Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of July 6th, 2015

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of July 6th, 2015

#1 Monster Express (Akira Tozawa & Masato Yoshino)-Dragon Gate and Monster Express reign supreme in the Tag Team Top 5 as they have done for much of 2015. They teamed with Shingo Takagi at Dragon Gate on 6/30 to defeat YAMATO, K-ness and Mondai Ryu, then teamed with Ricochet on 7/5 to defeat Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid and Big R Shimizu, and then defeated Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! and Jimmy Kanda the same day to go 3-0 for the week. With a ridiculous 25 straight wins as a team, this team was the clear cut #1 this week as they continue to climb the Tag Team Top 50.


#2 Monster Express (Akira Tozawa & Shingo Takagi)-The other top contender for the #1 spot this week was the other Monster Express duo which also featured Akira Tozawa. It can’t be understated how dominant Monster Express was this year as they teamed with Masato Yoshino at Dragon Gate on 6/30 to defeat YAMATO, K-ness and Mondai Ryu, then teamed with BxB Hulk on 7/2 to defeat T-Hawk, Eita and Big R Shimizu, and then defeated Ryo “Jimmy” Saito and Mr. Quu Quu Naoki Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin on 7/4 to go 3-0 for the week. This particular tandem has won 9 straight matches together.

#3 CIMA & Matt Sydal-Well, well, well…Dragon Gate owns the top 3 spots this week as CIMA & Matt Sydal grab their first ranking together as a team this week. They teamed with Ricochet at Dragon Gate on 7/2 to defeat YAMATO, Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino and then defeated T-Hawk and Yosuke (loves) Santa Maria to go 2-0 for the week. What a week for Dragon Gate in the Tag Team Top 5 as they get 3 teams in AND in the Indy Power Rankings as they got 3 singles wrestlers into the Top 10.


#4 Los Independientes (Kraneo, Olimpico, & Ripper)-This trio from Mexico gets their first ranking as a team as they defeated Los Reyes de la Atlantida (Atlantis, Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.) at CMLL on 6/29 and then defeated El Fuego, Stuka Jr. and Titán on 6/30 to go 2-0 for the week. So with that being said, the Top 4 teams in the Tag Team Top 5 come from countries outside the United States, proving yet again that the Indy Power Rankings and the Tag Team Top 5 are truly international.

#5 Insane Evil (Chase McCoy & Weedman)-The NEW BCW Tag Team Champions get their first ranking as a team and it was a CLOSE call as they just barely beat out Team IOU for the #5 spot this week. They defeated Peter Schwanz & Jarrod Jaxx on 7/2 to retain the titles and then defeated The Perfect 10s on 7/4 to retain the titles to go 2-0 for the week. This tag team may not get some of the hype of some of the other teams on the list but they had as good of a week as anyone. Look out for them as 2015 rolls on.

People’s Champs. Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy @TeamIOU)-Team IOU return to their spots atop the online voting competition once again this year as the PGP Tag Team Champions finished off the Death Dealers at SWF on 7/4 to win their best of 5 series, 3 to 2. IOU is really starting to get on a roll this year. Expect them to finish the second half of the year strong!


Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

California Dolls 2.0

The Savages

Young Lions

Cy Gregory & Marc Massa

Pretty Dangerous

The Hooligans


Taka Michinoku & MEN’s Teioh

Smile Squash

Sekimoto & Kamitani

Reggie Marley & Venom

Cletus & Josh Shooter

The Money Stable

No Direction

Rob Conway & Danny Davis


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