Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 27th, 2015

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 27th, 2015


#1 Will Ospreay (@WillOspreay)-In another surprising week, we have a NEW first-time #1 as the UK came strong this week in both the online voting competition and the official vote. The NEW Progress Champion (and RPW British Cruiserweight Champion) snags his first #1 ranking after he defeated Chris Ridgeway at SWA on 7/25 and then followed that up with a big upset victory vs. Jimmy Havok to win the Progress Title. A 2-0 weekend and 8 wins of his last 11 matches gets him the top spot this week despite some heavy competition all over the ballot. Congrats to one of the UK’s finest on his first #1!


#2 Mary Elizabeth Monroe (@WrestlerMEM)-What a fantastic week for one of the most consistent female talents on the indies today. With a 3-0 week, she earned her ranking this week. The MCW Fighting Spirit Champion and VOW Queen of the Ring defeated The Bodyguy at OVW on 7/24 and then followed that up with wins vs. Samantha Heights at JCW and Katarina Waters at Heroes and Legends to run her winning streak to 10 matches. She got multiple votes at #1 by the official voters and collected 54 votes in the online voting competition, but barely missed out on her first official #1 this year. Aside from Santana Garrett, no female in the U.S. has been as dominant or as consistent as her this year.

#3 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-Despite not quite having the collection of titles he once held, Galloway took his ICW World Heavyweight Title back to the UK where he defeated Rhino on 7/25 to retain the title and then beat Big Damo on 7/26 to retain the title. With a solid 2-0 weekend and all of the prestige to his credit (and titles for that matter) Galloway grabs yet another ranking this year to continue the chase for #1 in the year-end IPR 100. With TNA dates, etc… upcoming, it may hinder him a bit on the indies, but there’s no doubt that he’s still just as good as he was in the early parts of the year.

#4 Trevor Lee (@TLee910)-The Omega Heavyweight Champion and ½ of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions grabs one of his highest rankings to date as he defeated Tommaso Ciampa at PWG on 7/24, then then teamed with Chet Sterling at CWF Mid Atlantic to defeat Zane & Dave Dawson by DQ to retain the titles, and then teamed with Chet Sterling, Andrew Everett & Brad Attitude the same night to defeat Ethan Case, Elijah Evans IV, Roy Wilkins and Kamikazi Kid to go 3-0 for the week. If 2014 wasn’t his breakout year, then 2015 is absolutely the year where people all over the country take notice of this rising star.

#5 Russ Jones-“Big” Russ Jones FINALLY gets himself an official ranking. It’s long overdue as the big man has been dominating the competition in the Midwest for quite some time, but he added to those wins as he took his MCPW Undisputed Title and defeated Jeff King to retain the title on 7/24. He then won a Battle Royal at Heroes and Legends before scoring one of the biggest wins of his career vs. Kongo Kong to go 3-0 on the week. Look out for Russ Jones as he’s as good as any big man on the indies right now.


#6 Speedball Mike Bailey (@SpeedballBailey)-The former #1 and 2015 CZW Best of the Best returns to the Top 10 with 2 of the biggest wins of the entire weekend. The IWS World Heavyweight Champion went to PWG on 7/24 where he scored the upset over Chris Hero and then flew across the country to Rhode Island where he defeated Danny Cannon at Beyond Wrestling on 7/26. A 2-0 weekend gets Bailey his first ranking since winning Best of the Best. More to come?

#7 Chardonnay (@Chardonnay_pro)-It was a great weekend for Chardonnay as she scores her first Top 10 ranking after winning the Empress Pro Invitational for 2015 on 7/26. She beat Courtenay in the semi-finals at Empress Pro on 7/25, then beat Addy Starr & Kay Lee Ray in the Finals to win the Tournament. She then beat Violet Vendetta at FSW on 7/26 to go 3-0 for the week, once again proving that females deserve to be mentioned right along with the males on our lists.

#8 Jody Kristofferson (@JodyWarpig)-1/2 of the WCW Tag Team Champions gets his first ranking as he won the Warriors Way Tournament on 7/26 at PWB. He beat Jeff Cobb in the first round, then beat Brian Cage in the semi-finals, and finally beat Bobby Hart in the finals to win the Tournament. His 3-0 week could have gotten him a #1 ranking on other weeks, but this week was chalk full of various competitors who had huge, flawless weeks. That being said, Kristofferson could easily get ranked again if he can continue this momentum.

#9 Mio-Shirai (@mioshirai2014)-The Oz Academy Openweight Champion, UPW Fly to Everywhere Champion and 1/2 of Wave, Ice Ribbon and Oz Academy Tag Team Champions teamed with Misaki Ohata at Wave on 7/20 to draw with Ryo Mizunami and Hiroyo Matsumoto, then teamed with Tsukasa Fujimoto at Ice Ribbon on 7/22 to defeat Akane Fujita and Aoi Kizuki, then Mayumi Ozaki & Misaki Ohata at Ozabu Zen on 7/25 to defeat Hikaru Shida, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ryo Mizunami; then teamed with Tsukushi at Ice Ribbon the same day to beat Akane Fujita and Aoi Kizuki; then teamed with Tank Nagai at YMZ on 7/26 to draw with Kaori Yoneyama & Kengo Mashimo, then defeated Kaori Yoneyama the same day in a sumo match, and then teamed with Io Shirai at Stardom the same day to beat Hiroyo Matsumoto and Mayu Iwatani to go 5 wins, 2 draws for the week. She is undefeated in her last 12 matches (10 wins, 2 draws).


#10 Masato Tanaka-After being ranked #2 last week, Tanaka strangely falls 8 spots after going 3-0 for the week, but that definitely speaks to the level of competition this past week. He teamed with Shingo Takagi at Dragon Gate on 7/20 to defeat BxB Hulk and Big R Shimizu, then teamed with Dynamite Kasai at Zero1 on 7/24 to defeat Aja Kong & Jason Lee, and then teamed with Atsushi Onita & Hideki Hosaka at Zero-1 on 7/25 to defeat Yoshihiro Takayama, NOSAWA Rongai, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface in a 4 on 3 handicap match to go 3-0 for the week. In 2015, Tanaka is STILL making waves and has won 11 straight matches.

Honorable Mention. Weedman (Dysfunction)-JCW Heavyweight Champion (and 1/2 of ACW Tag Team Champions); defeated Hy-Zaya at JCW in a Marijuana Mayhem Match on 7/24; then defeated 2 Tuff Tony and Matt Hardy to retain the title on 7/25 to go 2-0 for the week; has won 6 of his last 10 matches.

People’s Champ. Lightning Bolt Johnson-It was another strong week for Lightning Bolt Johnson as he racked up an INSANE 592 votes to defeat Alex Titan (among others) in the online voting competition. The NEW SPW Heavyweight Champion teamed with Hardcore Holly & Tank to defeat JD Smooth, KC Huber and Chris Phoenix at H&LW on 7/25; then defeated Dru Skillz and Scott Steiner on 7/26 to win the title and go 2-0 for the week.


Others missing out/receiving votes:

Santana Garrett

Chris Silvio

Chet Sterling

Daisuke Hamada

Ryan Smile

Alex Titan

Zack Sabre Jr.

Jon Hudson-#3 in the online voting competition with 112 votes

Randy Royal

Tank-#4 in the online voting competition with 81 votes

Aaron Stride

Joe Coffey

Dru Skillz


Scotty Swift

Yuji Okabayashi

Mark Haskins



Snake Eyes

Tsukasa Fujimoto


Matt Tremont

Josh Shooter

Brian Cage

Silas Young


Blake Edward Belakis

Serge White

Blaster McMassive


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