7/10 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) United We Stand Results


Check out the Indy Power Rankings Reveal on Filling the Void Radio Network here (this week is a special IWA Mid-South United We Stand Hype Central with Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson, Kathy The Butcher Owens, and The American Viking): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fillingthevoidrn/2015/07/07/indy-power-rankings-reveal-iwa-mid-south-united-we-stand-hype-central

Slade Sledge won a Fight for Your Spot Match vs Aiden Blackheart, Dustin Levine, Jacob Black, & Spencer Wallace

JC Rotten beat Shank Barzini

Sugar Dunkerton defeats Josh Crow

Joseph Schwartz & Zodiak beat Corporal Robinson & Mitch Page

Viking War Party (Jake Parnell and Frank Wyatt) beat Hooligans and The Rejects in a 3 Way Iron Man, 2-1-1

Thunderkitty beat Randi West

Ian Rotten vs Kathy Owens was thrown out due to interference from Joseph Schwartz and Zodiak

Hy Zaya beat American Viking to retain the IWA World Title

**July 25th Mitch Page vs Reed Bentley in a bed of nails match. Corp vs Murdoch no rope flaming barbwire rope match. Ian challenged Hy Zaya to a title match in 6 weeks**