Indy Power Rankings for the Week of September 14th, 2015

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of September 14th, 2015


#1 Santana Garrett (@SantanaGarrett_)-Originally this started out as an easy #1 for Santana Garrett to rack up her 4th #1 this year. Late last night a debate began about the competition she beat over the weekend as she beat a student and a few relative unknowns to continue her unbeaten streak. That being said, ultimately Santana Garrett came away with her 4th #1 ranking on a week that was slightly lackluster compared to some of her other great weeks in the past. While her week wasn’t her absolute best week, she did add yet another title to her collection along with a title defense AND won 3 matches along the way. Also, to be fair, the week as a whole in independent wrestling was a bit sketchy in terms of anyone having a truly dominant weekend. Here’s what Santana’s weekend looked like: The CWE Vixens Champion and NEW Nova Pro Champion (and SHINE, NWA, Ring Warriors, Battling Bombshells, and OPW Women’s Champion) defeated Shaniah Arlyana at CWE on 9/11 to retain the title, then defeated Shojo Machiko, Shaniah Arlyana, Grace Storm, MJ Knight, Cherry Layne, & Aspen Rose in a seven-way at Nova Pro on 9/12 to become inaugural champion, then beat Sojo Machiko on 9/13 to retain the NWA Women’s Title and to go 3-0 for the week. Who can stop Santana?

#2 Matt Tremont (@TremontCZW)-While “The Bulldozer” couldn’t quite grab his 4th #1 ranking this year, he DID get his first #2 ranking this year, despite a tag team loss at CZW over the weekend. Death Matches played a heavy part in the voting again this week after Matt Tremont added to his total number of trophies as he defeated Derek Direction in the first round of the VOW Lord of Anarchy Tournament, then beat MASADA in the second round, and then beat Patrik Hayes in the finals to win the tournament on 9/13 AND win the VOW Anarchy Title. The CZW World Champion’s lone loss was a tag where he teamed with Sozio to lose to BLK Jeez & Pepper Parks at CZW on 9/12, which likely cost him yet another #1 ranking. No rest for the Grand Slam Winner of Death Matches as his great year rolls on despite injuries and anything else in his way.

#3 Jun Akiyama-The former All Japan Wrestling Unified Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion returns to the Top 10 as he teamed with Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Yutaka Yoshie at AJPW on 9/10 to defeat Evolution (Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato & Suwama) then defeated The Bodyguard on 9/12, and then teamed with Takao Omori and Yutaka Yoshie on 9/13 to defeat Xceed (Go Shiozaki, Kento Miyahara and Kotaro Suzuki) to go 3-0 for the week. What likely cost him a shot at #1 this week was his lack of singles victories. While he did have one singles win, he didn’t have a slew of them like Santana and Tremont. His title success in the past still means quite a bit, however, and that helped to carry him to a high ranking at #3 this week.

#4 Shane Mercer (@TheIronDemon)-For “The Iron Demon” it was a “good news, bad news” kind of week as he did FINALLY win the IWA Mid-South World Title in another classic vs. Hy Zaya on 9/11, but he was robbed of the opportunity to compete at CCW on 9/12 due to some outside influences getting the show cancelled. That aside, Mercer is now the IWA Mid-South World Champion and looks to defend that title as often as possible. His first defense will be on 9/25 vs. friend and rival, Hy Zaya. If he can continue to win and defend the belt, there’s no reason he can’t continue to move up the Top 10 and eventually the IPR 100 this year. Congratulations to Shane Mercer on his HUGE title win! #2 in the online voting competition with 100 votes.

#5 Kim Ray-Germany and wXw in general produced another talent in the Top 10 this week as the wXw Shotgun Champion defeated Marius Al-ani on 9/11 in Germany to retain the title, then teamed with Ivanov at wXw on 9/12 to defeat Waschbären Auf Koffein (Franz Engel & Laurance Roman) and then defeated The Rotation on 9/13 to retain the title and to go 3-0 for the week. Kim Ray actually got some support at #1 but not quite enough to get higher than #5. It may have been unfamiliarity with some of his competition or the tag team match mixed in, but you have to tip your cap to Kim Ray on a very successful weekend to get a great ranking.

