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This week we talked to Jesse Matthews & Brady Lawrence about PGP’s 30 Daze of Summer where they’re putting out a new, FREE match every¬†day of August¬†on their YouTube Channel, 6 days a week. On Thursdays they will continue with their Throwback Thursdays where they will post matches that HAVE been seen before on there, but definitely deserve a second watch. You can listen to the podcast we did featuring Tyson Dux, Paco Gonzalez, Devan Thomas, & Justice Jones here:

On September 19th, PGP returns with “Living the Dream-When Dreams Become Nightmares”, preceded by a seminar taught by 17-year veteran, Tyson Dux who is coming down from Canada to lend his knowledge.

Their “Throwback Thursday” match for this week was a BRUTAL encounter between Tyson Dux and Justice Jones at the Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament. Seriously, WATCH THIS!

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