9/12 UltraWrestle ‘Honors’ Results Laurens, SC

Thanks to the official UltraWrestle Facebook page for results

‘No Comparison’ Joe Harrison def. Caleb Crocker

‘Classy’ Mason Myles def. ‘Mr. Sleaze’ Erik Thompson

In an impromptu challenge match Mason Myles def. Noah Young
Anthony Jannazzo def. Jeff Connelly in a match where McHone was banned from ringside.

The Sons of Steel (Boomer Payne & Brice Anthony) def. Chemical Z (TK Stark & Jett Black) after James McHone slipped brass knuckles to Brice Anthony.

Deon Johnson & Cruizer Lewis b. Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain & Josh Powers by DQ when James McHone threw Rikki Regal the chair he had hit Powers with a Special Guest Referee Joe Gagnon DQ’d the Chastain/Powers team Regal was managing.


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