’ll be competing week-to-week at:

@TeamIOU (Tag Team)

@IggyNJ210 (Nick Iggy)

@KerryAwful (Kerry Awful)

You can subscribe to their videos on YouTube by searching “TeamIOU” and subscribing for promos, matches, & more!


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