#6 Sirenia-The Copa Juvenil LLF 2015 winner gets her first ranking this week after 3 big victories at Lucha Libre Femenil on 9/11. She defeated Baby Love, Dark Fantasy, Karisma, Krystal, La Rebelde and Princesa Maya in a rumble match, then defeated La Rebelde in the semifinals, and then defeated Karisma in the Finals. Great 3-0 week for Sirenia as she garners her first ranking due to her big tournament win. While many American fans may not be familiar with her yet, she’s on the rise right now and doing her thing in the Land of Lucha Libre.

#7 AR Fox-AR Fox is starting to experience the type of success he achieved in 2013 as he continues to rack up titles and big wins. The DREAMWAVE and Legacy Wrestling Heavyweight Champion was able to secure a somewhat dubious award over the weekend after defeating Speedball Mike Bailey in a ladder match at CZW on 9/12 to win the Best of the Best 14 Trophy. What does this mean for Fox’s future in 2015? Likely more big things as he continues to impress. He was one of the few people to get some #1 votes in the official ballot this week proving just how important his win was over the weekend.

#8 Ethan Case (@EthanCaseClosed)-Last week’s #1 wasn’t quite able to repeat the success from last week but still had a very good weekend after he defeated Chet Sterling to retain the PWI Ultra J Title. That PWI Ultra J Title is an important title that spans several promotions and helped someone like Chiva Kid (now Andrew Everett) to get his first and only #1 ranking back in 2013. Now the question for Ethan Case is whether he can continue to keep this insane run of success going as he’s now been ranked two weeks in a row in singles competition.

#9 Mio Shirai-One of the best in Japan continued her success over the weekend as 1/2 of the Wave Tag Team Champions; defeated Rina Yamashita at Wave on 9/11, then defeated Maruko Nagasaki at Ice Ribbon on 9/12, and then teamed with Misaki Ohata at Wave on 9/13 to defeat Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ryo Mizunami to go 3-0 for the week. Word is she may be calling it a career soon, but before that happens, she racks up another ranking this week.

#10 Gregory Iron (@GregoryIron)-1/2 of the Handicapped Heroes gets his first ranking in the Top 10 this week as he defeated Davey Vega, Frankie Flynn, Eric Ryan, Flip Kendrick, and Joshua Singh on 9/11 to win the AIW Intense Title. To our knowledge, this was his only match and win over the weekend, but the title itself commanded enough respect among the official voters to squeak Gregory Iron into his very first singles ranking.

Honorable Mention. Tiger Ali-Close but no cigar for the NEW 4FW Heavyweight Champion as he JUST misses out on the Top 10 after defeating Doug Williams, Saime Sahin, & Rishi Ghosh on 9/12 to win the title. He then defeated The Saint at PWP on 9/13 to go 2-0 for the week.

People’s Champ. James Anthony (@87JamesAnthony)-It’s a third straight week at the top of the online voting competition for the AIWF Mid-Atlantic Cruiserweight Champion as he defeated Tracer X at SWA on 9/12 to retain the title. James Anthony has been ON FIRE as of late and is doing everything in his power to continue that success anywhere he goes. Look for more of the same as he continues to push towards bigger and better things in 2015. He collected 131 out of 583 votes to win the online voting competition this week.

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Rickey Shane Page
Marty Scurll
Marcellus King
Naruki Doi
Bad Bones
Zane Dawson
Double D
Eddie Draven
Mad Dog McCrea
Leva Bates
Mason Myles-#3 in the online voting competition with 63 votes
Kairi Hojo
Joey Janela
Kevin Graham-#5 in the online voting competition with 30 votes
Josef Von Schmidt-#4 in the online voting competition with 43 votes
Courtney Rush
Cherry Bomb
Big Damo O’Connor
Just Plain Evil-#6 in the online voting competition with 23 votes
Jimmy Rave
Jay Kross-#7 in the online voting competition with 20 votes
Absolute Andy
Tylor Sundae
Collin Cutler
Hudson Envy
Logan Black
Jonathan Gresham
Frankie Flynn
Antonio Honda
AJ Cruise
Cedric Alexander
Gary Jackson
Big Daddy Walter
Gabriel Wolfe
Ryan Dookie
Dowie James
Star Fire
Wild Bill
James Scott
Kirk Langley
Narcissus Saint
Jessica Leigh
Mike Kash
Dapper van Zant
JD Knight
Ultimo Tiger
Sassy Stephie
Izzy Real
Beau James
Huggie Cub
Joshua Cutshall
Big Country
Mike McCarthy



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