6/27 IWA Mid-South 2015 King of the Death Matches Night 2 Results


Round 1: 

MASADA Vs The Green Phantom – Caribbean Spider Web Match; Winner-MASADA

Sexxxy Eddy Vs Insane Lane – Homerun Derby Death Match; Winner-Sexxxy Eddy

JD Horror Vs Bryant Woods – Fans Bring The Weapons Match; Winner-JD Horror

Devon Moore Vs Reed Bentley – TLC X2 Match (Tables, Tacks, Ladders, Lighttubes, Chairs, Candles); Winner-Devon Moore

Corporal Robinson Vs John Wayne Murdoch – Feel The Burn Match (Coals, Rubbing Alcohol, Lit Cigarettes, Tabasco Sauce); Winner-John Wayne Murdoch

Quarterfinals John Wayne Murdoch vs Devon Moore; Winner-John Murdoch

Matt Tremont vs. JD Horror; Winner-Matt Tremont

Nick Gage vs. Sexxxy Eddy; Winner-Nick Gage

MASADA vs. Dale Patricks; Winner-MASADA

Viking War Party and Kong vs Shane Mercer, Hy Zaya, Tank, & JC Rotten, Winners – Viking War Party and Kongo Kong

John Wayne Murdoch beat Nick Gage

Matt Tremont beat MASADA

Matt Tremont beat John Wayne Murdoch

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