6/27 IWA Mid-South 2015 Queen of the Death Matches Results

IMG_2020-0Round 1
1.Sage Sin Supreme VS Thunderkitty – Tai Pei Death and Barbed Wire Boards Death Match; Winner-Thunderkitty
2.Randi West VS Rebecca Payne- Battle of the Queens World Series of Glass Death Match; Winner-Randi by forfeit
3.Kathy Owens VS Sabrina Sixx- Four Corners of Pain Death Match; Winner-Kathy Owens
4.Ludark Shaitan VS Mistress Burgandi- Tacks, Carpet Strips, Barb Wire Bundles and Light Tube Ropes Death Match; Winner-Ludark

Semi-Finals-Kathy vs Sage- Kathy

Randi West vs Ludark-Ludark

Finals Winner-Ludark

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